Top Ten Cuisines In the World

Some of the best mouthwatering cuisines in the world.

The Top Ten

1 Italian

Italian cuisine is the best, most French cuisine was inspired by Italian cuisine too - GamingGodPrime

Much more various than any other.
And products of higher quality.
Where they have Chinese people "Parmigiano Reggiano", truffles, "prosciutto San Daniele", famous red wines, and many mano other products?

2 Chinese

Noodles, momo, fried rice, etc. Yummy delicious food - kavya30

3 Japanese
4 Indian

Love the spicy food - kavya30

5 Mexican

Yummy nachos and tacos 😋 - kavya30

7 French

Why is French cusine under US cuisine? Of course the Japanese, Chinese, Mediterranean (Italian), Indian and Mexian cuisines rival the French cuisine and are arguably similary good or even better, but USA!? what - Flav

8 Lebanese
9 Spanish
10 Thai

The Contenders

11 Vietnamese
12 Portuguese
13 Greek
14 UK

Love the traditional fish and chips - kavya30

15 Israeli
16 Turkish
17 Korean
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