Cutest Fire Emblem Awakening Girls

These girls are cute not hot! That list will be later.

The Top Ten

1 Lucina Lucina

Such a sweet heart. The supports with MU are amazing and she is so adorable in hot spring scramble. - MrBlazeBlue

Whenever people ask me who my favorite fire emblem character is, I'd say that there really is no contest. She got a lovely voice in smash,good fs. In fire emblem heroes, I REALLY don't wanna hurt her unless I have to. She is really powerful. I have a lucina amiibo. Also, she is very hot. No denying that! Look at dem eyes

Lucinda is pretty..if she was in FE fates she would have beaten Camilla in beauty...and mostly all the boys would fell in love with her...

Why can't I have my waifu for laifu (life)?

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2 Olivia

Just daww! She is so cute when she gets flustered or embarrassed! Love her support conversations! - MrBlazeBlue

3 Nowi

Her childish nature is so adorable and you just can't say no when she cries. - MrBlazeBlue

4 Noire

Her supports are beautiful and it makes the player feel bad for her and she is so nice! - MrBlazeBlue

5 Emmeryn

When you meet her you feel bad then when you build supports with her she grows on you. - MrBlazeBlue

6 Sumia

Her clumsiness makes her so lovable and cute especially in her Chrom supports. - MrBlazeBlue

7 Nah

She suffers a lot and it really makes you want to marry her once you start supports (she is probably a good Waifu but I don't know). - MrBlazeBlue

8 Severa

When she gets flustered she is cute but in a mean way she can be adorable but it is rare - MrBlazeBlue

9 Cordelia Cordelia

Best girl no doubt, also gives birth to best daughter.

Best girl, she is literally perfect, no doubt.

Best girl in the game

10 Cynthia

Same as Sumia however she is not as cute because she kinda shows off a bit until MU support but still cute. - MrBlazeBlue

The Contenders

11 Lissa

Hilarious ness carries her pretty far but her points are when she cries. - MrBlazeBlue

12 Tharja

Together we ride dat bootybooty

13 Morgan
14 Anna

Fite me

15 Tiki

Look at those boobs of hers there big and her support conversations are awesome

16 Chrom


17 Lyndis
18 Dodoria


19 Selkie
20 Libra
21 Sully Sully
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