Best Custom Acoustic Guitars

Custom acoustic guitar - a guitar designed and built just for you from start to finish. From one-man shops handcrafting 10-20 instruments a year to the speciality custom areas of some of the largest manufacturers, who would you vote for?

The Top Ten

1 Lichty Guitars

Lichty Guitars are a great example of custom acoustic guitars. NC luthier Jay Lichty works with clients to design that "perfect fit" guitar. Initial guitar design discussions, based on the tone, look and feel someone is looking for, include body style, which type (and specific set) of tonewood the player wants, neck width, inlay details, pick-up preference and more.
As a part of the custom progress Lichty Guitars even includes a photographic journal of each instrument being built and audio file samples of each custom instrument once strings go on. Lichty has an international customer-base and has many top performing artists who play custom Lichty Guitars.

Australian blues guitarist Geoff Achsion is amazing when he plays his custom Lichty Guitar!

2 Blanchard Guitars
3 Sheppard Guitars
4 Somogyi Guitars
5 Kathy Wingert Guitars
6 Collings Guitars, Custom Series
7 Petros Guitars
8 Taylor Guitars, Custom Series
9 Martin Guitars, Custom Series
10 Schneider Guitars
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