Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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201 Caroline

This is my name I love it

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202 Cia

I love that name its sweet and sounds French

It is French, at least this spelling is

203 Giselle

The princess from Enchanted. Lol

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204 Avyn

I think this name's Irish or Welsh. Really cool either way

I love this name. I would the 100% if I could.

205 Tina

This is my sisters name may she rest in peace and she was the most amazing person in the world. Love you sis

Lol my friends nickname is that

206 Poppy

Poppy, reminds me of like Poop! If you name this child Poppy, people will make fun of it. So if you want your child to get made fun of or poop a lot name it Poppy. If you don't want your child to get mad fun or poop a lot don't name it poppy. I will hunt you down if you name your child Poppy and dip his head in poop. So if you don't like pop or kids getting mad fun of or me hunting you down, don't name your child Poppy. XDD I will litterly hurt you. This is a stupid dorky nerdy name. Let it die somewhere else than heaven. Lol, I'm NOT KIDDING! I am SERIOUS. So like I said don't NAME YOUR CHILD POPPY! From: Pepsi and Unicorn!

It's so cute id name a bunny that

No affence but this is what I call my granpa...

People are haters stop teasing names poppy is cute! 😊

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208 Payton

This is my name only spelled Peyton. I don't like my name, never have. The only things that rhymes with it is "satan" which is annoying.

Payton is a adorable name my name is Payton except spelled Peyton I love my name always will it means royal

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209 Patricia

I think Patricia should be in the top 10! It sounds like
Your either a ghost or a cheer leader.-.

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210 Niña

That's a girl in Spanish

211 Piya
212 Cynthia

This is my friend's name. She is really nice. - AnonymousChick

My friends mom name best name ever

Its such a unique name

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213 Carmel

That's just bad don't say that bad girl/boy

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214 Matilda

My mums favourite name. I love it to! It means power or something like that. Like the girl in the film.

This name is just my favorite, it always reminds me of the girl in the movie

Can be shortened to "Mattie or Matt"

215 Hope

I love this name hope u name your child or u can name it Nadia that what Nadia mean hope

Very pretty name love it who ever has this name is awesome

My best friends sisters middle name is this it is cute

My friends name is that

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216 Morgana

Lobe this name. My favorite character in a T.V. show called merlin. Its sounds dark and unusual and unique

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217 Adrianne

This is literally the female of my dad. It's Welsh by the way

So cuteee! , wow! Adrianne Campbell is a teacher at my school and she is HOT!

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219 Baylee

Unusual news, Baymax could be put on this list!

220 Alexia

Alexia must be like the cutest name EVER. My cousins r identical twins. They're called alexia and Amelia.

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