Top Ten Cutest Happy Tree Friends Characters

The Top Ten

1 Flaky

Flaky is the cutest thing that anyone will ever lay eyes on.

No objections here. She deserves to be number one. She is just too adorable, and pretty much one of the only characters whose death I suffer. I know, it's HTF, but I just wish her survival rate was a little bit higher than it is right now.

Flaky is not pretty but she's a girl so I understand

Cute - DWisawesomethe3rd

2 Flippy

He is not cute, he is terrifying and really evil, he should not be a character

I always loved flippy. He's not evil, he's just taking war too seriously! & he along with giggles, cuddles, splendid, petunia, flaky, Russell, toothy, & handy will join forces heroes from 9 worlds. Don't believe me? Then try to look up flippy meets Charlie Brown!

Why some people thinks Flippy is cute. He is cool, but absolutely not cute.

This user loves a good flippy

3 Cuddles

He's so cute with Flaky, he might like her

He's always happy and wants to hangout with Flaky and motivate her.. that's really cute

His voice is adorable!

He reminds me of Spongebob x3 he's always happy

4 Nutty

Nutty: "I like it! "


Not very cute,but really funny.


5 Lifty

Lifty is like a squishy lil cat!

He is not cute but he is still one of my favorite character

He is so kawaii!

He is NOT cute at all.He is one of my least favorite characters.

6 Toothy

How the hell is he not higher. he is adorable - ihatetrump

7 Giggles


She is copying Cuddles with her voice and act.

She is stupid

8 Shifty

Shifty looks like a cat.

Okay. I’ll have to admit... He is cute! ^^

9 Cub

I love Cub. He's the best character of HTF

No he's ugly and annoys me

So are you

the cutest

10 Sniffles

I like his voice though
even he's looks like me in real life

Sniffles Is Adorable, Those Ants Seriously Need To Die - JPK

I really like him so much X3

Sniffles is just the cutest...

The Contenders

11 Russell

He is cutie pie pirate, I love he every much. I love he voice, like say"Yar" and "Ha! ". Russell is best Happy Tree Friends character! In "Get Whale Soon", he have cute eyes!

Russell is a smol light blue otter that's a pirate, and it's adorable. - IceFoxPlayz

How Cute!

12 Mime

Fippy and Flaky are always on #1. It gets a little bit annoying.

13 Petunia

She's so adorable with her round ears, bushy tail, mitten hands and buckteeth.

Most Cute!

14 The Mole
15 Handy
16 Mouse Ka-Boom


Mouse Ka-Boom: I'm kawaii?

17 Ants
18 Tiger General
19 Mr. Pickles
20 Truffles
21 Lumpy's Pet Elephant

This one is aorable too - ihatetrump

22 Toothy's Turtle
23 Lumpy

He's so cute when he is just looking normal

Nope 100% nope

24 Tiger Soldiers

I mean look at them! Who couldn't say no to a face like theirs?!

25 Fliqpy
26 Lammy
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