Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

In the game Animal Crossing, there are over 100 wacky animal characters (villagers) you can have in your town. Here's a list of the most cutest animals (male and female) in animal crossing!

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1 Goldie

Goldie is best girl, at least she is based off a real dog breed unlike Cookie.

Goldie has a sweet gentle personality and such beautiful brown dewy eyes. Shes polite and kind. And shes a golden retriever!

I had her in my first New Leaf town. We were good friends

I love Goldie so much!

2 Cookie

Cute animal ( pink dog with sparkly eyes ).Cute personality ( peppy ).What else is cuter than THAT!

She is so cute! Can you imagine having a pink dog with anime eyes? That would be awesome!

Cookie the puppy could give Flora the ostrich a run for her money for the position of the cutest peppy villager.

She has the cutest eyes in the world! They are so big and sparkly! She is pink and her personality is adorable!

3 Isabelle

If anything happened to her I would kill everyone in this room and then myself

Isabelle is honestly the cutest ever. If only she was a villager I would NEVER let her leave.

Isabelle's so cute and awesome! Best Secretary a Mayor could ask for!

Overrated as hell! Female Villager is a better Mario Kart 8 character!

4 Stitches

Don't yall dare diss stitches. stitches is the cutest bear PERIOD

I married him as a kid in wild world. Still waiting for him to show up in my new leaf town!

I don't think he's that good I think Rosie better but stitches is cute I just don't know why people praise him

He's so creepy he's cute

5 Bluebear

I spent a while looking for Bluebear. A few months ago, I reset my game and was lucky enough to have her in my new town. I haven't played in a while but I'm hoping she hasn't left.

I Love Her I Have A Folder For Her In My Cutest Animal Crossing Girl

She Looks So Cute With Her Yellow and White Checkerboard Style Shirt

I remember when she moved into my town in Wild World. Memories.

6 Biskit

He left my town but he is still the first and best villager I've had so far

My fave villager in my city folk town for sure!

My favorite villager!

How is he bellow Bella?

7 Rosie

the 1st ever villager I met and I fell in love with her shes so cuteee

Rosie, I miss you so much. I never meant to delete my Wild World town. I thought it just meant I could rearrange my town. I'm sorry, but I was only 6. I cried for so long Rosie. You don't know how much I miss you. I hope you can come to my New Lead town and we can be united again after all these years. I miss you so much, and I love you like a best friend. I never forgot about you and Bree you know. Even after those 4 years, I still remember my 2 best friends from the old days. Rosie, you and Bree were both my best friends, but I liked you a little bit more. I managed to save Bree, but I need you to come to my town so we can get the group back together. Ok? It will be just like old times, I promise, and I will never make the mistake of destroying my town ever again. I hope someday I can see you again.
Until we meet again.

Of all the villagers I have known in my entire history of playing Animal Crossing, my best friend simply HAS to be Rosie. She is just too darn cute! I had her on Wild World a few years back. I miss her since I had to start a new file, but hopefully, I just might see her on New Leaf... Some day.

I love rosie! She's also a main character in the animal crossing Anime. She is a cute blue and pink cat. In every animal crossing game so far.

8 Walker

i love him

Walker, oh walker. The first Dog villager I ever had. Why did I let you go?! I still have the last letter you ever sent me. I have planted an orange tree near where you used to live. Maybe once I get a 3DS I can worl up some magic with the nintendo wi-fi connection and finally see you again?
Sorry for getting so emotional. He's so cute and has the perfect personality!

9 Bones

I agree with the other comment. He should at least be in the top 15... How is the the 125th?

The cutest doggo, deserves to be at least on the top 15

How the heck is he all the way down here?

He should be in the top ten.

10 Cherry

Sassy but you gotta love her for it!

Shes a good friend so punked

The Newcomers

? Nibbles

The Contenders

11 Lolly

Lolly is so cute with her apostrophe eyes, and her shirt is adorable too!

