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1 Ulquiorra Cifer - Espada #4 Ulquiorra Cifer - Espada #4

Now this was on obvious one for me.
Now I thought Ulquiorra was my top 2nd espada.. But then I read his backstory. And let me tell you.

Its some of the most deep and sad stuff Kubo has written. Those who haven't read it, just search Ulquiorra Unmasked in YouTube.

That made me feel so sad for him, and it explains much better other then his inability to understand waht is a " soul" why his aspect of Death is Nihility. As by Ulquiorra's own words :
" If there is such a thing like happiness in this world, it should resemble the endless nothingness. Nihility is having nothing, and having nothing to lose. If that isn't happiness... Then what is? "

The best character Kubo ever wrote, and the best Espada, not for his style, not for his powers, not his rank, but his sad existence, is why Ulquiorra is my Number one Espada.

Ulquiorra is the most strongest and cutest espada in Bleach... Ichigo is the main protagonists in the story so he have to win! So cheating... Ulquiorra is so cool, Ichigo can't even land on a single hit even in him..

I haven't watched or read Bleach in a long time but he's definitely in my top 3 of fave Bleach characters. Why? I really couldn't give a definite reason. There are just some characters that stick with you. Ulquiorra just had a sort of aura around him that made you remember and like him, at least for me. I could never pronounce his name correctly but I can say I enjoyed every episode of the anime he was in because I wanted to know more about him. He made me curious about his life and saddened by his death. I was actually rooting for him to win and live. When you want someone who is a "villan" type to win over the hero that makes for an awesome character in my opinion. - NerdBunny

The only thing that I didn't like about Ulquiorra is the way he died. First of all, I don't think it was a fair batlle because it was actually Ichigo's hollow who defeated Ulquiorra. Secondly, although I'm aware of the incredible power of Ichigo's hollow, I don't agree with the idea of him been able to defeat Ulquiorra in his second release. The gap in power between Ulquiorra's first release and Ichigo in his hollowfied formed was far too big to even consider the second one been able to defeat Ulquiorra, even after transforming again.

I guess that was the only possible explanation that the found to kill Ulquiorra.

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2 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Espada #6

The greatest Espada in Bleach. Tite Kubo should of forgotten about Ulquiorra and given the power of segundo resurrection to Grimmjow. Plus Grimmjow stands for the greatest means of death, destruction. Ulquiorra was the strongest but he also got manhandled by Ichigo's second hollow form. Grimmjow wasn't the strongest but at least he didn't go out like no bitch.

Best. Espada. Ever. Smart, cares about his team, and isn't boring and emo like Ulquiorra. Within minutes of meeting Ichigo, he knows what makes Ichigo tick--and he uses it to manipulate him because he's a psychopath--but still. He's also honorable; he repays Orihime for healing him, albeit roughly. And he refuses to fight Ichigo unless it's fair. Unlike, say, Nnoitra, who didn't think he could beat Nel even when he cheap-shotted her. No, he needed the eighth Espada's help too. In my opinion, the approval of the fan community is wasted on Ulquiorra. He may not be the most powerful, but that really shouldn't be what makes someone "cool."

He's returning anytime soon. Let's hope he'll beat the hell out of some Quincies and save Soul Society with Ichigo before the Captains die!

Awesome anti-hero character equal with ichigo at their battle, cool attitude and nice background story. He should be higher in the list of espadas and we should see him again more powerful than before

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3 Coyote Starrk/Lilynette Gingerbark - Espada #1

The best arrancar/espada in existence since he is the only natural one and he is not actually bad he wants just an group of friends as strong as him. - CezarBleaje

Had very cool and versatile powers, didn't blatantly disrespect his opponents, showed a hint of, mercy to rose and love, probably the easiest espada to sympathize with since people have all felt lonely. Not to mention he's displayed the most overall combat skill of all the espada one of the truly great characters kubo has designed.

Tired. Near-impossible to beat. Killed all his friends with his spiritual pressure. Split in two people to escape the loneliness. Need I say more? He could probably take on Aizen.

Laid-back, but strong! He's one of the espadas who can only release their first stage of resurrection but if this guy could release the second, it would be much stronger than ulquiorra's second release

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4 Tia Halibel - Espada #3

The only current Female Espada -

I love her calm and collected attitude. She cares for her fraccion as she was very upset when they died and she also wanted to avenge them. She strongly opposes the notion of killing others, especially if done to gain power. Definitely the best espada.

What I love about her is the way she is so calm while fighting toshiro and you know the way toshiro and her faught with them being able to counter each others attacks ice/water. also her story it kind is true and I was sad when aizen slashed her. but I don't know I just think she is cool

Well, Halibel, Stark, Ulquiorra and Grimmjow are the only likable ones with character development, so yeah.

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5 Szayel Apporo Granz - Espada #8

If Mayuri wasn't around I'm sure Szayel would have won. In fact, if you pit this guy against Ichigo, I wouldn't be surprised if the Espada won.

Probably stronger than #7 because he joined quite late. -

This guy has awesome abilities

I think he should be higher then he was. He's just so creepy. He beat renji and uryu at the same time and took a Shakkahō to the face. He's my favorite. - zetnodan

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6 Nnoitra Jiruga - Espada #5

Nnoitra grew on me. Thought process went from "oh he's kind of creepy" to "wow what a badass".
I really liked his past with Nel and how it added layers to his character -suddenly Nnoitra isn't just another bloodthirsty brute. He's a guy who has insecurities and flaws, which complicate his actions.

He may be the most persistent of all the Espada. Not to mention the fact that he is quite strong and was able to face a fresh Kenpachi while he is himself tired and perhaps a bit wounded (from the fight against Nelliel). He even forced him to fight with both hands.

Regarding the development of the character, he is quite unique : he embodies very well the violent and bad guy whose motivations of fighting are unclear and turn into obsession. I personally find his look very astonishing (not to mention he looks like Shinji &) and paradoxically scary (his shape doesn't fit into his strength, as Ichigo noticed). In fact, he is a weirdly fearsome villain.

The most Foul-mouthed character in Bleach. -

Pray Santa Teresa

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7 Baraggan Luisenbarn - Espada #2

Strongest espada there is. in terms of power

At least 2 behind Ulquiorra in his 2nd state

I think Baraggan should be at least in the top 3 Espadas. Nothing can hit him, except his own power. He can rot anything around him without no effort. In my opinion, he got the ability to kill Ulquiorra using his powerful sonido and respire.

The respira end all world

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8 Aaroniero Arrurerie - Espada #9

If he ate aizen he'd be the strongest... Aizen should donate himself to aaroniero


kaienrukia bleach pairing. espada no#9 vs rukia = rukia(winner)!


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9 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck - Espada #3

The cutest arrancar

Does she count I just added her on the list?
Since she was the former 3rd ranked espada.

10 Zommari Leroux - Espada #7

The Contenders

11 Yammy Riyalgo - Espada #10/#0

Took Kenpachi ages to kill him, and strongest Espada by rank.

Supposedly the Strongest Espada by Rank, one of two Espada alive. -

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1. Ulquiorra Cifer - Espada #4
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3. Coyote Starrk/Lilynette Gingerbark - Espada #1
1. Ulquiorra Cifer - Espada #4
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