Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

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41 Aurora

Aurora is number 50? Are you kidding me? She is easily one of the cutest animals I've ever had! Maybe even the cutest! She is so adorable, look her up and vote for Aurora to get higher on this list!

She's one of the villagers in my town and she's SO CUTE!

She is my favorite villager but I reset and lost her... hope you come back Aurora. Come live in my new town and we'll be best buddies once again.. Love you, my penguin baby!

42 Walker V 1 Comment
43 Chevre

I love Chevre so much. Sadly, she moved away. I geuss it wasn't true love... - Dawscr

44 Margie V 1 Comment
45 Beardo

Ugh I hated beardo, I was so happy when he moved out. Also his pubes are on show, its creepy and disturbing as hell.

Beardo is the cutest bear ever!
His personality is wonderful too, and he is by far my favorite villager in my New Leaf town.

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46 Cherry

Sassy but you gotta love her for it!

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47 Mint

Such an adorable little squirrel, surprised she isn't on here yet!

48 Jeremiah
49 Jay

How come Jay wasn't put in the top 10?! Cutest thing EVER!

50 Puck
51 Mitzi

Emm hello her big eyes and blue and white fur! And her addiction to reading makes get my favourite villager

52 Midge
53 Pinky

She is a awesome character that is cute and is super nice.

54 Sally
55 Blanca

You can give her the cutest face and she's so sweet!

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56 K.K. Slider

His songs are amazing! I'm a fan of the songs K.K. Parade, and Mr. K.K.

He loves music, not money. Now that's someone with a big heart.

My second favorite animal crossing character

I like the way he speaks to me on New Leaf!

57 Caroline

So pretty! Firey reddish orange with yellow stripes squirrel.

Caroline was my first best friend, but my time travelling totally backfired when I lost her! I really miss her, she was so friendly and cute... I really hope I get her back again

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Main male set name

59 Goldie

She's so cute and amazing. She's so shy too, which makes her even more adorable than she already is. I love Goldie! ❤️❤️

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60 Peppy
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