Current or Ex Pro Skateboarders Who are Musicians

I grew up skateboarding in the 80's and 90's and I love music. So out came this list.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Rubalcaba

Drummer. Punk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative.
Bands: Off!, Four One One, Rocket from the Crypt, Thingy, Black Heart Procession, Hot Snakes, Earthless, Sultans, Pinback.
Rode for Alva Skateboards - THC13

2 Duane Peters

Singer. Punk Rock.
Bands: U.S. Bombs, the Die' Hunns, Political Crap, The Mess, Exploding F***dolls, Duane Peters and the Great Unwashed.
Rode for Vision, Black Label. - THC13

3 Steve Caballero

Guitarist. Punk Rock, Alternative.
Bands:The Faction, Odd Man Out, Shovelhead.
Rode for Powell Peralta - THC13

4 Ray Barbie

Guitarist, bassist, xylophone, drummer. Jazz.
Bands: Solo.
Rode for Powell Peralta, Element. - THC13

5 Matt Hensley

Accordion, concertina, keyboards. Punk Rock.
Bands: Flogging Molly.
Rode for Black Label, Plan B, and H-Street Skateboarders. - THC13

6 Tommy Guerrero

Guitarist, bassist, keyboards, drummer. Punk Rock, Experimental
Bands: Free Beer, Jet Black Crayon, Solo.
Rode for Powell Peralta. - THC13

7 Salba

Guitarist, singer. Punk Rock, Rock, Surf Rock.
Bands: Power Flex Five, Screaming Lord Salba and his Heavy Friends,The Wild Ones, Flamethrower, Slaves of Rhythm, Dirty Bastards.
Rode for Santa Cruz Skateboarders. - THC13

8 Tony Alva

Bassist. Punk Rock.
Bands: The Skoundrelz, G.F.P.
Rode for Alva Skateboarders - THC13

9 Mike Vallely

Singer. Punk Rock.
Bands: Good For You (with Greg Ginn), Black Flag (*rolling my eyes*).
Rode for Powell Peralta, World Industries, New Deal, Black Label, T.V. Skateboards, Element, and Elephant. - THC13

10 Ethan Fowler

Singer,guitarist. Stoner Rock
Bands: Green and Wood
Rode for Stereo, Toy Machine and Foundation. - THC13

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