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The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.


Cats are so Cute! Cats are way more adorable than dogs. Only a handful of dogs even come close to being as cute as cats. Rabbits might come close but cats are number #1 cats will be very loyal to you when they get used to you. My problem with dogs is that the big ones are usually so energetic and knock over kids. Plus some bark all night keeping you up and they rip up everything Rabbits are not a quarter as energetic as dogs but all they do is sit there and twitch there heads. And poop. Cats are adorable from kitten to cat. I have a 15-year old cat and she is still so cute! No wonder cats are Internet sensations. I'm not saying dogs rabbits and other animals are not cute, all animals in the top 30 of this list are so cute. It's just cats top them all!
GO CATS! - huskie44

To the Rabbit person: cats do not rip your furniture and my cat doesn't even have a litter box! All you gotta do is put em outside and let them do their thing, they bury their poop too! Anyway cats are at the top of the list and gets the cute crown (as shown above) your right about the dog thing though

Cats aren't cute. They are lazy and can be really aggressive at times if you bother them. They do have claws even if you don't see them coming. Dogs are called man's best friend for a reason. Dogs are affectionate and loyal to you while cats do nothing. The only thing cats are good for is in Minecraft where they can defend you from creepers. Other than that they are totally not cute. If you want a cute pet get a hamster. (I do give cats one point for being potty trained)

My favorite animal for sure... and I'm a GUY! Also like Gerbils - why are they only #35? Have you ever seen a Gerbil? 9 trillion times cuter than a Hampster - they're even cuter than a Mouse, and Mice are cute! I guess you dummies have never owned Gerbils - I had never had one in my life, and then one day, there were Gerbils on sale in the pet store - so I bought one! Six months later, it died - it's been over a year since then, and the house still feels like something is missing. I might get another one someday, but for now, I have two cats that I love! Cats, though, really are the cutest!

The heck is up with you all? " CATS ARE A MILION TIMES CUTER THAN ANY DOG! SO MUCH CUTER! " NOW HONEY BOO BOO LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. Cats don't give a turd about you, they are self absorbed little guys, and yea, they're cute, but dogs are cuter. All a cat cares about is grooming itself and looking pretty. Now don't give me thumbs down because you think otherwise. It's true. Dogs are the one animal that loves you more than it loves itself. Yes, cats can be cute, accept those hairless freaks, but being cute is also about playing with you and caring for you. I'm just saying, that from what I can tell, cats don't do that.

I have a cat and a dog, and I think they are tied. Dogs are fabulous companions, but cats can take care of themselves and be there when you want their company. Every time I think of a pet store, I begin bawling. Someday I'll rescue all the poor animals, watch over them until they're healthy, and give them to loving homes.

Again, another list that encourages people to insult and list animal species. This list is like listing cutest races or cutest genders, it's just not right! You shouldn't say one animal species is worse/better than another, because none of that is true! Would animals make hurtful lists about humans? No! So why offend them like this? Animals were not created for our entertainment!

Cats are the best because they don't destroy everything with their teeth (looking at you doggie) they are silly (just search any funny cat video on YouTube) they are not scary (I personally am terrified of big full grown dogs) they are super cute (one example is the picture up there) and a ton more reasons that I'm too lazy to write about

Cats rule! I mean, how could ANYONE not love cats. They are so much fun because, for me, cats are so much adorable and they can sleep with you without squashing you. I love waking up to the sound of my cat running crazily around the house and meowing for us to feed him. Cats truly are humans best friend.

I love cats! Kittens are so adorable but even when they become adults/cats, they still maintain that cuteness. They may have that attitude of being the 'master' rather than the pet but I don't care. Cats are smart and fluffy.

Cats are much cuter when they are Kittens and like to play and have fun all day. They grow bigger and aren't as cute as they were when they were younger but are still very cute. They have a sweet nature to them and they can live till very old.

Honestly, I'm glad cats are on top because dogs usually are more "better" and its really annoying how people just like dogs. If you own a loving cat, you will agree that cats are adorable. My friends don't like cats because they "Scratch" My cat doesn't do that and just snuggles and plays.

I hate dogs. They are the worst creation cats would kick their hairy butts

Cats are the Cutest thing to ever live! Dogs really shouldn't be number 1. I don't hate them, but cats are actually cuter than dogs. I love both Cats and Dogs, but when it come to cuteness, CATS RULE!

Cats are definitely cuter. Dogs may be cute but cats have bigger eyes, smaller noses, and aren't so active they start to get annoying. Plus there are more famous cute cats than a few dogs.

Cats are so much better then dogs I hate dogs cats are easier to take care of the reasons dogs make bad pets are 1 you have to walk them 2 you have to walk outside in snow and rain to pick up their poop. 3 You have to get up in the middle of the night to let them out to go to the bathroom. 4 They bark a lot and wake you up. 5 They chew on furniture. 6 They have bad breath 7 they shed a lot. And the main reason I hate dogs is because there mean to cats. If one ever killed my cat I would get a gun and shoot it dogs are terrible. But cats are perfect they're nice and soft and cute you don't have to let them out to go to the bathroom they love to cuddle and purr and be so cute they love to explore my cat mimi is a calico cat and I just love it when she lays down on me in the morning and she is very nice and friendly and doesn't scratch anything. Cats are the best pets EVER. WHY ARE DOGS AT THE TOP?

Cats are some of the most adorable creatures ever to grace this planet. With their own unique ways and calming purrs, we can't help but love them, and they love us back - mine is like a little sister to me! They keep the rats at bay too. - Entranced98

I like cats alright and they make descent pets but I'm more of a bunny fan. And a mad dog came to my backyard were my bunny's outdoor cage was and almost ate her. Poor bunny.. And idisant cat. I've seen YouTube videos with kittens snuggled up with rabbits and that sure went well. I love bunnies and kitties!

I saw dog 1 in all these list com on people what about elephants or penguins or cats or anything. Cats are so cute I have 2 cats

I love kitties. I have 2 of them at home. Cami and flodge. They hate high school musical.

Cat are the cutest thing on the planet! Not babies. Who doesn't like them!? They can be as smart and as cute as dogs. Even cuter. I have two and my white on carries a stuffed teddy bear in his mouth like it is his baby. My black cat is a little angel.

I love cats they are so cute I love it when they sit in your lap - foxrocks

Cats are adorable! They are smart, agile, and lazy. I also believe that dogs, dolphins, and pandas are cute. They are all so adorable I didn't know which one to pick!

Cats are the cutest! They are so cute and they don't bark all night like a dog. They meow and purr and they are so cute! They deserve to be at the top of this list!