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61 Beast of Dean
62 Kelpie

A carnivorous, shape-shifting water horse that fools humans, especially children, into riding on its back so it can drag them into the water to devour them.

63 Thunderbird

It's a giant bird that creates storms as it flies.

64 Aswang

The vampire-like shape shifting of the Philippines. They love children and fetuses, which is what they hunt in the night; in the day, they act like a normal human.

65 Enfield Horror

This one seems scary. No wonder it's called the Enfield HORROR.

66 Beast of Bladenboro

Also called the North Carolina Vampire Beast, it sucks the blood of animals, similar to the Chupacabra. It's also said to be feline-like.

67 Shadow People

They feed off of fear. You can repel them by thinking positive thoughts and not showing fear.

These things haunt me to this day. *coughs* "Where the Dead go to Die" *coughs*

68 Tikbalang
69 Brosno Dragon V 1 Comment
70 Ozark Howler

It's usually described as a large feline with horns on its head.

71 Kting Voar
72 Ohio Grassman
73 Momo the Monster
74 Adjule
75 Trunko
76 J'ba Fofi V 1 Comment
77 The Naga

It's a half-man, half-snake deity from Hindu and Buddhist folklore. They can be male or female.

78 Van Meter Visitor
79 Nandi Bear

It's described as being Hyena-like and it's said to love brains. Not a creature you want to meet.

80 Ya-Te-Veo

It's a man-eating tree, and it's name literally means "I See You".

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