Top 10 Cutest Characters In Undertale


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21 Onionsan

Yeah! Poor onionsan all her friends moved to aquariums

Onionsan just wants to be loved

22 Jerry

The worst! This should be the least cutest EVER!


23 Endogeny Endogeny

I personally find him cute, but I also find snakes and jumping spiders cute (as long as they don't touch me)

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24 Monster Kid Monster Kid

Why so low? He's so adorable!

Yes! He falls on his face all the time

25 Aaron
26 Nice Cream Guy

I wanna touch his ears but that woukd be weird...

27 Doggo
28 Grillby
29 Fuku Fire
30 Tsundere Plane

It is a tsundere plane. Tsunderplane is just such an adorable parody of tsunderes

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31 Moldsmal V 1 Comment
32 Snowdrake V 1 Comment
33 Everyman Everyman


Ya he's so cuuute he should be a butterfly farmer like "k butterflies here's yer lunch" then he shoots his heads everywhere "bon appetit" I know it kinda sounds gross but I think the lil guy is cute.

34 Reaper Bird Reaper Bird
35 Snowdrake's Mother Snowdrake's Mother
36 Snowdrake's Father
37 Memoryhead Memoryhead
38 Shyren
39 Lemon Bread Lemon Bread
40 Madjick
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