Top 10 Best Cuphead Bosses

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1 Cala Maria

It’s alright, but it’s big problem is balancing. The freeze attacks come out of left field out of nowhere, which makes it pretty frustrating at times.

Quite good, she is even a giant foam that can't be knocked back,
she can stone the enemies when transformed, except GOLEM, because it is already a stone, and miner, because he digged down if smart enough.
And the most impressive part is Cala maria as Goblin Giant because she can carry cuphead and Mugman, it means Goblin giant meets Cala Maria, and have a fight with each other (inspired to clash royale)

This is the best air fight in the whole game! her design is super cute and pretty. she'll use her ghosts that home in on you and that's always fun, her fish cannons are really neat, and I love how she tries to look like a leader when she summons the seahorse/turtle/pufferfish! when second phase began I felt really bad that she got shocked. but then she went from super pretty, to absolutely beutiful! the medusa phase is simple but tough. she'll try to stun you with her stone eyes and then get you with the eels. her last phase is really hard. she'll lead you thru a thin corrodor attacking with eye beams and a lot of spikes. why did I have to kill her?! the ending is sad but she will live another day! you know your a cutie, I don't know if I should catch and release.

She's good and she is my teammate you'll see my teammates in this game on my number 1 favorite character.

2 Grim Matchstick

This boss is defiantly the coolest in my opinion, not to mention fun

Very fun & definitely the coolest character!

He looks like King Ghidorah from the Godzilla franchise

that's all

I like the cloud thing and the second phase

3 King Dice

King Dice should definitely be number 1. He has the coolest boss fight, an awesome theme song, an interesting role in the story, and he's by far the most unique and developed character personality. (Also, I am aware that he's based off Cab Calloway.)

I just love King Dice. He's challenging but not too hard, he has a really nice music, and it is so fun to parry the cards! and he has a cool knockout animation.

I like this fight. Each sub-boss has only a couple of simple attacks, but the trick is putting it all together in one shot.

He should be in first place cause he's popular in Deviantart. Hopefully he'll get first place.

4 Cagney Carnation

Lol he’s the only boss that makes me feel better after dying on Wally warbles.-. His dancing though lol! I think he deserves number 2. But I respect other opinions so no hating.

A really fun boss that is the perfect balance of difficult and doable. And there is a reason floral fury is in smash bros.

So hard to beat, the variety and speed of his attacks are overwhelmingly awesome! His idle animation is the best!

Watching his dancing has now made me dance like him on a regular basis, also his music is the best in the game.

5 Phantom Express

looks really cool blind specter? the best looks sick and cool also l liked T bone and also head of train cool design and I love it

I just love this boss for some reason. The music fits PERFECTLY and is my favorite, all characters are very simple but together thet are just perfect! I haven't played this boss though, so I will probably tell you otherwise once my but is kicked

I LOVE this boss. Blind Specter had a cool design, Conductor Cranium was fun and fairly simple, the Blaze Brothers were awesomely designed and attacked well, and the Head if the Train... was not an animation to forget. LAWL

All aboard the ghost train

6 Werner Werman

Ah, yes, German Rat.
Jokes aside, Werner Werman, although painstakingly easy, was really, and I mean REALLY fun to fight.
His cherry bombs were fun to dodge in his first phase, and the second phase had me scrambling to not get hit.
and we fight the cat that ate him.
Dodging everything that the cat threw out at you was a challenge but you can end of knocking the cat out in no time.
I felt so betrayed.
But the fight kept me engaged and I felt as if there was always some new creative aspect in each phase.
Not to mention the theme. It SLAPS.
At the end of the day, Werner is a good way for me to let of steam by satisfyingly flying by him.

Honestly, I absolutely LOVE the animation when Werner gets eaten by the cat. It's so satisfying to watch and replay over and over again. The animators did a really great job with that. I also love how when fighting Werner you can see the cat's eye through the wood boards which I think is another clever trick.

A very creative and cool boss that I never get tired of fighting

Why isn't he higher? His bossfight was so fun to beat and he is just adorable...

7 Beppi The Clown

Ah, yes, Bepis the Demented Clown.
Jokes aside, Beppi the Clown was annoying. So annoying I wanted to break my console halfway through the fight.
But what I like about Beppi is his personality.
He was charismatic and kept a smile until his final knockout.
Not to mention he survived falling of a horse and bumper car and had his face split open and SURVIVED (he's right and dandy in the good ending)
Also, on the third phase, he has the time of his life on that horse and I can't get enough of it.
His theme, eh. I don't care for it, but it's not the worst. I'll listen to it, but it honestly creeps me out.
Anyway, at the end of the day, Beppi was just...annoying...but he was a fun clown that I felt engaged in looking at.

I love this guy! He has bumper cars, balloon animals, horses and turns into a yo-yo ride!

This boss instantly became a favorite of mine as soon as I fought him

Why not give him the ride of his life!

8 The Devil

Cala Maria is mediocre. Her first phase can pead to unfair damage if wrong combination. And a freeze attack? Rly?
And I feel as though People only chose Cagney because of his idle animation. Welp, when I make a game, all I have to do is give them cringy idle animations, and I can make them as bad as I want. Yey! Beppi is unfair with impossible sections in phase 3, and can be glitched. Grim Matchstick is... Actually, I can't really argue with it. Pretty good boss. But the Devil is superior. Get this Mickey Mouse dude up!

Not very creative in looks but otherwise it is a cool boss

I haven't even beaten this guy yet, but he's cool

I love the Devil, best character in the game

9 Wally Warbles

Let it be known that he didn’t die. It you look at his eyes, he’s clearly faking the knockout to prevent any further injuries. After they took his contract, he jumped up. Assuming this is true, we all know he can easily overpower the paramedics, who can only spit pills, and are far smaller.

