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1 Cagney Carnation Cagney Carnation

Watching his dancing has now made me dance like him on a regular basis, also his music is the best in the game. - kempokid

THAT MUSIC! - codydoestuff

2 Cala Maria Cala Maria

I want to send a message to anyone in the second phase saying, "You have been STONED."

I personally like this one. It's kinda cool in the 2nd stage, when she becomes a naga.

I love the second phase, and for some reason I like water characters in video games like Undyne

Admit it. There'll be some freaks who'll make yucky art out of it (just saying). - Aragorn98

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3 Beppi The Clown Beppi The Clown
4 Grim Matchstick Grim Matchstick
5 The Devil The Devil

I love the devil for some strange reason

I like him

He should be locked up in a Jail cell - ToadF1

6 King Dice King Dice

I can't parry juggle so this guy is hard

The dapper sleaze. KING Sleaze


He is best boss (mayybe my senpai) ;P

7 Hilda Berg Hilda Berg

She's Cute - ToadF1

8 The Root Pack The Root Pack

Everyone would think it's Easy - ToadF1

9 Djimmi The Great Djimmi The Great
10 Dr Kahl's Robot Dr Kahl's Robot

Holy moly this boss is hard but is very fun, as it seem to be inspired by dr eggman and Dr wily and it's the joy of beating him when its all over, it feel beautiful.

Hardest boss in the game, requires a lot of trial and error.

It's hard

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11 Goopy Le Grande Goopy Le Grande

Simple but sweet

12 Phantom Express Phantom Express
13 Werner Werman Werner Werman

I just love this german rat!

He should Smash Twintelle's Head with a Sledgehammer - ToadF1

14 Baroness Von Bon Bon Baroness Von Bon Bon
15 Wally Warbles Wally Warbles
16 Captain Brineybeard Captain Brineybeard

He looks like Bluto from Popeye The Sailor meets Sinbad the Sailor. - egnomac

17 Sally Stageplay Sally Stageplay

The second phase with the babies throwing their milk and the rats was a fun addition to make the fight go from another boss to something I honestly found to be really cute. The following weather round and then standing ovation made it feel like I was taking part in a play rather than tearing my hair out over a fight. (I did this right after Dr. Khal's Robot)

18 Ribby and Croaks Ribby and Croaks

I think this boss fight is super creative, especially when you get to the second phase. I hope you're feeling lucky!

They should beat up Funky Kong and Candy Kong - ToadF1

19 Pip and Dot Pip and Dot
20 Rumor Honeybottoms Rumor Honeybottoms
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1. King Dice
2. The Devil
3. Cagney Carnation
1. Cagney Carnation
2. Beppi The Clown
3. Dr Kahl's Robot
1. Grim Matchstick
2. Cagney Carnation
3. Beppi The Clown

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