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1 Jack

Jack is a very very cute baby boy name because I got a 2nd cousin called Rowan Jack

Love this name always have

My crush is named Jack he's really cute

MY puppy is Jack but we call him Jackie. - Gingerbobo

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2 Bryan

I think the name Max should be number one

My step dad's name is Bryan

Why are their only white people names


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3 Buster

No offense to anyone named buster but when I hear this name I think of Buster Baxter, the rabbit on the pbs children's show Arthur.

This is a name you give to your golden retriever

I don't really like the name Buster. It sounds like a bulldog name

To me, this doesn't sound like a good name for a person.

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4 Eric

I like this name, it's named after my sisters' favorite princesses husband! (Ariel) This name is so cute!

That my crush name it so cute just like him

My names Eric; it's a sexy name. No denying it.

Eric is just CUTE! :D

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5 Kyle

This name sounds so good when spoken...just makes me think I should keep on saying it

I have someone called Kyle in my class I have a crush on him and Kyle is a cute name

So nice and popular

Kyle is a super sophisticated name! too cute!

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6 Matt

My older brothers name is mat

Matt is one of my favorite names and I know a lot of Matts as well

Matts amazing I'm going to call my kid that :D

That is my stepsister's boyfriend name! Like, that is so shocking
And down below there's a name which is Raven and that is a girl name not a boy name it's just kinda stupid that you guys put Raven up as a boy name!


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7 Adam

Adam is a really cool name.

That's my first name! - Adamshane1999

For some it sounds like an Italian name

I love the idea of the name Adam it’s a Vary cute name.

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8 Connor

I've always liked the name Conner. My baby nephew is named Dash. It's different but I love it. - mzphillips

I want to name my baby that

I think it is a cute name but I think that Jackson and Peter are cuter names

That’s my name, but it only has one n. - ConorDooley

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9 Chris

Chris is the cutest name for a boy!

Chris is better than Connor

Chris is by far the best!

Chris is the best

10 Raven

My name is Raven, and I am a boy.

Cool boys name. Lots of meaning. Don't know any peeps with this name. I think it is supes cool!

Laugh out loud Raven is a girl name.

Uhh...This is a girl's name.

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11 Austin


This is my boyfriends name and my neighbors babys name and it's the cutest name ever! if I didn't already have so many austins in my life id name my kid that!

This is my crush's name. <3 I LOVE IT!

12 Ethan

This is my little brother's name, and he's cute, so when ever I think of this name, I think of him. :-)

Ethan Hardy from Casualty - WinchesterGirl26


13 Charlie

Charlie Charlie will anyone vote for this

I know someone who's Nickname is Charlie. But it's a girl. Awkward..

Please put Pumbaa on this list!

I love the name Charlie :) ;) :3 - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

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14 Jamie

Jamie can also be a girl's name, cool!

Jamie is my dad's name and my middle name! It is so awesome!

My crushes name

My cousin who is a girl is called jaimee and my crush who is a boy is called Jaime. I really love this cool name

15 Clyde

This name is very cute

Ah... nope... can't do this one.

16 William

William is my name but I'm billy ( which is also a good name)

It's my name ad te best name

17 Vinny
18 Billy

Billy's such a weird name!

19 Cole

My crushes name is Cole!

So cute! :) :P

20 Charles

Charles is a weird name

My dad's name is Charles...

21 James

James makes a nice name for a boy

Nice middle name for Winston.

It's so cool, the cutest ever

The OddOnesOut

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22 George

George Harrison

I have a crush he is called George my friend has a crush on jack sos she voted for him but I think all George's are cute as,my grandpa and uncle are both called george



23 Jason

I like it because someone at my old school was could Jason he was hot.

He'll have a machete in his hand when he's born

Like in heroes of olympus

Jason is my cousins name

24 Jerry

That's the name of the most cutest animated character ever: Jerry Mouse!

Jerry mouse is so stupid I wanna kill him

25 Felix
26 Carter

I love the name carter

My name! WhO HOOO!

27 Max

Max has such a good vibe! I do not know why every boy is not name Max!

It's my cats name that's why I voted.

This name should be first

A boy named Max is in my class. I sort of have a crush on him. ish.

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28 Devin
29 Levi
30 Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo. He is most known for his appearances in the Yoshi and Mario franchises.

Yoshi is a cute name and cute character

Is there really someone named Yoshi? - Datguyisweird666

Who would name a kid yoshi?!

:P I thought this site was AMERICAN
Lol! This name is Japanese!

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31 Michael

Baby Michael, has a nice wring to it. Should be in the top 10

I love this name! It is my husbands name

32 Chase

Chase Cunningham from High School Story

I love this name

Reminds me of german shepards (paw patrol)


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33 Naveen

Like prince Naveen HAHA

34 Aidan

I'm in love with the name Aidan

35 Daniel

Has a beautiful sound.

It's the best name ever
He is skilled soccer player he plays like messi

36 Mason

Good for a first and a last name. Maybe even a middle name!

So cute yet so common! How could you NOT love it?

My crushes name LOVE IT

37 Noah

Noah's Ark.

38 Edward

Edward Cullen. enough said.

Edward Elric

39 John

My little brother's name, a family name, I adore it. If I ever have children, I'd want a girl called Zoe and a boy called John for sure!

John is kill - SirSkeletorThe3rd

40 Anthony
41 Jonah

That's my friend's name! 😊

42 Luke

My cousins name

43 Taylor

My cousin is called taylor he has blonde hair and blue eyes and he has a random thing for girls with blonde hair but he's only 6

Taylor Lautner (did I spell his name correctly? )

This tends to be a girl's name...

44 Marco

My name is Marco, believe me.. it's awesome.

Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Marco like Lucman. Ysmael. Hey you reading this?

45 Javion
46 Josh

I love this name

Josh Wheaton from God's Not Dead.

47 Leeland

Leeland is my brother's name and I think it's a very cute name!

48 Drew

I don't like the name drew

My brothers name is drew

49 Logan

Logan is a good strong name for boys! But at the same time it is cute!

It reminds me of a deaf boy who loves crackers... am I weird?

Logan from High School Story

Yeah, I think it's cool how there
Are so many names that sound
Like boy's name but they can also
Be a girl's name! Like Logan or
Jordan! They are so cute!

50 Brandon

I like the name Brandon. It is the name of Nicki's crush in dork diaries.

Such a cute name!

Love this name

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