Cutest Fortnite Skins

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1 Cuddle Team Leader

That is beyond creepy and it looks like it came out of a dumpster fire with a live action CGI hybrid Loot Llama from the upcomimg Fortnite movie if they make one.

Lol - Unnamed Google User Remade

That is satanic! no wonder the fortnite community is high on weed! pink bear is demonic and FORTNITE SUCKS.

So cute

2 Default Skin

When your playing and you see a real default skin walking you can only say : THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I EVER SEEN

Ah man I've seen some real default skins and man... I'm like : THIS IS SO CUTE! Also me : 😈 Time to die lil default tehehehe. Default be like : NOT TODAY SUCKER "pulls out a golden rpg and kills us both"

3 Brite Bomber

Cute and sexy

Cutest skin ever

Cutest skin in the game

4 Zoey


Perfect list, 20/10 - B1ueNew

YEET, she's cute

Ugly skin, but I respect your opinion. - MrCoolC

5 Sun Strider

Good - TriggerTrashKid


6 Sparkle Specialist

My favorite skin I have in F.N. - LootLlama

7 Nog Ops
8 Renegade Raider

The best

9 Drift

Drift is hot change my mind

Its even cuter if you are a drift, get on a chiller, and move a tiny bit and you will move by yourself and all you have to do is spin around slowly. Also I don't understand why this is not number 1.

Numby 1 wight there

10 Elite Agent

The Contenders

11 Peely

If u don't vote this your gay


Cutest skin

Peely’s eyes are so cute!

12 Raptor

One of the best skins but not really cute. - DarkBoi-X

One of the best skins - B1ueNew

13 Rust Lord

Cool skin and my cousin has it and in my opinion its one of the best every one knows dire and the season 6 block buster skins are the best

14 Onesie

The best skin ever and I wish I could have here

The best

15 Calamity
16 P.A.N.D.a Team Leader

Talk about satanic.

17 flytrap

Ah yes so cute and not terrifying - B1ueNew

18 Red Nose Raider
19 Snorkel Ops
20 Giddy Up

That llama is suffering

21 Poised Playmaker
22 Rogue Agent

If it walks like a noob it’s so cute it makes you go

23 Teknique

She's hot.

24 Lynx
25 Rox
26 Catalyst
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