Top Ten Customer Engagement Platforms

Customer engagement platforms encompass a variety of applications and, depending on the product being offered, can include considerably different features. But the common thread tying all customer engagement solutions together is an emphasis on personalizing interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The Top Ten

1 ezeassist

A Business Assistant for Customer Engagement which increases productivity and expert system to grow your Business - ezeassist

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2 Interakt

Simple Customer Engagement Platform - ezeassist

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3 Acquia

Digital Customer Engagement Platform - ezeassist

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4 CX Social

Social media tool that combines customer engagement - ezeassist

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5 Enalyzer

Leading survey tools for collecting and reporting feedback from for instance customers and employees. - ezeassist

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6 Square

CRM software designed to engage customers using email marketing, loyalty programs, customer feedback collection and tracking tools. - ezeassist

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7 Apptentive

Apptentive's mobile customer engagement software helps companies listen to, engage with, and retain their customers. - ezeassist

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8 Churnspotter

Churnspotter spots your at-risk customers, identifies root causes and health trends on a daily basis. - ezeassist

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9 Feefo

Feefo helps businesses to engage with their customers and gather their reviews. - ezeassist

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10 Howazit

A simple, end-to-end customer communication platform that ensures your brand is delivering on its promise. - ezeassist

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