I love this but when his head turns in to a trash can... that just scares me

Sky-high violence-
-is what Cuphead has in store!

It's just a really fun boss

10 Captain Brineybeard

He looks like Bluto from Popeye The Sailor meets Sinbad the Sailor.

A fun boss that keeps you on your toes

I love pirates

Who’s the most remarkable extraordinary fellow?

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11 Djimmi The Great

So dope. I just love him. His animations are phenominal and I love his secret phase with Puphead.

Twin of Alladin genie

Geneie gone wrong!

Aladin gone wrong

12 Hilda Berg

Hilda's last phase animation when she transitions into the moon is SUPER satisfying (seriously, you should go and watch that in slow-mo) animators once again doing a really great job with flawless animation.

I have a strange bond with this one, after spending many painful hours trying to beat it

She is my favorite because shes red and I love red and I love her moon faze.


13 Dr Kahl's Robot

Honestly one of my favorite bosses in all of video games, and that's saying a lot. When you first begin, you have to deal with three different attacks that fit well together. Dodging them requires skills from parrying to live, and always preparing what attacks will come at you next. After you beat one section, a whole new attack begins. This adds variety, and allows different players to choose which set of attacks they want to deal with first. All this happens at the beggining of the battle, so you don't have too far back to go if you die. Then the second phase begins. It acts as a sort of minigame relax between the two hard phases. It also demands the use of bombs to make it easier, without making it to hard to normal gun him. Then the final phase begins, where Dr. Kahl gets angry and stops playing games. This phase reminds me of the days of Clown Car Bowser, where the car would to crush Mario in the final phase. Dr. Kahl laughs crazily as projectiles flood the screen, some of them ...more

Holy moly this boss is hard but is very fun, as it seem to be inspired by dr eggman and Dr wily and it's the joy of beating him when its all over, it feel beautiful.

I love the references and how the bombs explode and just the last stage... a really awesome boss

Many hate this boss due to how tough he is but I personally found him a joyride

14 The Root Pack

LOVE the design of the vegetables! Especially Weepy, the onion, It's creative that he's the one crying since ya know, he's a onion. Also the carrot, demonstrating how carrots are good for your eyesight. First boss I played and most liked boss.

Well designed boss

15 Goopy Le Grande

This is the biggest noob trap in the entire game

I see you are a man of culture as well - Stakamakataka

Simple but sweet

its kinda scary tbh

16 Baroness Von Bon Bon

Her over-the-top facial expressions are hilarious! The angry grimaces whenever you defeat a miniboss, the smug smirks as she fires her rifle at you, that psychotic grin right before the final phase...they make her so entertaining--and the angry fist shakes are the icing on the cake! Speaking of cake, I am in love with the candy theming! It's just so colorful and creative! I also love her intro animation. The decapitation in general was an interesting--if somewhat nightmarish--aspect of her level. For these reasons, I can't help but call Baroness von Bon Bon my favorite boss.

Love the candy theme, along with the mini bosses and the overall sweetness, even though the boss herself isn't that sweet...

I like the sheer variety of attacks/mini bosses she has, and I'm a sucker both for mini bosses and the candy theme.

This boss right here was really cool and I like the third phase.

17 Sally Stageplay

The second phase with the babies throwing their milk and the rats was a fun addition to make the fight go from another boss to something I honestly found to be really cute. The following weather round and then standing ovation made it feel like I was taking part in a play rather than tearing my hair out over a fight. (I did this right after Dr. Khal's Robot)

Don't know but I always love boss battles taking place on a stageplay. Also her attacks from the 1st and 2nd phase didn't felt cheap. (Yes. Including the baby bottles) The 3rd phase takes the cake since the whole thing is a reference and parody to Klefka from Final Fantasy

For the rest of his headlining gig!

A girl

18 Ribby and Croaks

Ah, yes, Frog and Toad.
(They seriously remind me of Frog and Toad)
All jokes aside, Ribby and Croaks were so FUNNY.
Their Street Fighter references make the whole thing better, not to mention I love their design as frogs.
The fight itself was fun and engaging. The first phase was easy enough, but it only got more challenging (ahem, tigers on phase three).
But I loved these guys, the fight put a smile on my face the whole time. I found them so amusing.
(Especially frog plus toad equals slot machine)
Not to mention the theme. It's my favorite one. EVERY bit of Clip Joint Calamity is good.
At the end of the day, my favorite fight, hands down.

I think this boss fight is super creative, especially when you get to the second phase. I hope you're feeling lucky!

This fight is just fun. No joke. It is honestly just a blast to play against these guys.

Kermit gone wrong!

19 Mr. Wheezy

I love his design AND knockout animation (where he gets stomped by king dice) rip Mr. Wheezy

I love his design.

*coughs* a good *coughs* boss *coughs and hacks*

20 Mugman

The hardest boss in the game

Um mugman is no boss

yeah like cupheads brother is the hardest boss in the whole game like OBVIOUSLY!

21 Rumor Honeybottoms

While I call in the cops to come bee support!

I love her! No, not that sort of relationship.

She is a good ass boss! one cool bee

honey bottoms XD sorry I had to

22 Mangosteen

A refreshing break in king dices fight

Kinda Boring But Pretty Cute

23 Pip and Dot

Pip and dot are a wierder creation than king dice and are my 2nd favourite after king dice plus they are pretty easy to deal with. I OFFICIALLY LOVE THEM!

24 Phear Lap
25 Pirouletta
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