Top Ten Cutest Minecraft Mobs

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1 Dog

By far my favourite animal and mob hands down, nearly as cute in minecraft as they are in real life!

They are so cute! Espicially when they shake after they get out of water#

Fluffy companions that will help you with anything, and the dog's neck turn is cute!

Dog is nice animal

2 Rabbit

Small, cute and fluffy passive mobs that hop the cutest way! Even if you can't tame them. and they are very new to Minecraft.

When I go in minecraft I have a pet Rabbit and every time I join that sever all I can see is this cute rabbit face looking into me I hope they add bunnys it will be cuter!

I wish you could take them but when I was new to minecraft I used to put rabbits on fishing hooks and it would act like a leash being that they weren't added yet

Lol! I kill them every time I see them! ""Cute Aggression"

3 Cat

Cats are the best! Especially the ones in the new update! The dogs are way worse!

Feline mobs that never scare anyone but creepers, hard to tame but worth it! And they are cute as!

Noo! I love creepers!

JuSt take them they are gelatin cute

4 Pig

Their noses are so big! And when you hold up carrots they have the most adorable twinkle in their eye.

They just look so cute! I have one as a pet in Minecraft!

Everyone when near pigs hold carrots!

Pink Animals that Oink the cutest way!

5 Sheep

Baby sheep are honestly the cutest animals EVER! I love their cute tiny "baa" and they are just so amazingly cute I can't even explain

There face kind of makes me want to scream and not kill them I don't even want to use shears on them!

They're so gosh darn cute with their fluffy, silky bodies, and their hooves, and the big pink nose! Plus, it has a shiny form! (Pink sheep)

Helpful woolly animals that baa!

6 Bat

Small cute flying mobs that are not scary once you meet them!

#pet bats mod, they are awesome

Love bats

They squeak:3

7 Silverfish

They wiggle, they hide in blocks, and they are small, and they have giant eyes, AND THERE CUTE!

Pesky creatures but cutely harmless if there is not a swarm.

I love these little guys looks like they are dancing

Just check their EYES!

8 Creeper

They are so cuddly in creative mode!

Hey! Michael the creeper helped me find my stuff when I died!

Hug them and you die never make that mistake again

He adorable creeper doesn't kill they want a hug

9 Baby Slime

just look at its face and tell me it's not cute. Also, only hostile mob that deals no damage, so they are perfect pets!

Their good but tiny slimes are annoying when they keep jumping and pushing you around

It's true that they are cute but watch out for tiny magma cubes!

At least they are not hostile! And the fact that they have faces are so cute!

10 Enderman

THEY ARE ADORABLE! The sounds they make, their faces, they are my favorite mob!

Just look at their faces. When they aren't trying to kill you. That SMILE.

Better than rabbit

It's voice is so cute

The Contenders

11 Turtle

Baby Turtle officially the smallest minecraft mob and is officially the CUTEST!

Cute as

One of my favourites, one of the cutest Mojang will ever add

Turtles are the cutest! Especially the baby turtles making their way to the sand! Mean old zombies crushing their eggs though :(

12 Baby Creeper

I love baby creepers more then the adults.

They look like chairs and cute chairs

They're so cute and TINY!

Come on people give the poor creeper a break.
It's a BABY!

13 Dolphin

So cute, *squeak, squeak, squeak*. They are one of my favourite Minecraft animals *squeak, squeak, squeak*. I’ll play with them *squeak, squeak, squeak*.

The dolphin is my favorite animal because it gives you a power if you swim with it.

I love dolphins so much I'm gonna die

This needs to be higher

14 Ghast

They literally make cat noises. I actually nicknamed them "nether cats".

They look so adorable! I have a tame the ghast mod! Flying mobs that make the cutest babyish noises ever! Never let me see a ghast tear in your hands! A ghast family is so cute!

They look so cute! And just listen to the sounds they make.

They are cute except for their noises

15 Bees

Today in minecraft I made a flower garden and spawned bee's and they were ADORABLE

They’re big eyes are so cute and a huge swarm can kill an entire wither!

Bees are so cute, specially when they come out of the bee hive!

Bees are so cute!

16 Cow

I love the cute face of this animal and its sound that is mooing but I super like the babies the best animal in Minecraft ever!

Indian cow is adorable animal in Hindu religion. Even the urine of the cow curing many incurable diseases.

Well you helped me with some of my history homework but this is Minecraft not Hinduism

What is with the Indian cows? I meant Minecraft cows

Mooing cute animals, especially the babies

17 Villager

Villagers are insanely cute and fun! Especially in cuteness mod!

Come on guys baby villagers are cute!

But baby villagers can't trade :O

I hate villagers. Sometimes they have poor trades and they annoy me so much

So cute and adorable. Especially the cute little baby villagers with their running and size. :¤

18 Panda The giant panda, also known as panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body.

Yes cutest animal, epecially when they are lying on their backs.

They are so cute! Especially when they sit up to eat! And just listen to their noise.

Pandas are so cute when they're eating

These are.. so cute! I lovvveee bbbabby pandaass!

19 Guardian

Imagine a noob called Al Panties grabs his pet guardian, Ugly Boy and whacks a bunch of bullies to death!

Notch should call it the cyclops fish

They're so cute on land!


20 Spider

Maybe cute but I don't like spiders & insects

The spiders are nice and cute in the day


I think they look really cute personally. I’d totally hug one.

21 Jeb's fart

Lol nasty

Not a mob


22 Baby llama

Llamas are already cute enough but baby llamas!

The are so cute! I want to have one in real life! THIS IS MY FAVORITE ANIMAL IN 2019! please GOD CAN I HAVE A BABY LLAMA

Cute with its stubby legs

Cutest things ever!,

23 Fox

I love foxes


24 Baby Villager

Unpopular opinion: they are so ugly and dumb they remind me of that baby with a unibrow from the simpsons I enjoy killing them and breaking their beds while they sleep and they really creep me out baby villagers should not exist and I always get my wolf puppies to kill them!

Baby villagers are cute!

One got in my house once in minecraft

Soooo cute buy now I want to have 30000 of them

25 Skeleton

Cute bony años the just walk around the may Rey to kill bit in ok with that

I am obsessed with minecraft skeletons now

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