Best Current Spanish Football Players

Who's the best football (soccer) player on (Euro 2008 Champs) Spain's Nat'l Team?

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1 Fernando Torres Fernando Torres Fernando José Torres Sanz is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for La Liga club Atlético Madrid, on loan from Serie A club Milan.

You are hundred percent right dude... I'm so happy to see this that he is no. One... Even though he is not in form in present days... But I think in future he will be no. 1 in the world... So wish you to come in! Very good form in coming days.. I think all player played for their club but he is the only player who played for the club and for his own nation too

I love Torres. He's number one in my eyes. Not only is he a great footballer but he is really cute. He has the most amazing huge brown eyes

I am learning Spanish in year 8

Look I no most people think he has been rubbish but I mean look at his movement I mean its still quallity and he can still supply the killer pass. Look at his cross for juan mata where mata scored a amazing volley. TORRES IS A LEGEND

2 David Villa David Villa David Villa Sánchez is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker and also serves as captain for New York City FC in Major League Soccer.

David Villa is the best soccer player in the world in my opinion. I think he is better than Torres.

The best in the world. His goals are the mastermind who leads Spain all the way into the World Cup Final and became the first Spaniard who scored 5 goals in World Cup. Hell yeah!

It's the best

This guy is like Messi Messi is on Argentina but David viLLA IS ON Spain BUT THEY BOTH ARE ON Barcelona

3 Andres Iniesta Andres Iniesta Andrés Iniesta Luján is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for FC Barcelona and the Spain national team.

Not possible political to vote Lionel Messi for a 3rd time running so
his team mate Iniesta will deservedly be voted the World No1 footballer
this year. I actually thought he might have beaten Messi last time because
of his heroics in Spain's World Cup win.

Best dribbler on the team, arguably the best passer on the team, steps up during the big games, scored latest World Cup final goal with 3 minutes to go to secure the win for spain. No doubt the best on the team. Shouldn't even be a question.

I recon that he is the best in the Spanish football team
He has got amazing control, passing and dribbling skills
In my opinion he is one of the best in the world

My top 4 are 1. Iniesta 2. Xavi 3. Alonso 4. Fabregas

4 Iker Casillas Iker Casillas Iker Casillas Fernández is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Portuguese club Porto and the Spain national team as a goalkeeper.

One of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, don't see how he is not number 1 on this list

He is the world's best Goalkeeper. How can Torres be on Number 1? After the disastrous he has had? Without Casillas the Spanish team would be nothing. He adds strength to the team.

Really... Torres? Are you guys that subjective? Torres has had good seasons and bad seasons, and so has Villa, but Casillas has always been at the very top on Spain and he's probably the best goalkeeper atm, no doubt he is the best on Spain

with out casillas the spanish team would be defensively weak. he adds strength to the team

5 Xavi Hernandez Xavi Hernandez Xavier "Xavi" Hernández Creus is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Qatari club Al Sadd SC.

Xavi hernandez is the best midfielder of all time in my opinion which automatically puts him ahead of the rest in the Spain national team. You should be amazed at his achievement in the 2010 fifa world cup in south africa, making a record during the world cup by making a total of 599 passes completed which is 89 percent pass completed over 100.

The best Spanish player of all time and the best midfielder of all time

Xavi never loses the ball-he isn't that quick, but he is Barcelona and Spain's mastermind maestro midfielder- in my opinion he should be number one but he doesn't score too many goals from midfield, but he is all round-dribble, pass, shoot, cross, freekick specialist. He is just amazing. Also strong for his size

Xavi Hernandez is hands down the best Spanish player in the world. The mastermind midfielder of every great Spanish team the past decade. All plays start with him. Incredibly accurate passer. Complete player with no holes in his game. I am a passionate fan of the Spanish Ntational team and have been watching Spain play since I was a kid. Xavi should be number 1 on this list. The only other player on this list that comes close to him is Iniesta.

6 Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Spain national football team.

He's arguably the best defender in the world right now: he can jump higher than anyone, attack, intercept anything, make accurate long passes, has ball control, technique, speed, acrobatic flexibility, power, and can score more than some midfielders - the ultimate player. On top of that he's been on the team since he was a kid, he's tough, has passion and isn't afraid to risk limbs to defend. Icing on the cake: he's always the hottest guy around, a maniacal blend of sweet and kick-ass, and provides so much entertainment value in terms of his cheeky humour and flips.

He's got the passion, strength, power, technique, control, flexibility... On top of that he's the hottest Spaniard around. He's the ultimate athlete. He's funny too ;)

he is an attacking player 'n' tricky too...

He is a fabulous defender, he is hot, good skills, great big crosses and he is good at cartwheels and back flips! - italianfootballer101

7 Cesc Fàbregas

He is the ultimate football player he can score and also make goals as well. He is the key to success for spain along side iniesta and xavi

He was awesome in uefa 2012 and he set up iniesta's 2012 world cup final goal!

