Top Ten Best Cryptkeeper Puns from Tales from the Crypt

Here are the top 10 best puns by the Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt.

The Top Ten

1 Well let me tell you something pal, you're no Gory Cooper, you aren't even a Robert Deadford. Another take like that and it'll be back to bit parts for you, and I won't say what 'bits' I'm talking about.
2 Poor Lokai. Thought he was starring a La bohème, turns out he was second lead in "Romeo and Ghouliet".
3 That Cynthia's a real shrieking violet, wouldn't you say, kiddies? A regular afterlife of the party!
4 Or would you like me to book you into a nice, quiet dead and breakfast? Or perhaps you'd like to go treasure haunting like my friend Red?
5 Trust me, quit while you're ahead.
6 Ain't they cool? On me they call these deadlocks.
7 What do you know! A hung jury.
8 Hello... how are you? I'm Fearest Gump. Hi, care for a shockolate?
9 In the news tonight, wolfman bites dog, vampires say life sucks, mummy takes the wrap after years in de Nile, and illiterate zombies insist they're better dead than read.
10 Well, how was that for a scream boys and ghouls?
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