Cutest Fire Emblem Awakening Girls

These girls are cute not hot! That list will be later.

The Top Ten

1 Olivia

Just daww! She is so cute when she gets flustered or embarrassed! Love her support conversations! - MrBlazeBlue

2 Lucina Lucina

Such a sweet heart. The supports with MU are amazing and she is so adorable in hot spring scramble. - MrBlazeBlue

3 Nowi

Her childish nature is so adorable and you just can't say no when she cries. - MrBlazeBlue

4 Noire

Her supports are beautiful and it makes the player feel bad for her and she is so nice! - MrBlazeBlue

5 Emmeryn

When you meet her you feel bad then when you build supports with her she grows on you. - MrBlazeBlue

6 Sumia

Her clumsiness makes her so lovable and cute especially in her Chrom supports. - MrBlazeBlue

7 Nah

She suffers a lot and it really makes you want to marry her once you start supports (she is probably a good Waifu but I don't know). - MrBlazeBlue

8 Severa

When she gets flustered she is cute but in a mean way she can be adorable but it is rare - MrBlazeBlue

9 Cynthia

Same as Sumia however she is not as cute because she kinda shows off a bit until MU support but still cute. - MrBlazeBlue

10 Lissa

Hilarious ness carries her pretty far but her points are when she cries. - MrBlazeBlue

The Contenders

11 Morgan
12 Cordelia Cordelia

Best girl no doubt, also gives birth to best daughter.

13 Anna
14 Tiki
15 Chrom V 1 Comment
16 Dodoria V 1 Comment
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