He makes beautiful setups and he is just amasing


8 David Silva

Silva inspires me when he plays because when he smiles after dribbling past other players and when he scores.

great playerr!
very skilfull!

he is a defender even though plays the role of mid fielders as well as a striker

The silent genius
Silva's coolness in passing the ball is everything..and his first touch

9 Jordi Alba

One of the best left backs in the world. - phantomtheimmortal

I Accidentally voted Jordi Alba. GO BARCA

Scored 2 goals against Nigeria in the Conferderation cup

Awesome of all...VOTE FOR JORDI ALBA

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10 Jesus Navas


The Contenders

11 Gerard Pique Gerard Pique Gerard Piqué Bernabéu is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for FC Barcelona and the Spain national team.

He is not rubbish he is the greatest defender

Great defender maybe even the best soon

He is good palyer and cute guy too

Voted but he's rubbish

12 Santi Cazorla

Cazorla has a great boot and is amazing as a linking player. He is publicly regarded as the best player in his current club, Arsenal - and for good reason.

"Plays as a midfielder for Arsenal and dominates when gets ball."

Should be 7 instead of fabregas

13 Lionel Messi Lionel Messi Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona. He is also known as one of the greatest football players of all time. He was born in Rosario, Argentina on June 24th, 1987.


He is better than ronaldo

He is the best footballer today

He inspires me to become a better soccer player, I aspire to be just like him

14 Carles Puyol Carles Puyol

I love the way he perform the game and the team spirit

Greatest Captain ever. He was theart of Barcelona and Spain for many years.

He the best defender ever

Carles Puyol is one of the best defenders in the World

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15 Xabi Alonso Xabi Alonso Xabier "Xabi" Alonso Olano is a Spanish footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich as a central midfielder.

One of the best midfielders of all-time. Arguably the best exponent of long passes and through balls.

Underrated yet one of the greatest Spanish footballers ever...

16 Pedro Rodriguez

He's better than villa, better finisher, quicker, better dribbling, better player.

He is he best if any on e says he's not they are loser

17 Carlos Marchena
18 Koke

He is so brilliant he makes me want to headbut my rainbow six seige masterpeice 21, I love coke vanilla and especially the classic original #utm

He’s good

19 Juanito Gutierrez
20 Ruben de la Red
21 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus and the Portugal national team.

Hess sos ss gsoood

He is way betta than musy

He is Portuguese not Spanish

The best

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22 David de Gea David de Gea David de Gea Quintana is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

Boi he is so good

You are the best goalie ever

His performance is fantastic

A boy who is the keeper of manchester united and who lead manchester united to a vicyory

23 Victor Valdes

Seriously iker? I think valdes is better than casillas on every aspects. I mean just look at the titles they have won for their clubs. I feel that even if valdes played in the world cup final, he would have also saved that shot from arjen robben and won the world cup. I mean valdes is much capeble than casillas on saving a one on one shot.

24 Juan Mata Juan Mata Juan Manuel Mata García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

The young kid and certainly an freakingabsolutely greatest spanish future star. The guy who made the most no. Of assists in the premier league. The face of future. Gracias!

Your Welcome x

Mata is awesome not better than toress but 2

He's the best player midgield

25 Sergio Busquets

The player's player. He covers the defense, breaks up attacks and gives the ball to the playmakers Xavi and Iniesta. Aggressive, but underrated as a passer in his own right.

26 Isco Isco Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, commonly known as Isco, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid.

If you never saw him playing you're missing out! Same level as Ronaldo when he was the same age. extremely promising

One of the best players I have ever seen

Top 10 in the world... Not just in Spain

One damn good player!

27 Diego Costa Diego Costa Diego da Silva Costa, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a striker for English club Chelsea and the Spain national team.

... Torres is no. 1 but Costa is 27? How can this be? One of the best BPL forwards, quick, has an amazing shot, and as strong as a tank. Think again everyone, he should be no. 1

Diego costa he is a beast his strenghth is impressive and his abilities

Almost as good as Messi he should be 1st

28 Neymar Neymar Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr., is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team as a forward or winger, and is also the captain of the national team. more.

Fakers are cool

Neymar isn't spanish he's brazilian


29 Pepe Reina Pepe Reina José Manuel "Pepe" Reina Páez is a Spanish footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Italian club S.S.C.

One of the best goalkeeper of all-time..

Rubbish on FIFA 15

30 Gerard Deulofeu

He's a cool guy and prolly knowns math and science

Pure class for a young star

Gerii is a very talented little guy and he is one of the sexiest people you'll ever see... he's young and has incredible potential, he will be the best in the world one day. And he is mine

31 Raul

Best striker all time great for real madrid

32 21 Alexis Sanchez
33 Luis García

García is a Spanish winger who played for Liverpool, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

34 Nacho Monreal

he is cool

35 Cesar Azpilicueta
36 Alberto Moreno

Good player for the future has a lot of potential

37 Álvaro Negredo
38 Munir El Haddadi
39 Sergi Roberto
40 Marco Asensio

He is by far a really good forward player

41 Pablo Pérez
42 Raul Gonzalez Raul Gonzalez Raúl González Blanco, known as Raúl, is a retired Spanish footballer who played as a striker. Raúl is considered one of the most important players in the history of Real Madrid and regarded as one of the greatest Spanish players of all-time.
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