Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

In the game Animal Crossing, there are over 100 wacky animal characters (villagers) you can have in your town. Here's a list of the most cutest animals (male and female) in animal crossing!

The Top Ten

1 Stitches

He is cute but he is also creepy :/

I married him as a kid in wild world. Still waiting for him to show up in my new leaf town!

I don't think he's that good I think Rosie better but stitches is cute I just don't know why people praise him

He's so creepy he's cute

2 Bluebear

very cute

I spent a while looking for Bluebear. A few months ago, I reset my game and was lucky enough to have her in my new town. I haven't played in a while but I'm hoping she hasn't left. - WinchesterGirl26

I Love Her I Have A Folder For Her In My Cutest Animal Crossing Girl

She Looks So Cute With Her Yellow and White Checkerboard Style Shirt - Stevenpenguin

3 Goldie

Goldie has a sweet gentle personality and such beautiful brown dewy eyes. Shes polite and kind. And shes a golden retriever!

She’s my favorite villager

I had her in my first New Leaf town. We were good friends - FuffleyandPeetah

Goldie is one of my top three villagers alongside Aurora and Whitney she’s so kind and caring though try not to upset her!.!.

4 Cookie

Cookie is SO totally cute! And her personality is too!

Cute animal ( pink dog with sparkly eyes ).Cute personality ( peppy ).What else is cuter than THAT!

She is so cute! Can you imagine having a pink dog with anime eyes? That would be awesome!

Cookie the puppy could give Flora the ostrich a run for her money for the position of the cutest peppy villager.

5 Biskit

He left my town but he is still the first and best villager I've had so far

My fave villager in my city folk town for sure!

My favorite villager!

How is he bellow Bella? - Alien51

6 Walker

i love him

Walker, oh walker. The first Dog villager I ever had. Why did I let you go?! I still have the last letter you ever sent me. I have planted an orange tree near where you used to live. Maybe once I get a 3DS I can worl up some magic with the nintendo wi-fi connection and finally see you again?
Sorry for getting so emotional. He's so cute and has the perfect personality!

7 Bones

He's so adorable just like cookie and biskit and walker and literally every other dog (((

I agree with the other comment. He should at least be in the top 15... How is the the 125th?

The cutest doggo, deserves to be at least on the top 15

How the heck is he all the way down here?

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8 Rosie

Rosie best villager

Rosie, I miss you so much. I never meant to delete my Wild World town. I thought it just meant I could rearrange my town. I'm sorry, but I was only 6. I cried for so long Rosie. You don't know how much I miss you. I hope you can come to my New Lead town and we can be united again after all these years. I miss you so much, and I love you like a best friend. I never forgot about you and Bree you know. Even after those 4 years, I still remember my 2 best friends from the old days. Rosie, you and Bree were both my best friends, but I liked you a little bit more. I managed to save Bree, but I need you to come to my town so we can get the group back together. Ok? It will be just like old times, I promise, and I will never make the mistake of destroying my town ever again. I hope someday I can see you again.
Until we meet again.

I love Rosie!
1.She was my starting character on Pocket Camp
2. She’s adorable

I think she should definitely be in Animal Crossing for Switch ( as well as Jay and Filbert ). I give her 99/100 - Beth2505

I never got Rosie in any of my towns, and it's my dream to get her! Every day on New Leaf I go to see if someone's camping, and I check to see if it's Rosie. She is my #1 favorite villager! She is just so darn cute! - FuffleyandPeetah

9 Isabelle Isabelle

She converted me into a furry.

Isabelle is honestly the cutest ever. If only she was a villager I would NEVER let her leave.

Isabelle is the best, absolutely cute, and the porn is top notch

Overrated as hell! Female Villager is a better Mario Kart 8 character!

10 Bow

The Contenders

11 Lolly

Arrgh been looking for lolly for so long may get amiibo, she's the beessttt!

I loved her in City Folk. I cried when she moved away...

Lolly is so cute with her apostrophe eyes, and her shirt is adorable too!

She's adorable! She's a cute little cat with really cute eyes and she looks so innocent! I wanna hug her so bad! Plus, normal types are so friendly and sweet

12 Kid Cat

He's like my favorite villager ever

I forget what he/she looks like but name sounds cute so.. :3

Kid cat should be number 1 he's the cutest!

Kid Cat isn't a name but he's still cool

13 Maddie
14 Daisy


In Wild World she was my fave villager... Then she left when I time-travelled... :'( But when I got New Leaf, she was one of my starter villagers! :D - Silverbronwyn

15 Peanut

I currently have her as my next door neighbor in New Leaf and we're the best of friends! - FuffleyandPeetah

This is my favourite girl character! She's a pink squirrel with huge eyes and wears a pink and purple striped dress. She is one of the most popular villagers in animal crossing. She was my first villager when I started. She's a bit peppy and wants to be popular.

