Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

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101 Timmy and Tommy Nook

They are basically tiny Tom Nooks. So cute

I like the smaller one, I can't remember his name though.

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102 Rod

Should be number 1! He is so hot. his name should be hotrod! Laugh out loud (: I wish he was in my town...

103 Derwin

He moved away from my Wild World town he was my fave villager I miss him. :(

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104 Scoot

My friend has Scoot. SCOOT IS SO DARN ADORABLE!

I had him once, but, a return would be good too. - Loosername

105 Julia

I think she's only in GameCube but SHE'S SO CUTE LOOK AT HER EYES!

106 Labelle

She's more pretty than cute. Anyway her body just makes you wanna cuddle her forever.

I walk into Graciegrace and Labelle greets me and I'm like SHE'S ADORABLE!

107 Roald

Best penguin ever. He's so cute and I love his personality

ADORBS PENGUIN! He is so cute! His eyes are really big and round and cute. His icon picture is him smiling so you can't see the eyes. But... CUTEST PENGUIN EVER!

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108 Merry
109 Snake

Who doesn't love a ninja samurai punk bunny?

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110 Frobert V 2 Comments
111 Bill

A brown duck who can easily make you want to HUG HIM UNTIL HE SUFFOCATES!

112 Miranda
113 Freckles V 1 Comment
114 Pompom

I really want pompom so badly and I was wondering if you would like to sell to me. So just let me know how much I can get it for.

She is a good villager but she is mean in wild world


115 Katie

Aww SHE'S SO CUTE SHE'S A LITTLE KITTEN WITH CUTENESS EVERYWHERE! I was so sad that I couldn't bring her to my friends town because the connection was messed up. 😥

116 Ace
117 Teddy
118 Henry
119 Renee
120 Champ

I'm suprised this little dude isn't on here!

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