Top 10 Cute but Sadly Unconfirmed Headcanons for Video Games

The Top Ten

1 Meta Knight is actually Kirby's father and likes to warmly snuggle with him and read him bedtime stories on nights when no one else is around
2 Viridi was secretly planning a massive flowery wedding party for Pit at the end of Kid Icarus Uprising (after he defeated Hades)
3 Flint and Hinawa from Mother 3 are Ness and Paula from Earthbound after they got married and grew old together; Lucas and Claus were their kids
4 Um Jammer Lammy is Parappa The Rapper's adorable big sister
5 Alphys and Undyne wear pajamas that match each other's skin colors and are dotted head to toe with cute little pictures of each other's animal species in Undertale
6 Bowser loves Princess Peach even more than Mario does, and takes better care of her as well
7 Conker and Rodent secretly have a gay crush on each other in Conker's Bad Fur Day
8 If she had been able to, Samus would have kept the baby Metroid from Metroid 2 and Super Metroid as her lovable little space pet
9 The King of Sorrow is Klonoa's uncle who became king after the death of Klonoa's parents
10 Poochy has been Yoshi's pet ever since Yoshi's Island

The Contenders

11 Zonda The Lustful Mirage is actually a pansexual hermaphrodite
12 Dr. Light secretly plays the holiday role of Santa Claus in the Mega Man universe
13 Kirby is secretly a Dark Matter and Zero is his/her father.
14 Gunvolt secretly has romantic feelings for Xiao and Copen
15 Krystal only joined Star Wolf in Star Fox Command to upset Fox and get back at him for kicking her out of the Star Fox team for the sake of her safety, but she regrets it and wishes to return back to Fox.
16 Krystal most likely suffered from PMS during the events of Star Fox Command
17 Wolf O'Donnell is around the same age as James McCloud (Fox's father) and has been his rival since before being Fox's rival
18 Falco Lombardi has known and shared a past with Katt Monroe and Leon Powalski, the latter being his rival of course
19 Worlds based on non-Disney animated movies exist in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, but aren't explored and don't show up in the series yet, with the only possibility being fanfics

I doubt that any non-Disney movie will ever be represented in this horrible train-wreck of a video game crossover franchise with a confusing story that should never been made.

20 Many characters from video games that take place in the past and future are used to modern times thanks to stories in crossover games such as Super Smash Bros. or Project X Zone. They're fictional, after all.
21 Female Yoshis do exist, but are still not seen or mentioned yet. (The closest we can get is the pink Yoshi that appears in Yoshi's board in the first Mario Party game for N64, but even so... The Real Men Wear Pink trope may exist)
22 Shadow the Hedgehog sees Rouge as a love interest, but never shows it because he's not a flirt like she is.
23 Cream the Rabbit is very shy, so much that she doesn't want a love interest and thinks love is gross. Prefers to live with her mother and raise Chao instead
24 The reason Rouge likes to find and steal jewels is so that she wants to sell them and become the richest woman on the planet
25 The swordmaster Karel (Fire Emblem) has shown hints of being asexual and even having Asperger's syndrome
26 Parappa The Rapper takes place in the Paper Mario universe
27 Wheatley secretly wanted to marry GLaDOS in Portal 2
28 Dr. Light takes care of Mega Man the way that a real father would take care of his baby
29 All that the enemies in the Kirby franchise really want to do is give Kirby a great big hug
30 Sans and Papyrus from Undertale are actually the skeletons of Mario and Luigi
31 Palutena secretly wanted to marry Hades in Kid Icarus Uprising
32 The Greater Dog from Undertale is actually Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
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