Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

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41 Butch
42 Felicity V 2 Comments
43 Carmen

Carmen is just adorable! I love her hair and eyes

Carmen, you were my best villager, my favourite villager right from when I started with you, Monty and Walker. Until I foolishly time-travelled. I still have that vacancy letter you sent me in my pockets. My village praises you, honestly. We treat you like royalty in MLGVille. It makes me so sad, when I see you in the Main Street.
I'll never forget you =:::c

44 Julian

Who doesn't want a unicorn in their town? - RaccoonCartoon

45 Cheri

The cute little pink red cub with pretty eyes/eyeliner.
She looks so sweet and summery. I like her a lot. - McKyitten

46 Puddles
47 Bud
48 Pudge

Pudge is adorable and his house is kiddish!

I love Pudge! - RaccoonCartoon

49 Tom Nook

How could you all forget the man who sold you your house, gave you a job, and sells you furniture, tools, flowers, and decor! Really!

He's in nearly every game

Tom Nook is a jerk lol

50 Jay

How come Jay wasn't put in the top 10?! Cutest thing EVER!

51 Puck
52 Sally
53 Blanca

You can give her the cutest face and she's so sweet!

My favorite Animal Crossing character! I love writing fanfics about them, they need to appear more often!

The day that Blanca tries to copy herself I will play again AC. - Loosername

Slender cat

54 Caroline

So pretty! Firey reddish orange with yellow stripes squirrel.

Caroline was my first best friend, but my time travelling totally backfired when I lost her! I really miss her, she was so friendly and cute... I really hope I get her back again

I love her. She's my bff! - Mariomaster63

Yep. Pretty AWESOME. I recently got her amiibo card.

55 Filbert

He's the cutest squirrel ever! Blue squirrel and super friendly!

Filbert is the best villager ever! Super cute and friendly!

Filbert is aDERPable. Easily the best lazy villager, much cuter than Stitches (how the heck is Stitches #1? )

Filbert IS pretty cute. I want to hug him. ^^

V 1 Comment
56 Portia

She's a Dalmatian with huge eyes!

Portia is also one of mine! She lives right next to Maple in my town! So cute!

V 1 Comment
57 Aurora

Aurora is number 50? Are you kidding me? She is easily one of the cutest animals I've ever had! Maybe even the cutest! She is so adorable, look her up and vote for Aurora to get higher on this list!

She's one of the villagers in my town and she's SO CUTE!

She is my favorite villager but I reset and lost her... hope you come back Aurora. Come live in my new town and we'll be best buddies once again.. Love you, my penguin baby!

She is in my heart still...I changed her for Tangy, but that was a cruel move for my part, she was my first villager in my Animal Crossing history, and if someday I decide playing again, I will be glad to try to get her, she was and is and will be my favourite female character on videogames forever. - Loosername

58 Chrissy

Chrissy is really cute, and usually pretty sweet, but she has been iritating for me at times.


59 Shep

He is my cute little doggy

60 Chevre

I love Chevre so much. Sadly, she moved away. I geuss it wasn't true love... - Dawscr

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