Top 10 Cutest Baby Boy Names

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1 Jack

Jack is a very very cute baby boy name because I got a 2nd cousin called Rowan Jack

Jack will always be my favorite name! I really like Jack Braiden, Jack Oliver, and Jack Connor

Britgirl, That is so adorable. I really like it!

My crush is named Jack he's really cute

2 Bryan

I think the name Max should be number one

3 Buster

My cat's name is Buster, so I usually think of it as a pet name, but I guess it could be a good name for a human too.

Love it on a human.

4 Eric

When I think of the name Eric, I think of a cute little boy who loves to play, talk, and has cute little kitty cat stuffed animals! Aww!

I like this name, it's named after my sisters' favorite princesses husband! (Ariel) This name is so cute!

That my crush name it so cute just like him

Eric is such a cute name!

5 Kyle

This name sounds so good when spoken...just makes me think I should keep on saying it

I have someone called Kyle in my class I have a crush on him and Kyle is a cute name

Kyle is a super sophisticated name! too cute!

So nice and popular

6 Matt

Matt is one of my favorite names and I know a lot of Matts as well

Matts amazing I'm going to call my kid that :D

this is adorable

Matty b

7 Adam

This is my dads name and he is the best boy ever

For some it sounds like an Italian name

Adam is a really cool name.

I think Adam is such a cute baby boy name that’s what I am going to name my baby boy

8 Connor

I've always liked the name Conner. My baby nephew is named Dash. It's different but I love it.

I think it is a cute name but I think that Jackson and Peter are cuter names

I want to name my baby that

Connor franta! Plus its cute

9 Chris

Chris is the cutest name for a boy!

Chris is better than Connor

Chris is by far the best!

10 Raven

Cool boys name. Lots of meaning. Don't know any peeps with this name. I think it is supes cool!

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11 Austin

This is my boyfriends name and my neighbors babys name and it's the cutest name ever! if I didn't already have so many austins in my life id name my kid that!

Because my boyfriends name

This is my crush's name. <3 I LOVE IT!

12 Ethan

This is my little brother's name, and he's cute, so when ever I think of this name, I think of him. :-)

Ethan Hardy from Casualty

13 Jamie

, my Ex's Name is Jamie, he is so sweet it's remarkable that we are still friends. I absolutely love it and me that this should be so much higher because he is an angel and I love him with all my heart. Even though I really want him to date me again ( lol ) I'm am still cool being his friends because he is the best.

My cousin who is a girl is called jaimee and my crush who is a boy is called Jaime. I really love this cool name

Jamie is my dad's name and my middle name! It is so awesome!

Jamie can also be a girl's name, cool!

14 Charlie

Love the name Charles Daniel! Charles means manly so does Almonzo I love love that name too!

I know someone who's Nickname is Charlie. But it's a girl. Awkward..

Charlie Charlie will anyone vote for this

That's my crush's name

15 Billy
16 Cole

My crushes name is Cole!

17 Vinny
18 Clyde

This name is very cute

19 William

William is my name but I'm billy ( which is also a good name)

It's my name ad te best name

20 Levi

I love this name its one of my favorites

21 Charles
22 James

James makes a nice name for a boy

Nice middle name for Winston.

It's so cool, the cutest ever

My brothers name is James!

23 Jason

I like it because someone at my old school was could Jason he was hot.

When I think of cute boy, a boy named Jason comes to mind

Like in heroes of olympus

24 George

I have a crush he is called George my friend has a crush on jack sos she voted for him but I think all George's are cute as,my grandpa and uncle are both called george

George Harrison

25 Max

Max has such a good vibe! I do not know why every boy is not name Max!

It's my cats name that's why I voted.

This name should be first

I really like this name

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