Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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181 Cambree

I love thIs name when I first saw it I was like I need to choose between a hole bunch of other names!

182 Kaia

This is like the female of my crush

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183 Georgina
184 Shannon

Under used, also, I used to have teachers named
Shannon and Connie! They are both on this list! Lol

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185 Candelaria

Nice! Its really a Good name for a Mysterious Girl :0

186 Lammy Lammy
187 Hillary

Don't think so in a nice way

It's a really pretty name

Haha like the president or well soon yo be the new prdcident of the United States she is the best I think she should win to be honest she is also on the lead

188 Elize

Simple yet strong name.

189 Patrice
190 Ciera V 1 Comment
191 Caitlin

It's my cousins name on booths sides moms and dads

Hey, high five! My middle name is this but my friends call me Caitie as well. It's a cute nickname and I'd actually love being called it in my twenties and everything

I'm shocked my name isn't on the list because my nickname is Caitie. That's a cute name for a little girl but sadly it lives with you forever after that.

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192 Cassandra

That is my sisters name! I think it is pretty!

I think it's cute.

193 Zaria V 1 Comment
194 Claire

Says sassy and sweet

Love this name it is the name of my Air Force aunt


195 Nicole

Beautiful and elegant. It may be common but its not as common as Jennifer or whatever! It means the victory of the people and I know a girl named Nicole. She's so sweet and so shy but once you get to know her she's very crazy, also she is nice to everybody! Too bad my name isn't Nicole

That's my middle name did you know it means,"victorious people" its French and greek

My middle name is Nicole, it's such a popular middle name!

My name is Nicole what is yours let me know

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196 Karen

I love it because this name sounds wonderful

197 Savannah

I love the melody of this sunny name; it is absolutely gorgeous. If I have another princess warrior, I'll probably chose this unique name.

This is my beautiful name. My mom wanted my name to have something to do with Africa, so she named me Savannah. And I love my name. - MyNameIsSavannah

Savannah is such a beautiful name and suitable for any age this is my name too!

I wish that was my name

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198 Kelsey

This is my name and I think it should be number one and I think a # should be started in fact I'll make one so please use and tell your friends to join the # alright #kelsey 1

Another Glitter Force name

It's my name and I love it!

Ya! My name is on this list :))))

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199 Vanessa

I really love this name, such a beautiful name

My name is Vanessa and it mean butterfly

This is the most beautiful name ever!

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200 Jocelyn
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