Top Ten Cutest Female Total Drama Characters

The Top Ten

1 Kitty

Pictures don't (bleep) work - Gehenna

2 Ella
3 Beth
4 Dawn
5 Lindsay
6 Courtney
7 Heather
8 Gwen

Why is she here I'm a gwen hater she is not hot she deserves more stuffs like embarrassing momments. I wish there is a episode of her wanting to go pee but the challenge started and she can't use the bathroom so she peed her pants and then somebody take a photo of her show it to the whole world that she peed her pants so she can get embarrassed and make another one that she peed her pants in front of trent ( her crush)

9 Emma
10 Anne Maria

The Contenders

11 Carrie
12 Izzy
13 Bridgette
14 Dakota
15 Zoey
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