Top 10 Cutest Gen 7 Pokemon

Cuties of Alola!

NOTE: This does in fact include Alolan Forms since they can technically be considered new Pokemon.

The Top Ten

1 Marshadow Marshadow Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

This may sound like personal bias, but Marshadow is one of the cutest Pokemon I've ever laid my eyes on. A lot of people find it to be one of the cutest. The cutest of gen 7 even, so that's why it's #1 on this list by default. - Rue

I think the official art gives Marshadow a more clear look of why it's cute. - Rue

My favorite pokemon

2 Rowlet Rowlet

This is because of Ash's Rowlet. Look at the precious little owl and tell me that it isn't one of the cutest things to ever appear in the anime, I dare you. - Rue

The cutest! - eventer51314

ROWLET IS SO CUTE! Its round black eyes, little round beak, and tiny round body makes it sooo cute. marshadow isn't really a pokemon, nor is it cute.

3 Alolan Vulpix Alolan Vulpix

I didn't think a Pokemon in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime would be cuter than Ash's Rowlet, but it happened. - Rue

Ah, just look at the little dickens! It kind of reminds me of that adorable Fou creature from Fate/Grand Order. Anyways, I think Alolan Vulpix is way cuter than the original Vulpix. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 Litten Litten

He's a cat. I like cats.

5 Cosmog Cosmog Cosmog is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. The most iconic appearance of Cosmog in the Pokémon franchise is the one owned by Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon, nicknamed Nebby.

Only one problem: It's kept in a bag for most of the game. :( - Zach808

6 Brionne Brionne
7 Ribombee Ribombee

cute - MM4031

8 Tapu Lele Tapu Lele
9 Mareanie
10 Rockruff Rockruff

It's a dog...OF COURSE ITS CUTE!

The Contenders

11 Mimikyu Mimikyu

It is the most adorable and powerful of any Pokemon ever it accidentally one shot lunala

12 Steenee Steenee
13 Togedemaru Togedemaru
14 Popplio Popplio
15 Alolan Raichu Alolan Raichu
16 Magearna Magearna
17 Cutiefly Cutiefly
18 Bounsweet Bounsweet
19 Minior Minior V 1 Comment
20 Silvally Silvally

Imagining scenarios between Gladion and Silvally makes Silvally adorable in my opinion. I mean seriously, look at the fan art. - Rue

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