Cutest Fortnite Skins


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1 Cuddle Team Leader Cuddle Team Leader

Lol - Unnamed Google User Remade

That is satanic! no wonder the fortnite community is high on weed! pink bear is demonic and FORTNITE SUCKS.

So cute

Teddy bear - MrZebra24

2 Default Skin Default Skin

When your playing and you see a real default skin walking you can only say : THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I EVER SEEN

Ah man I've seen some real default skins and man... I'm like : THIS IS SO CUTE! Also me : 😈 Time to die lil default tehehehe. Default be like : NOT TODAY SUCKER "pulls out a golden rpg and kills us both"

3 Brite Bomber Brite Bomber

Cute and sexy

Cutest skin ever

Cutest skin in the game

4 Zoey Zoey


Perfect list, 20/10 - B1ueNew

YEET, she's cute

Ugly skin, but I respect your opinion. - MrCoolC

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5 Sun Strider Sun Strider


Good - TriggerTrashKid


6 Sparkle Specialist Sparkle Specialist

My favorite skin I have in F.N. - LootLlama

7 Nog Ops Nog Ops
8 Renegade Raider Renegade Raider

The best

9 Drift Drift

Drift is hot change my mind

Its even cuter if you are a drift, get on a chiller, and move a tiny bit and you will move by yourself and all you have to do is spin around slowly. Also I don't understand why this is not number 1.

Numby 1 wight there

10 Elite Agent


The Contenders

11 Peely

If u don't vote this your gay


Cutest skin

Peely’s eyes are so cute!

12 Rust Lord Rust Lord

Cool skin and my cousin has it and in my opinion its one of the best every one knows dire and the season 6 block buster skins are the best

13 Raptor Raptor

One of the best skins but not really cute. - DarkBoi-X

One of the best skins - B1ueNew

14 Onesie

The best skin ever and I wish I could have here

The best

15 Calamity
16 flytrap flytrap

Ah yes so cute and not terrifying - B1ueNew

17 P.A.N.D.a Team Leader P.A.N.D.a Team Leader
18 Red Nose Raider
19 Snorkel Ops
20 Giddy Up

That llama is suffering

21 Poised Playmaker
22 Rogue Agent

If it walks like a noob it’s so cute it makes you go

23 Teknique

She's hot.

24 Lynx Lynx
25 Rox
26 Catalyst
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1. Zoey
2. Cuddle Team Leader
3. Sun Strider
1. Default Skin
2. Cuddle Team Leader
3. Brite Bomber


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