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1 Austin and Ally

They low key are relationship goals

Really cute couple!

I love auslly

AUSLLY forever I think hats all I need to say

2 Sonny and Chad

They are the cutest I really wish we could have seen more of them.

They are so adorable and they survived so many problems.

Favorite Disney couple - Irank

I've always shipped Sonny and Chad as a kid. They are my favourite Disney channel couple

3 Alex and Mason

They were boss

The cutest Disney channel couple of all time. Their chemistry was amazing. I hope there could be more seasons of Wizards of Waverly Place with them.

My favourite Disney couple

From the show Wizards of Waverly Place! - Tomboy101

4 Jack and Kim

One of Disney's most developed and stable couples. These two had a great dynamic as friends and an even better one as romantic partners.

It should be first. PERIOD.

These two probably had the most development among any of these couples.Without either of them being in the friendzone.

Their chemistry is so real.

5 Jessie and Tony

From the show Jessie! - Tomboy101

They are so cute

6 Cody and Bailey

From the (finished/discontinued) show Suite Life On Deck! - Tomboy101

Adorable...the way she laughs at his jokes and when he compliments her!

I love Cody and bailey...they are super cute together!

They should've been in first, I mean they are perfect for each other and at least they're story is better than thhe othe relationships, better break up, perfect of getting back together, and they're smart " both of them ".

7 Fletcher and Olive

From the show ANT Farm! - Tomboy101

They should date in real life

What that only happened in one episode

8 Teddy and Spencer

They're just perfect for each real life too!

From good luck charlie I love theses 2 together

So cute and real life couple now

9 Lucas and Maya

From Girl Meets World

They have to date! Cutest couple ever!

Lucas and Maya are perfect

Lucas is nothing more than Riley's first crush. When I see them, I can't imagine them actually going anywhere. Maya and Lucas could really become an awesome couple. But the writers keep toying with my emotions with these stupid Rucaya scenes!

10 Troy and Gabriella

They are the hottest couple and I wish they can get together in your life!

They were together in real life for 5 or 6 years.

From high school musical love them

They should have been number one


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11 Bree and Ethan

From the show Lab Rats! - Tomboy101

12 Miley and Jake

They both cheated on each other, Miley and Jesse is better - smill

Miley and Jake’s relationship is like big rollercoster ride. How they try to make each other in the first season, who it got really complicated in the seconde season...They have an on and off relationship.
The main thing was,Jake is the first guy Miley had feelings for,which makes them great


13 Joe and Stella

They seemed like they were already married they had the bond from start and would be cool if together in offscreen.

14 Rocky and Logan

They had chemistry! And were so cute

From the show Shake it Up! - Tomboy101

15 Gordo and Lizzie

This was my favorite live action couple on Disney

Deserves a way higher spot watching Lizzie McGuire right now and the chemistry is up the roof.

Why are these two number 11?! They deserve to be at least in the top 5! I would cry if a guy saved me a cookie! And a chocolate chip cookie would have me balling!

Lets be real. They're the original Disney Channel couple

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16 Trish and Dez

Dez and Trish are better off as friends in my opinion. But I thought Trish and Jace were a very underrated pair.

Nnooo never they don't even like each other never mind LOVE each other plus that would ruin the show completely whoever put this on here is very very wrong

From the show Austin and Ally! - Tomboy101

Lol. They could have been kinnda cute but they should rather stay as friends

17 Riley and Lucas

They are so cute and I Like it they be together forever

In my opinion, Riley and Lucas are the better couple in this show, other than Josh and Maya. Lucas very much cares for her and she cares a lot about him. Riley has been through so much and Maya didn't even like Lucas to be honest. Nothing against Maya, because she is my favourite character, but I'm just saying that Lucas and Riley are so cute together, they know so much about each other and they never gave up on each other. I think that they should be higher than Lucas and Maya for sure. That is just my opinion!

They are endgame

I hated these two

18 Nick and Macy
19 Ben and Mal

Cutest couple ever.

20 Phineas and Isabella

I love them

21 Star and Marco

This ship should be number 1. They r so adorable and cute together. Thy are perfect for each other. Best ship ever!

STARCO! Star and Marco should be NUMBER 1 on the list. They are so cute together and they have had so much development. They are now cannon!



22 Violetta and Leon

They should be at least in the top 10!

It should of been Tomas

That are the most wonderful coulple that I have ever seen.There singing is appsulutly amazing and lovely songs.

From "Violetta"
You can see the chemistry the love in their eyes when look at eachother.
Their connection is unbeliveable when they sing!

23 Teddy and Beau

Beau was so sweet. When Spencer came back, he kept pressuring Teddy to choose him but Beau just smiled and said he wanted her to be happy.

In my opinion, Beau was much better than Spencer.

I hate them together uggghhh disgusting

24 Maddie and Diggie

I hate these two as a couple and I hate Diggie all together

They are really cute

I think she should of took him back when he came back from tungubania

From liv and maddie

Aww yeah.

25 Emma and Xander

They were so cute, but underrated Xander helped Emma embrace life at camp and made her not want to leave! Honestly one of my favourite ships xx

Oh yeah!

26 China and Fletcher
27 Liv and Holden

I think liv and Holden should just go out

The producers toy with our emotions

He is better with love than Andie


28 Cory and Topanga

Yeah they're cute. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

Older couple from boy meets world but are adorbs

29 Jonah and Andi
30 Jasmine and Logan

Cel mai frumos cuplu

Jasmine and Logan from Disney's show I Didn't Do It are the cutest couple ever! They have so much chemistry and care so much about each other.

Adorable together

I love Jogan they are so adorable

31 Farkle and Riley

Farkle and Riley Day are endgame in ending of girl meet would season 3 ep 21 day silly together

Nuh uh

32 Mack and Brady
33 Lucas and Riley

Rilly and Lucas are a Mach better than mya
And Lucas.

34 Diggy and Maddie

Um how are they on space 23 and 24

35 Parker and Val
36 Cyrus and TJ

I totally think that they will end up together!


37 Rapunzel and Eugene
38 Kim and Ron
39 Candace and Jeremy

From the show Phineas and Ferb

40 CeCe and Gunther
41 Jessica and Christopher

They are so cute from star struck

So cute they say opposites attract

42 Maya and Farkle

Nun uh

43 Lela and Tanner
44 Dipper and Pacifica
45 Griff and Zuri


46 Joey and Willow
47 Tinka and Ty

I love them together...cuteness overloaded!

They are adorable...super cute together!

48 Taylor and Chad

From high school musical

Yaaas hsm for the win

49 Dina and Deuce
50 London and Zack

From Suite Life on Deck

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