Top 10 Cutest Animal Crossing Characters

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101 Merry
102 Snake

Who doesn't love a ninja samurai punk bunny?

V 2 Comments
103 Frobert V 2 Comments
104 Bill

A brown duck who can easily make you want to HUG HIM UNTIL HE SUFFOCATES!

105 Miranda
106 Freckles V 1 Comment
107 Pompom

I really want pompom so badly and I was wondering if you would like to sell to me. So just let me know how much I can get it for.

She is a good villager but she is mean in wild world

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108 Katie

Aww SHE'S SO CUTE SHE'S A LITTLE KITTEN WITH CUTENESS EVERYWHERE! I was so sad that I couldn't bring her to my friends town because the connection was messed up. 😥

109 Ace
110 Teddy
111 Henry
112 Shep
113 Renee
114 Champ

I'm suprised this little dude isn't on here!

115 Hopper V 1 Comment
116 Maelle
117 Savannah
118 Static

One of the cutest villagers out there. I'm really surprised he's not higher, he's adorable!

His adorableness is electric! (Get it? )

119 Patty

Don't make her into a beef patty! (Do you get my joke? Her name is Patty, and she's a cow! ) This cow's cuteness shall keep her alive forever!

120 Poppy V 1 Comment
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