Peanut is easily the best villager who is currently in this top ten. How can you not love her?

Peanut is one of my favorite characters other than, Puck, Bianca, Cherry, or Pinky.

16 Marcel

Marcel is kind of scary...

He looks abit like a clown with his red nose

17 Apple

Apple is so cute a little red hamster with black sparkly eyes, oh I love her

Apple is cute, but I don't want her in my town. I saw her camping at my town the other day

I love Apple she is so nice to me

She's such a cute hamster!

18 Benjamin

I never didn't love Benjamin. He is one of my dream Animal Crossing villagers. I NEVER had a dog in my town.

19 Marshal

He should be number 1 because he is such a cute lil squirrel

Marshal is a cute tiny squirrel who should be number one. What is he doing down here?! Stitches is some scary monster with no eyes! He can't even see your character! Think of it that way! Marshal is so cute!

Marshal deserves to be #1! Even though Pekoe is such a cutie, Marshal is just as cute! I think Marshal should at least be in the top ten! He's so adorable and he's my favorite villager!

He's a tiny adorable white squirrel who has a cute facial expression and pink cheeks, but not only that, he's so sweet and romantic! Marshal is the best!

20 Lucky

I had him in my town and we were good friends... Until... The day he moved... It was really tragic for me, and I sometimes miss him! - FuffleyandPeetah

Lucky is 100% the cutest villager! He's got this adorable little yellow eye which pokes out from his full body cast. Adorable! When he moved in to my town on wild world I instantly fell in love with him. I hope to get him in New Leaf too!

Lucky is creepy but he is awesome! There is even a music named after him called K.K. Lucky!

It is so cute how he looks hurt, I just wanna be like a bodyguard and protect him all day!

21 Bunni

Bunni is so cute and fun to talk to! Sometimes I hope the other animals will move out so Bunni has a chance to move in!

Bunni is the cutest rabbit! She is always happy and is super adorable!

I love her. She’s one of the first characters I invited to my campsite in Pocket Camp. She’s adorable - Beth2505

Bunni is cute

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22 Cube

I love that boi. He's so cute.

So adorable! Ok he is so fat and chubby! So he's like a little ball with feathers and a head wobbling around. And then there's his eyes! Oh my gosh!

So damn adorable. He's one of those cute, yet chubby characters

He is so fat and cute and the cutest little face

23 Lily

Adorable - Beth2505

Come on... WHO doesn't adore a frog with pink cheeks and sparkly eyes? Definitely one of the cutest animals along with Stitches, Rosie, Cookie and Bunni!

So cuTE

The cutest female frog! Her eyes are so cute! And she has pink cheeks! Her skin colour is so gorgeous too! You just have to love her!

24 Pekoe

I only like her since I'm not racist.

I just think she is the most adorable little bear cub I've saw in animal crossing! She looks a little bit like a panda and it's so cute! I have her in my town and she's my favorite villager :3

I LOVE PEKOE! She was one of my first animal crossing villagers of all time and I think she's the absolute cutest of all, I'm still hoping she'll move to my New Leaf town.

She was in my town when I started New Leaf and I thought she was so cute and I still do

25 Lopez

My number 1 favorite Animal Crossing villager

I think Lopez is awesome

I love this character. I still don't think he is cute though.

Lopez is ugly

26 Julian
27 Butch
28 Chief

You guys may think Chief is pretty badass, but in my point of view, HE'S SO ADORABLE! In one of my save files, Sheldon asked Chief to reenact what he was like as a baby, and it was so adorable! "WAH! MAMA! BABY HUNNGWWWWY! GET ME MAI TEDDY! "

I love him since I was little, he is the best!

Chief is cool. Not my favorite though

Chief is my best friend.

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29 Maple

I love Maple! She's so sweet and cute! I have her and love her!

Her room comes with tons of teddy bears and her catch phrase is "Honey"! How cute is that?

I want her in my town! She is so cute with her cute eyes and cheeks!

I also suprisingly have Maple! She's my bestie! I love her!

30 Erik

As soon as I saw this cutie in a dream town, I knew that I would do whatever it took to have him in my town. My gosh, he is the most adorable little character I have ever seen.

As well as being cute he's also very very funny sometimes.

What the heck erik's the cutest guy I know

Erik is fudging adorable. I just want to hug him and never let go!

31 Bangle

One of my first villagers. She strange but cute.

