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21 Maddie and Diggie

I hate these two as a couple and I hate Diggie all together

They are really cute

I think she should of took him back when he came back from tungubania

From liv and maddie

Aww yeah.

22 Teddy and Beau

Beau was so sweet. When Spencer came back, he kept pressuring Teddy to choose him but Beau just smiled and said he wanted her to be happy.

In my opinion, Beau was much better than Spencer.

I hate them together uggghhh disgusting

23 Cory and Topanga

Older couple from boy meets world but are adorbs

24 Violetta and Leon

That are the most wonderful coulple that I have ever seen.There singing is appsulutly amazing and lovely songs.

From "Violetta"
You can see the chemistry the love in their eyes when look at eachother.
Their connection is unbeliveable when they sing!

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25 Mack and Brady
26 Diggy and Maddie V 1 Comment
27 Candace and Jeremy

From the show Phineas and Ferb

28 Jasmine and Logan

Jasmine and Logan from Disney's show I Didn't Do It are the cutest couple ever! They have so much chemistry and care so much about each other.

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29 Liv and Holden

I think liv and Holden should just go out

The producers toy with our emotions

He is better with love than Andie


30 Maya and Farkle V 1 Comment
31 Lela and Tanner
32 Lucas and Riley

Rilly and Lucas are a Mach better than mya
And Lucas.

33 Star and Marco
34 Tinka and Ty

I love them together...cuteness overloaded!

They are adorable...super cute together!

35 Taylor and Chad

From high school musical

Yaaas hsm for the win

36 Dina and Deuce
37 CeCe and Gunther
38 London and Zack

From Suite Life on Deck

39 Jessica and Christopher

They are so cute from star struck

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40 Farkle and Riley V 1 Comment
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