Best The Cure Albums Since 1980

List of Alternative band "The Cure" and their best albums since the 80s.
The Top Ten
1 Disintegration Disintegration Product Image

The best album in the history of Alternative. One of the few albums that creates an atmosphere powerful enough to consume you.

The best Goth album ever!

2 Wish Wish Product Image

I take wish as a sequel to Disintegration that changes the feelings. The whole album tells a magnificent story both in the music and lyrics.

3 Pornography Pornography Product Image

This album is sick in a good way. You can kiss the fear, anger, and depression this masterpiece expresess.

4 Seventeen Seconds Seventeen Seconds Product Image

This album is the first album to introduce the beautiful and dark music The Cure is known for.

5 Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me Product Image

This album was the introduction to the best era that The Cure had. This album is so good that even if you don't like a song that much you still know it is so good.

13. Bloodflowers - I hate it so much 1.9/5
12. Wild Mood Swings - Disappointing 2/5
11. Faith - OK 3.5/5
10. The Top - Good 3.8/5
9. Seventeen Seconds - Really Good 4.5/5
8. 4:13 Dream - Same as number 9 4.5/5
7. Three Imaginary Boys - UNDERRATED 4.9/5
6. Pornography - So Good 5/5
5. The Head on The Door - Do not have to explain 5/5
3. Wish - Beautiful 5/5
2. Disintegration - CLASSIC 5/5
1. Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me - Tops them all 5/5

6 The Head On the Door The Head On the Door Product Image
7 The Cure The Cure Product Image

This is the first album from The Cure that feels fresh in a way no Cure-Album has ever felt.

8 The Top The Top Product Image

This is remarkable fro the way The Cure (Robert Smith Actually) was able to create such an experimental experience.

9 Boys Don't Cry Boys Don't Cry Product Image

This is a great album. Should definitely be higher.

Don't get me wrong, the U.K. version of this album (Three Imaginary Boys) is great but the selected themes for this LP are perfectly put together.

10 Faith Faith Product Image

This album sounds like the kind of music you would get on a dream. This album feel totally grey but it's just awesome.

The Contenders
11 Japanese Whispers Japanese Whispers Product Image

Best way to introduce Pop sounds after many dark albums.

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