She's adorable! She's a cute little cat with really cute eyes and she looks so innocent! I wanna hug her so bad! Plus, normal types are so friendly and sweet

Lolly is my absolute favorite villager in the game! She's such an adorable little cinnamon roll who deserves love

Shes a cool cat I had her in my first animal crossing town its good I love her

12 Julian

just he is a unicorn what else you want?!

I like his style

really cute!

I share my birthday with a unicorn :)

13 Peanut

This is my favourite girl character! She's a pink squirrel with huge eyes and wears a pink and purple striped dress. She is one of the most popular villagers in animal crossing. She was my first villager when I started. She's a bit peppy and wants to be popular.

Peanut is easily the best villager who is currently in this top ten. How can you not love her?

Peanut is one of my favorite characters other than, Puck, Bianca, Cherry, or Pinky.

Ah She's So Cute

14 Bow
15 Marshal

Marshal is a cute tiny squirrel who should be number one. What is he doing down here?! Stitches is some scary monster with no eyes! He can't even see your character! Think of it that way! Marshal is so cute!

Marshal deserves to be #1! Even though Pekoe is such a cutie, Marshal is just as cute! I think Marshal should at least be in the top ten! He's so adorable and he's my favorite villager!

He's a tiny adorable white squirrel who has a cute facial expression and pink cheeks, but not only that, he's so sweet and romantic! Marshal is the best!

Marshal is amazing, how is he way down here?

16 Kid Cat

He's a neat nod to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai rolled into one, his japanese name is Ichigo even

I forget what he/she looks like but name sounds cute so.. :3

Kid cat should be number 1 he's the cutest!

Kid Cat isn't a name but he's still cool

17 K.K. Slider

His songs are amazing! I'm a fan of the songs K.K. Parade, and Mr. K.K.

He loves music, not money. Now that's someone with a big heart.

My second favorite animal crossing character

I like the way he speaks to me on New Leaf!

18 Daisy

Daisy is the best! She is so cute, responds to my letters fastest, pretty, relaxed, and KIND! SHE. IS. JUST. SO. ADORBS! I love her, she is definitely my fave. Please vote for Daisy! (I have her in my village, and she is just so cute! :3)
-Wings of Warriors

In Wild World she was my fave villager... Then she left when I time-travelled... :'( But when I got New Leaf, she was one of my starter villagers! :D

Daisy is just ADORBS


19 Maddie
20 Marcel

Such a cutie and he's so nice!

Marcel is kind of scary...

He looks abit like a clown with his red nose

21 Winnie
22 Apple

I love apple! she move away on mine and I'm sad because she reminded me of pinky :(

Apple is so cute a little red hamster with black sparkly eyes, oh I love her

Apple is cute, but I don't want her in my town. I saw her camping at my town the other day

I love Apple she is so nice to me

23 Fauna

I'm so surprised she wasn't on this list! Fauna was one of my first villagers and quickly became my best friend! She's so sweet and kind, and every time I see her I just want to swoop her up and cuddle her!

I'm not a fan of Fauna

Yeah she's cute but she also has the personality of a wet flannel.

if you don't like her your a demon

24 Lucky

Lucky is 100% the cutest villager! He's got this adorable little yellow eye which pokes out from his full body cast. Adorable! When he moved in to my town on wild world I instantly fell in love with him. I hope to get him in New Leaf too!

I had him in my town and we were good friends... Until... The day he moved... It was really tragic for me, and I sometimes miss him!

Lucky is creepy but he is awesome! There is even a music named after him called K.K. Lucky!

It is so cute how he looks hurt, I just wanna be like a bodyguard and protect him all day!

25 Bunni

My first ever villager in the first game and I’ve had her every game since because she’s so adorable and cute. My #1 favourite

Bunni is so cute and fun to talk to! Sometimes I hope the other animals will move out so Bunni has a chance to move in!

Bunni is the cutest rabbit! She is always happy and is super adorable!

Bunni is cute

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