Top 10 Curious and Rare Classic Songs

This list, was created for people who wants a bit of new tastes on the music!

The Top Ten

1 The Model - Kraftwerk

This is the best choice to vote, hands down...

Well, in my whole life, I never heard about this band and even the song.
But I listen it yesterday for the first time ever in my life, and it was great!

This is one of that weird songs, that it never gets old!

I love this song, but my family calls it ''Cheesy''

2 Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson

And this should get the first please, is so easy to put it on come on!

This for me is such a classic awesome masterpiece

Amazing song. I Love it

Joe Jackson is one of that singers, that it gives much enviroment to his songs, but even Joe wasn't great as singer as his own greatest song, we talking about this one of course.

3 Method of Modern Love - Daryl Hall & John Oates

This song would perfectly fit with number one

This song represents the real methods of modern peace..

Many rare songs here, but I have to go only with the most pretty song I've heard of all
Hall & Oates really did a lot of catchy songs as heaven!

I saw many lists of your favorite songs and all that stuff, and I have to recommend this song of one of your favorite artists, I mean of Hall & Oates of course... thank me later!

4 You Really Got Me - The Kinks

Wouldn't call this rare, it was a big hit and Van Halen covered it. Probably one of the most iconic rock songs of all-time. - truckturner

A minions song? - DarkBoi-X

5 All that She Wants - Ace of Base

So catchy song, and at the same time, it's very annoying and rare for sure...

Taki Taki it's a bad song, that did it famous!


6 Birthday - The Sugarcubes


What a classic! Björk voice it's just so beautiful like her face.

7 Oh S**t - The Pharcyde

Damn, this song was a Alternative Hip Hop song in the old 90s days, but nowadays I can see for the first time, being considered as a rare classic song, it not for me but I also have to respect all the opinion this list contains...

Love this song, but not so greater

This song is boring, but even it could be the best!

¿Saints Row 4?

8 Japanese Boy - Aneka

Hello I'm new and this song is good

This has to be number 3

No guy! you couldn't understand, but is considered curious, I don't think it get considered as a very rare song, that's my thinking!

But if this was a hit! why is considered rare or weird? it's because of the rhythm?

9 Making Your Mind Up - Bucks Fizz

Eh! Be very careful! And for first, I'm not trying to threaten you! I just gotta believe myself that this song is not so awful as you says! it could be one of the best in the list.

This song is awful!

Not a very big fan of kids music! But I have to admidt something, this song it's catchy, I can't even understand by myself how! But it definitely stays on my crazy brain for a lot of time, maybe I'm not an adult yet. Hehehehehe

10 Ocean Man - Ween

I love this cheesy crap

Better than Making Your Mind Up and Japanese Boy together!

Best song, it is one of my dad's favorites

Greatest song no doubt of how I'm viewing this!

The Contenders

11 No Ordinary Love - Sade

I don't gonna lie, this song is not cheesy in the correct sense of the word but, I think is too rare.
And by far it should get add on the list, maybe a Top 10 would starts good for this song_

This song is more than awesome, I love to have lujury toughts with this special song for me.

Great song! it sounds so sexual. - RW700

This ain't got nothing rare! is only a good song, but if people vote for this, is for one reason! ''the black mermaid'' in the whole strange video!

12 Santeria - Sublime

This song is more beautiful than rare or even weird, but I'm agree with this song
ranked on this top 10 list, thanks for that!

13 It's a Mistake - Men at Work

Not exactly a great classic, but it should be added on the list, I think it can works good...

The best song, not rare but definitely should be more higher!

Yeas cool song, maybe it should be for treat better!

¿and how this song is rare?

14 Rock Lobster - The B-52's
15 Fools Gold - The Stone Roses
16 Crossroads - Cream

Psychodelic/Rock sounds rare, but even is my favorite Rock of all variations

17 Lucretia My Reflection - Sisters of Mercy

Ain't gonna lie. This is my favorite song of the list.

This sounds cheesy as a burp lol

This is the rarest song I've heard this nights!


18 Sadeness - Enigma

One of the most mysteriously instrumentals of all time. Put it in number 3 at least.

¡Great song!

19 Angel - Massive Attack

I know this song was a hit in their time, but I decided to mention it because it has a very electric/rare style on it, I don't know if many of you could be agreed with me, but in my case I have to vote for this"

Crossroads sucks be this 14

Psychodelic rock is not too good to overpass this one

I love this one... it should be puted in the number 5 of the whole top 10

20 Turning Japanese - The Vapors
21 Siva - Smashing Pumpkins
22 Midnight at the Oasis - Maria Muldaur
23 Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
24 Bang the Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren
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