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1 Shaymin Shaymin

Shaymin is so its 100% pure cuteness perfect it is 1st because its cute did I say she's cut and cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!?!

When playing Pokepark, if you dash into Shaymin, she makes this adorable little "Min! " noise. I love her for that. :-3

I just love Shaymin it's so cute and seed flare is powerful!

He cute

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2 Deerling Deerling

I love Chikorita, but Deerling is the cutest plant type I've ever seen

I think deerling is much cuter than bulbasaur

Cuter than your favorite

I think Deerling is cute too. But one thing...there is no such thing as a plant type Pokémon.

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3 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

My favourite grass type Pokemon is bulbasaur and snivy I am also talking about their evolutions bulbasaur is so cute Pokemon

I also love shaymin. But Bulbasaur is adorable!

Bulbasaur for the win! He's the cutest little badass ever!

That's Erica's favorite pokemon at

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4 Leafeon Leafeon

Leafeon is smart and is very elegant, it was close between shaymin and leafeon... But all in all leafeon is the BEST! - maxcormier1

Leafeon is so cute one of my favorite Pokemon ever fall behind Absol though

Leafeon is cute and rare which makes he/she even cuter

SOOooo totally adorably cute!

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5 Bayleef Bayleef

What a real cutie Bayleef is.

I love bayleef but chikorita is not there

She is the best

Bayleef is such a cutie. The way it says 'Bay', I feel like saying,"Awww! What a cutie? ". So adorable I mean.

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6 Celebi Celebi

Celebi has got to be the most AWESOME Pokemon in Gen 2. Also to me it's the cutest legendary.

I really love this Pokemon, traded my empoleon for one... BUT IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT

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8 Snivy Snivy

If I hadn't known about Snivy, I would've voted for Shaymin, something about snivy just makes it look so cute :3 and its strong as well as its evolutions (I think even its evolutions are cute... )

Snivy is my favorite Pokemon he should be number 1

Snivy is both smart and cute

It is so hard to catch

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9 Bellossom Bellossom

Bellossom why you on this list...

Oh, Bellossom. When will people recognize you?

10 Chikorita Chikorita

How can you say that she is in 11th rank. she must be at first rank. she is cutest Pokemon ever I have seen. she is cute little pup

How can you not say that this thing is cute? Just look at it - it's like a little puppy!

Favorite poke I don't understand why Bayleef is 5 though I think chikorita bayleef and meganium should be in top 3

Chikorita is by far the cutest of the Johto starters ^_^ Plus it's cute throughout all of its evolutions! While some don't like Chikorita for its weaknesses to Johto's gyms, It can whip through Kanto's gyms like nobody's business.

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11 Skiddo

He is the very best like no Pokemon ever was. I had one named DERPY! And then it evolved and I still love them. I fell in love with Skiddo right when I saw one for the first time.

Skiddo is so cute and strong I destroyed the champion with one!

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12 Lilligant

Even though Petilil is on here, Lilligant is amazing. It's so darn adorable, and it dances, and it's cute, and it's a wrecker! With Own Tempo, Quiver Dance, and Petal Dance, it simply takes out everything! I've swept many teams of fire, flying, and fire/flying with my Lilligant!

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13 Treecko Treecko


It is creepy.

At least its final evolution is the fastest out of the hoenn starters :T


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14 Chespin Chespin

When I had to choose, it was Froakie, he is adorable, but Chespin... that SMILE though!



How is he not higher on this list?!
First of all, he's a cute chipmunk that has those huge teeth and the hat thingy. Second, he evolves into Chesnaught, a big and adorable dude who has epic attack and defense stats. Sure, he has a creepy and weird second evolution, but he is still a reasonably cute dude.

15 Oddish Oddish

Oddish is one of those "i need to give it a hug squeeze" pokemon - taishisohma

Love the battle cry in the anime. Oddish sounds so posh =3

He is the cutest and a adorable baby

Come on peeps! Oddish is the best!

16 Whimsicott

I think it's a tuff choice between sawsbuck and whimsicott

I mean, this cute little grass sheep, I can't stand thish!

17 Jumpluff Jumpluff


18 Roselia Roselia

Roselia is Jemela Bacchus's 5th favorite Pokemon. Roselia is
Cute, sweeter, and adorable too. Like all the rest of my toys and
Sasha Amelia Bacchus's stuffed unicorn Darla too.

19 Petilil

Doesn't Petilil look like a like a tiny adorable bulb of cuteness. Petilil even has "lil' in its name. (aw) what a cute feature.

Petilil has always been an adorable little bulb and has always been one of the cutest Pokemon EVER!

20 Feebas Feebas

How is number 14? Not grass type!

I know feebas Is not a Grass Pokemon but I Knowneveryone Love it! TROOOLOOOLOLO

Not a grass type! 👎

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