Top Ten Cutest Minecraft Mobs


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1 Rabbit

Small, cute and fluffy passive mobs that hop the cutest way! Even if you can't tame them. and they are very new to Minecraft. - coolster250

So cute ( but I always kill them LOL)

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2 Cat

Feline mobs that never scare anyone but creepers, hard to tame but worth it! And they are cute as! - coolster250

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3 Dog

Fluffy companions that will help you with anything, and the dog's neck turn is cute! - coolster250

Unbelievably amazingly adorable!

No! Don't hurt my pet enderman Ella!

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4 Pig

They just look so cute! I have one as a pet in Minecraft!

Pink Animals that Oink the cutest way! - coolster250

Everyone when near pigs hold carrots!

They are amaze cool

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5 Sheep

They're so gosh darn cute with their fluffy, silky bodies, and their hooves, and the big pink nose! Plus, it has a shiny form! (Pink sheep)

I always wanted soft building blocks and animals that have their mouths open.

Helpful woolly animals that baa! - coolster250

I love the noise baby sheep make!

6 Silverfish

Pesky creatures but cutely harmless if there is not a swarm. - coolster250

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7 Bat

Small cute flying mobs that are not scary once you meet them! - coolster250

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8 Creeper

Hey! Michael the creeper helped me find my stuff when I died!

Hug them and you die never make that mistake again

They are so cuddly in creative mode!

Creepers are adorable they're the best I want to give them a hug

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9 Baby Slime

Their good but tiny slimes are annoying when they keep jumping and pushing you around

It's true that they are cute but watch out for tiny magma cubes! - anthonyj

They are pretty much harmless and they are so cute!

Slimed are just nasty

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10 Cow

I love the cute face of this animal and its sound that is mooing but I super like the babies the best animal in Minecraft ever! - sh8_mu

Indian cow is adorable animal in Hindu religion. Even the urine of the cow curing many incurable diseases.

Well you helped me with some of my history homework but this is Minecraft not Hinduism

What is with the Indian cows? I meant Minecraft cows - coolster250

Mooing cute animals, especially the babies - coolster250

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The Contenders

11 Baby Creeper

I love baby creepers more then the adults.

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12 Guardian

Notch should call it the cyclops fish

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13 Ghast

They look so adorable! I have a tame the ghast mod! Flying mobs that make the cutest babyish noises ever! Never let me see a ghast tear in your hands! A ghast family is so cute!

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14 Enderman

Just look at their faces. When they aren't trying to kill you. That SMILE.

They're nice they're my favorites

My favourite mob.In creative I had a pet enderman & I call her Ella.

That's a clear mistake idiots

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15 Endermite

Same thing as the Silverfish, only a little bit less cute, but still cute - coolster250

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16 The Killer Rabbit

This killer rabbit is awesome I mean like AWESOME - hagrid

A tiny bit cute, even though this rabbit is vicious. - coolster250

Sikhism is great religion

17 Spider

Maybe cute but I don't like spiders & insects

The spiders are nice and cute in the day

18 Tiny Magma Cube

Baby Slimes are on this list, so why not their nether counterparts?

Cuter than slime put ugly slime down here shame on you

I can still remember their sound

19 Villager

I hate villagers. Sometimes they have poor trades and they annoy me so much

Come on guys baby villagers are cute!

But baby villagers can't trade :O

So cute and adorable. Especially the cute little baby villagers with their running and size. :ยค

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20 Jeb's fart V 2 Comments
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