Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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221 Josie

This is my sisters name and she has the biggest heart ever

It's perfect for me!

That is my daughters name.

My cats name 🐱🐱

222 Monica

It's my name and it describes me well because I smile all the time

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223 Amy

This is my cousins name I love her she is so pretty, smart, kind and crazy she is the funniest person I have ever met and I love this nameXx

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224 Lyndsey

Love this name a lot!

225 Rosie

Super cute name my middle name is rose and it sounds adorable my mom made me a song that goes abby Rosie abby abby Rosie abby Rosie abby abby rose it calmed me down and made me smile and laugh

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226 Melissa

I called my Daughter Melissa Kate. I loved it that day and I still love it 32 years later.

227 Fiona

Be quiet you bully that's unkind my name is Fiona and I'm at very good weight and I'm beautiful you are real mean to say that get a better heart

In shrek fiona is the princesses name

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228 Rebecca

This is my name and I don't really like it. I can just imagine an old man eating chicken yelling "REBECCA" in a really ugly way with food spitting from his mouth... yea...

It's sassy and stands out but is also girly

I guess... I mean it is my name


229 Julie

Its nice! Its also very mature sounding

230 Heidi
231 Alieva

It is a good name because it sounds unique. I love it because it is my name.

232 Marzia
233 Romy
234 Chelsea
235 Trixie

Yep - bobbythebrony

236 Mariah
237 Jemima

Love the name so shut up you bullies

Horrid name it means mean rude very modist and spoilt I feel sorry whoever has that name and yeah

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238 Aero

I'm pregnant and I'm naming her Aero. It's a different way to spell Arrow but I'm a fashion designer.

As a fashion designed you should no not to do that...Aeropostale...

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239 Obehi
240 Ruby

Remind me of the little cute rabbit in Lady Jewelpet or just in the Jewelpet series (anime)

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