Top 10 Cutest Baby Boy Names


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1 Jack

My crush is named Jack he's really cute

Britgirl, That is so adorable. I really like it!

Jack will always be my favorite name! I really like Jack Braiden, Jack Oliver, and Jack Connor

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2 Bryan

I think the name Max should be number one

My step dad's name is Bryan

Why are their only white people names


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3 Buster

No offense to anyone named buster but when I hear this name I think of Buster Baxter, the rabbit on the pbs children's show Arthur.

This is a name you give to your golden retriever

I don't really like the name Buster. It sounds like a bulldog name

Ummm, my cats name is Buster, sooo, its kinda weird.

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4 Eric

I like this name, it's named after my sisters' favorite princesses husband! (Ariel) This name is so cute!

That my crush name it so cute just like him

My names Eric; it's a sexy name. No denying it.

Eric is such a cute name!

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5 Kyle

This name sounds so good when spoken...just makes me think I should keep on saying it

I have someone called Kyle in my class I have a crush on him and Kyle is a cute name

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6 Matt

My older brothers name is mat

Matt is one of my favorite names and I know a lot of Matts as well

Matts amazing I'm going to call my kid that :D

That is my stepsister's boyfriend name! Like, that is so shocking
And down below there's a name which is Raven and that is a girl name not a boy name it's just kinda stupid that you guys put Raven up as a boy name!


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7 Adam

Adam is a really cool name.

That's my first name! - Adamshane1999

For some it sounds like an Italian name

I LOVE this name!

8 Connor

I've always liked the name Conner. My baby nephew is named Dash. It's different but I love it. - mzphillips

I think it is a cute name but I think that Jackson and Peter are cuter names

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9 Chris

Chris is the cutest name for a boy!

Chris is better than Connor

Chris is by far the best!

Chris is the best

10 Raven

My name is Raven, and I am a boy.

Cool boys name. Lots of meaning. Don't know any peeps with this name. I think it is supes cool!

Laugh out loud Raven is a girl name.

Uhh...This is a girl's name.

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11 Austin


This is my crush's name. <3 I LOVE IT!

12 Ethan

This is my little brother's name, and he's cute, so when ever I think of this name, I think of him. :-)

Ethan Hardy from Casualty - WinchesterGirl26


13 Charlie

Charlie Charlie will anyone vote for this

I know someone who's Nickname is Charlie. But it's a girl. Awkward..

Please put Pumbaa on this list!

I love the name Charlie :) ;) :3 - Princessrosefairyvampiergirl21

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14 Clyde

Ah... nope... can't do this one.

15 William

William is my name but I'm billy ( which is also a good name)

16 James

James makes a nice name for a boy

Nice middle name for Winston.

It's so cool, the cutest ever

The OddOnesOut

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17 George

George Harrison

I have a crush he is called George my friend has a crush on jack sos she voted for him but I think all George's are cute as,my grandpa and uncle are both called george



18 Charles

Charles is a weird name

19 Jason

I like it because someone at my old school was could Jason he was hot.

He'll have a machete in his hand when he's born

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20 Carter

I love the name carter

My name! WhO HOOO!

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