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1 Litwick Litwick

Hands down, Litwick takes the cake and proudly rests atop it. See? Just picture that Litwick first birthday cake! It's so adorable that it easily achieves cuteness overload level.

I really want a Litwick in my party. I mean, look at its adorable yellow eye and it's beautiful purple-blue flame! The colors are just so cute. I want a candle just like this on my younger brother's birthday cake.

Although I've seen the episode in litwick mansion, that didn't change anything for me- Litwick is so cute and is the most adorable ghost Pokemon ever

Cute, very cute design..
but, its Pokedex entries are creepy.
I mean seriously,
"Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns."?
LIKE what!
But, still a cutie! ~

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2 Phantump

Phantump is my favourite ghost type Pokemon! He is THE CUTEST LITTLE THING EVER! I love him! Please try be number 1 - Lucaria

Phantump the most cutest ghost pokemon. Litwick is cute but phantump is adorable! It's so cute and little I mean...

Oh jeez I love phantump always have forever will! You should be number 1! He is my favourite ghost type Pokemon! - Lucaria

Cutest pokemon ever, I have no other words.

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3 Mimikyu Mimikyu

Did you know mimikyu where's a costume to get the attention. That's why he looks like pikachu. Watch the YouTube video " Mimikyu unmasked". when he is unmasked he looks even mare adorable. Also I love to draw him

So interesting it has to be on the list. Glad its in the top ten but it deserves number 1 none of these other dudes are that cute - Killerdrummer

It's Sad he Doesn't get love in the games. It's cute and I love ghost types And this Has to be the Cutest and the Best Ghost type.

Mimikyu is not cute. he is ugly

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4 Shuppet Shuppet

Oh gosh yes! I love Shuppet. Always have.

Cute at all stages

I'm basically like a shuppet.

Makes me say ‘awww’

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5 Rotom Rotom

It's a ghost type too :T

Rotom can change into any appliance. Imagine him as a dishwasher

Just look at that smile


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6 Pumpkaboo

I have no words so cute

Pumpkaboo is adorable! It has so many cute features, puffy orange pants, sphereacle(can't spell) design, little fangs, (if you look close) just to name a few!

Pumpkaboo is so darn cute ^_^ I just want to hug one!

7 Marshadow Marshadow Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Marshadow needs to be higher. Not saying that because it's my favorite Pokemon. It's very cute. - Rue

This is my All-Time favorite lil' OP cutie ever. Needs to be the first to be honest.

How it's Marshadow not first?! Just look ay this fluffy beautiful things.

It's a ghost... of Wii boxing... (which is awesome)

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8 Drifloon

I have one in my party. It's just so good! - Ohno

Really love Drifloon.

This little balloon Pokemon is the only Pokemon that is a dang balloon people. Although the x on its mouth is debateable.

Cute looks like a baloon

9 Gastly Gastly

A ball of gas is cuter than a table. Basic knowledge.

Oh Gastly! Why is it not first?!

! Ghastly is SO cute!

Gastly is not cute,he is strong

10 Phantump

There's already Phantump on here. It appears twice! - gakupo4eva

Phantump is so cute, it's here twice. - Ohno

A horde of Phantump appear, for loads of Pokéballs and " ITS SI CUTE I NEED"

Haha Adorable Pokemon! multiplied and puts in the list twice 😂

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11 Golett Golett

The big eyes with no mouth is all I need for a cute Pokemon. Would recommend this cute one at the start of your pokemon journey

No one is that cute except Golett

Wow, this thing is liek mega mega cute. It looks like a rock with eyes >_< SO CUUUTE

12 Froslass Froslass

Froslass is not cute, its BEAUTIFUL

Froslass is not cute, its BEAUTIFUL.

It's no cute, it's fabolous

Froslass is ugly (but its body... a whole different story...) - PokemonGOSucks

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13 Gengar Gengar Gengar, known in Japan as Gengar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

You mean Gengar's good side (I forgot the name), right?

Just look at his huge smile :D

14 Misdreavus Misdreavus

How is this NOT in the top 5? My absolute favorite ghost pokemon

Its cry makes me want to hug it - Ohno

Why is misdreavus so low?!?


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15 Gourgeist Gourgeist


16 Frillish
17 Sableye Sableye

It look cool and cute and that is so special about this guy because cool and cute are almost opposites

He looks like an imp. He has the same charm that Stitch from "lilo and stitch" has.

18 Haunter Haunter Haunter, known in Japan as Ghost, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I think haunter is very powerful it is also my favorite pokemon

Hey! Why's Haunter all the way down here?!? He's clearly the cutest of the Gastly family, especially how they represent him in the anime. Just a playful purple soul who wants to lick people :P love ya Haunter :3 - SquirtleFan3

19 Oricorio Oricorio

It's not cute, It's beautiful, so are the colors of this spell-binding creature.

It looks so elegant de

I wish this was a bird in real life. The blues, purples, and lavenders make it gorgeous😁😀

20 Mismagius Mismagius

Mismagius isn't only cute, but it is also strong, majestic, and my favorite Pokemon. - Ohno


21 Banette Banette

Sure he's scary, but he's a cutie pie too!

Not cute, badass. - Ohno

ADORABLE! My fave pokemon, should be 1

Very cute~
Banette is cute, cool, and a good ghost type~
I also love their Pokédex entry (Ultra Moon entry)
"Resentment at being cast off made it spring into being. Some say that treating it well will satisfy it, and it will once more become a stuffed toy" - Aja

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22 Lampent
23 Yamask Yamask
24 Sandygast

Quite an adorable pokemon. love his evolution even more though. except this one's cuter

25 Palossand Palossand

Hands down, this is so cute, I know that it doesn't have a voice impression 'cause I play Pokemon Sun and my little brother Elijah plays Pokemon moon! 🐑

26 Shedinja Shedinja
27 Giratina Giratina Giratina is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Giratina first appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, but gained prominence in the sister game, Pokémon Platinum, which it was made the mascot of.

First of all, her name is the cutest of all pokemon!

28 Trevenant Trevenant
29 Nihilego Nihilego is a dual-type Rock/Poison Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. It is one of the Ultra Beasts and is known by code name UB-01 Symbiont.

The cutest Ultra Beast!

30 Duskull

So Cute

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