Top Ten Cutest Hanna-Barbera Characters


The Top Ten

1 Scrappy-Doo

He's Cute
But Highly Iratating

2 Smurfette Smurfette
3 Secret Squirrel
4 Pebbles Flintstone
5 Top Cat Top Cat Top Cat is an cartoon character created in the early 1960s by the staff of Hanna-Barbera Productions. He is a yellow alley cat who is the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats living in Hoagy's Alley. The gang constantly attempts to earn a quick buck, usually through illegal scams. Top Cat's nemesis more.

He's cool AND cute!

He is famous, great, cute and cool.
top cat loves me
top cat is big

6 Yankee Doodle Pigeon
7 Dino
8 The Great Gazoo
9 Butch Cassidy (Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids)

Don't confuse him with the outlaw. He is sweet and kind! Butch is very polite and asks people decide who they want to split up with! He is one of Hanna-Barbera's meddling kid show leaders along with Fred, Mark, Biff, and a few more. Butch, Fred, Mark, and Biff are the best leaders!

10 Choo-Choo

The Newcomers

? Cindy Bear

The Contenders

11 Boo-Boo Bear
12 Azarel
13 Mark (Speed Buggy)

He's one of the cutest H-B meddling kid show leaders! I mean seriously look at him! Mark is so precious!

14 Snagglepuss
15 Goober (Goober And The Ghost Chasers)
16 Dotty (Clue Club)

She needs more respect. :(

17 Scooby Doo Scooby Doo Scooby Doo is a famous fictional dog character from the show Scooby-Doo Where Are You? He is the protagonist of his series .

He is adorable! I also like his family except for Scooby Dum.

18 Allstar Seaworthy (Snorks)

He's too precious and adorable! Just looking at him makes me smile!

19 Huckleberry Hound
20 Mr. Jinks
21 Wally Gator
22 Yogi Bear Yogi Bear Yogi Bear is a cartoon character who has appeared in numerous comic books, animated television shows and films.
23 Magilla Gorilla
24 Peter Potamus
25 Speed Buggy

Cutest Dune Buggy Ever!

26 Casey Kelp (Snorks)
27 Elvis (Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids)
28 Ted (Goober And The Ghost Chasers)

Precious boy!

29 Scooby Dee


30 Ernie Devlin (Devlin)


31 Johan [The Smurfs]

Johan is so lovable!

32 Peewit [The Smurfs]

Peewit is cute too.

33 Brainy Smurf
34 Clumsy Smurf
35 Jokey Smurf

My favorite smurf!

36 Baby Smurf

He's so cute!

37 Zan [Super Friends]
38 Augie Doggie
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