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1 Dog

I love dogs an there cute eyes staring at me

Dogs should be #1

THEY WOULD DIE FOR YOU, have to have them

Dogs= #1

2 Rabbit

When I go in minecraft I have a pet Rabbit and every time I join that sever all I can see is this cute rabbit face looking into me I hope they add bunnys it will be cuter!

They are so cute I want to hug them?

I wish you could take them but when I was new to minecraft I used to put rabbits on fishing hooks and it would act like a leash being that they weren't added yet

RABBIT IS MY favorite ANIMAL SINCE 2015 AND MY favorite REAL ANIMAL. I HAVE 2 AS PETS! you can't tame them and they are the cutest, they come in different colors, they are the best!

3 Cat

Cats are the best! Especially the ones in the new update! The dogs are way worse!

Feline mobs that never scare anyone but creepers, hard to tame but worth it! And they are cute as! - coolster250

Noo! I love creepers!


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4 Pig

Epic gamer momment

They just look so cute! I have one as a pet in Minecraft!

Pink Animals that Oink the cutest way! - coolster250

Everyone when near pigs hold carrots!

5 Sheep

Baby sheep are honestly the cutest animals EVER! I love their cute tiny "baa" and they are just so amazingly cute I can't even explain

There face kind of makes me want to scream and not kill them I don't even want to use shears on them!

They're so gosh darn cute with their fluffy, silky bodies, and their hooves, and the big pink nose! Plus, it has a shiny form! (Pink sheep)

Helpful woolly animals that baa! - coolster250

6 Bat

Small cute flying mobs that are not scary once you meet them! - coolster250

They squeak:3


7 Silverfish

I love these little guys looks like they are dancing

Pesky creatures but cutely harmless if there is not a swarm. - coolster250

Just check their EYES!

More like the brother of the endermite VERY CUTE!

8 Creeper

aw man

There sad frowns make them even cuter

Hey! Michael the creeper helped me find my stuff when I died!

Hug them and you die never make that mistake again

9 Baby Slime

Slime are annoying, but baby slime are so cute! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

At least they are not hostile! And the fact that they have faces are so cute!

All slimes are cute

Their good but tiny slimes are annoying when they keep jumping and pushing you around

10 Turtle

Baby Turtle officially the smallest minecraft mob and is officially the CUTEST!

Turtles are the cutest! Especially the baby turtles making their way to the sand! Mean old zombies crushing their eggs though :(

Cute as

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11 Enderman

Better than rabbit


It's voice is so cute

Just look at their faces. When they aren't trying to kill you. That SMILE.

12 Villager

I hate villagers. Sometimes they have poor trades and they annoy me so much

Come on guys baby villagers are cute!

But baby villagers can't trade :O

So cute and adorable. Especially the cute little baby villagers with their running and size. :¤

My favorite villager is Dr.Trayaurus

13 Cow

I love the cute face of this animal and its sound that is mooing but I super like the babies the best animal in Minecraft ever! - sh8_mu

Indian cow is adorable animal in Hindu religion. Even the urine of the cow curing many incurable diseases.

Well you helped me with some of my history homework but this is Minecraft not Hinduism

What is with the Indian cows? I meant Minecraft cows - coolster250

Mooing cute animals, especially the babies - coolster250

14 Baby Creeper

I love baby creepers more then the adults.

Come on people give the poor creeper a break.
It's a BABY!

I could just hug these cutie-pies for enons!

Aaaw adorable

15 Spider

I think they look really cute personally. I’d totally hug one.

Maybe cute but I don't like spiders & insects

The spiders are nice and cute in the day


16 Dolphin Dolphin

I love dolphins so much I'm gonna die

This needs to be higher

The dolphin is my favorite animal because it gives you a power if you swim with it.

Sooo cute

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17 Ghast

They look so adorable! I have a tame the ghast mod! Flying mobs that make the cutest babyish noises ever! Never let me see a ghast tear in your hands! A ghast family is so cute!

They are cute except for their noises

Ghast are like creepers mixed with blazes painted white, not cute!

18 Jeb's fart

Lol nasty


19 Guardian

Imagine a noob called Al Panties grabs his pet guardian, Ugly Boy and whacks a bunch of bullies to death!

Notch should call it the cyclops fish

They're so cute on land!


20 Baby Zombie

They are so adorable

They may be annoying but they're so cute!

Those little guys!

21 Snow Golem

Uhh excuse me but the snow golems with no pumpkins are so derpy and adorable all ya'll
are trippin'.

22 Panda Panda The giant panda, also known as panda bear or simply panda, is a bear native to south central China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body.

They are so cute! Especially when they sit up to eat! And just listen to their noise.

23 Endermite

Same thing as the Silverfish, only a little bit less cute, but still cute - coolster250

What the heak that's wrong

I like its cute butt dance shake! shake! shake! BOOTY DANCE!

24 The Killer Rabbit

This killer rabbit is awesome I mean like AWESOME - hagrid

A tiny bit cute, even though this rabbit is vicious. - coolster250

Sikhism is great religion

25 Tiny Magma Cube

Baby Slimes are on this list, so why not their nether counterparts?

Cuter than slime put ugly slime down here shame on you

I can still remember their sound

26 Mooshroom

Because its cute lol

27 Enderdragon

I'm getting the tame dragon mod so I can hug the cutie

I just love the baby enderdragon

Cute in creative waaahpop

Ender Dragon is a piece of s***

28 Baby Villager

Unpopular opinion: they are so ugly and dumb they remind me of that baby with a unibrow from the simpsons I enjoy killing them and breaking their beds while they sleep and they really creep me out baby villagers should not exist and I always get my wolf puppies to kill them!

Baby villagers are cute!

29 Basilisk (Orespawn)
30 Creepig
31 Baby Enderman

So cute!

32 Pink Sheep
33 Wither
34 Elder Guardian

Also very powerful

35 Baby llama

The are so cute! I want to have one in real life! THIS IS MY FAVORITE ANIMAL IN 2019! please GOD CAN I HAVE A BABY LLAMA

Baby llama’s are so cute the way they walk with their tiny feet and the noises they make are so cute! ~ Even when they spit they are cute! I AM GOING TO DIE FROM CUTENESS!

36 Vex

I believe if your in creative mode and spawn a vex its SOOO cute with a little smile...if your saying “oh nooo vexes r so ugly’ I'm just saying there cute

37 Chicken

Yummy I wanted to eat 99999999999999 steaks of it

Die liek a Chi-ken!

38 Blocks

Like if I was taming a block dirt in my house...

I tame dirt blocks. not.

39 Baby Sheep

So cuuutte

40 Skeleton
41 Pigper
42 Mutant Creeper
43 Titan Creeper

If you know what this is,than it is probably cute ( maybe )
Just look at their giant smile who wants to kill you
I am a creeper fan,so DON'T JUDGE!

44 Ocelot

If you tame them they turn into adorable cats.
and the babies are the most adorable!

45 Zombie
46 Skull
47 Baby Chicken

The head is bigger than it's body and the eyes are adorable

48 Baby Enderdragon
49 Blaze

Cute but fierce

50 Baby Zombie Jockey Riding Chicken
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