She's so adorable, I want her in my town so that she can replace Tabby, a not-so cute villager! I hope she camps in my town in New Leaf again...

Bangle is a cute tiger! Her pattern is unique and at least she isn't ugly like Katt

Her little smile is so cute! She has a little face and AW

32 Bob

Love him! - Smash64

When I moved in my house and when I saw bob I said he's so cute look him up on bob animal crossing Yes wiki

Bob is the cutest little cat ever! He's so adorable and lazy, who wouldn't want to pinch those fluffy cheeks of his?

Bob is the cutest lazy cat, in my opinion. I also ship Bob and Tangy because they are cuter that way!

33 Molly

I'm so glad she is in my town

Umm hello! Look at this cutie little duck!

The most adorable little creature every made!

Molly is easily the cutest villager in the game

34 Bella

Bella you are my favorite neighbor. I wish you were my neighbor in real life! We would come over each others houses every day and play games and have fun. Know what's cool? I live next to my best friend in real life and I live next to Bella in the game! Bella is my virtual BFF!

Look up a picture of Bella she's the cutest thing ever. :D

When I first got city folk, I was so excited to find out which characters I had. I got Caroline, Robin, Alfonso, Avery, Bill, Aurora, Chow, and my all time favorite... BELLA! SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY FAVORITE SHE IS SO DARN CUTE AND CHEERFUL! LISTEN TO THAT CATCHPHRASE! EEKS! YAY BELLA! :D

Bella is flipping AMAZING

35 Fauna

I'm so surprised she wasn't on this list! Fauna was one of my first villagers and quickly became my best friend! She's so sweet and kind, and every time I see her I just want to swoop her up and cuddle her!

I'm not a fan of Fauna

Yeah she's cute but she also has the personality of a wet flannel.

Fauna should be #1 I love her color coding!

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36 Chrissy


Chrissy is really cute, and usually pretty sweet, but she has been iritating for me at times.


37 Tom Nook

How could you all forget the man who sold you your house, gave you a job, and sells you furniture, tools, flowers, and decor! Really!

He's in nearly every game

Tom Nook is a jerk lol

38 Jay

He was the 2nd character I invited to my campsite ( after Rosie ) in
Pocket Camp. He’s one of my personal favourites! Heey! - Beth2505

How come Jay wasn't put in the top 10?! Cutest thing EVER!

39 Tia

She is the cutest - SiGanRos

40 Bud
41 Twiggy

I had her in my town then I restarted because she was the only good character I will try to keep an open spot in my new town for that % 0.1 chance that I will get her in my new town

Twiggy reminds me of a rubber duck I used to own. Twiggy is so cute!

I don't like Twiggy

The best charecter ever. She or he is adorable with a funky house. She or he is really generous to me. It was relly sad when she left my town. I f you don't know who twiggy is he or she is a cute yellow bird. Can someone tell me if Twiggy is a boy or girl!

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42 Kicks

Cool. His shop should be bigger though

Even though the way he speaks isn't particularly… nice, he's super cute all the same.

git rekt

43 Felicity

So cute! She's so sweet and funny!

She’s my bae I’ve had her from the beginning


44 Ruby

I hit Ruby with the net every day because she is so cute

Her big eyes are addorable! And her little mouth too

My third female AC character that moved to my first AC game.
She was kinda weird, but I had great time with her too, not like with Aurora, but still. - Loosername

45 Carmen

So cute - Beth2505

Carmen is just adorable! I love her hair and eyes

Carmen, you were my best villager, my favourite villager right from when I started with you, Monty and Walker. Until I foolishly time-travelled. I still have that vacancy letter you sent me in my pockets. My village praises you, honestly. We treat you like royalty in MLGVille. It makes me so sad, when I see you in the Main Street.
I'll never forget you =:::c

46 Poncho

He is so adorable if u don't know who poncho is, than look at pics of him! he is the Cutest!

I love him, Lil' Bear

In fact, I even talk to him the most out of any character - QuarterGuysApprentice

My favorite villager. HE IS ADORABLE - QuarterGuysApprentice

47 Mitzi

She was my first villager in the original Gamecube game and is currently living in my New Leaf town and will always be my favorite! She's so cute! A very sweet and absolutely adorable blue point colored cat! What more could you ask for?

Emm hello her big eyes and blue and white fur! And her addiction to reading makes get my favourite villager

48 Pinky

She is a awesome character that is cute and is super nice.

49 Blanca

You can give her the cutest face and she's so sweet!

My favorite Animal Crossing character! I love writing fanfics about them, they need to appear more often!

The day that Blanca tries to copy herself I will play again AC. - Loosername

Slender cat

50 Shep

He is my cute little doggy

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