Cutest Bug Type Pokemon

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21 Swadloon

When I see it I just wanna hug it! It looks so cold in that picture.

22 Caterpie Caterpie

First Pokemon I caught those eyes

23 Ledyba

How did Ledyba not make it onto the list? HOW?
Ledyba is not only the cutest Bug type, but one of the most adorable Pokémon EVER!

24 Scyther Scyther

Um... hello? I mean, Scyther is cool, not cute. Ooh, and it's even stronger than Scizor. I don't know why, but actually Scyther should be number 1. I mean it's totally uncute, but it's just cool. I wish everybody that said something to Scyther is "Whoa Scyther is not cute but cool! "

Scyther is not only extremely awesome, but he is just over 4 feet of super-cuteness. Who could not love that adorable thing?!

It's really really cool and best designed bug pokemon, but not cute.

? I hate scyther

25 Karrablast

He evolves into Escavalier aka the best Pokemon in the world
Karrablast is so cool

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26 Kricketot

He is so adorable the eyes are so cute why isn't he 1,2,3,4, or 5! Come on really?!

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27 Vivillon Vivillon
28 Genesect Genesect

Genesect is not cute, it's bad-ass! Take him off the list, because he's too cool to be considered cute! - AlexTopTens

I know Genesect isn't cute but I LOVE him!

29 Cutiefly Cutiefly

It has cute in its name

30 Ribombee Ribombee
31 Ledian Ledian

Have you just seen those adorable eyes and cute little fists and little shoes so irresistible! She is by far the cutest bug type!

32 Spewpa
33 Shuckle
34 Anorith

Have you seen this thing's shiny eyes and adorable head tilting?

35 Butterfree Butterfree

Butterfree is the cutest bug Pokemon of all times

36 Venipede V 1 Comment
37 Kakuna V 1 Comment
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