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21 Alexandra

I love this name, and not only because it is my name. I love it because it has cute nicknames such as Alex, Lex, Lexi(e), Al, and many more! Perfect name, and I love the fact that my name is Alexandra to this day~!

My name is Alexandra. It is awesome! People call me lexi. Trust me you ned to vote for this name. You also need to name your kid that nam. If your is more of a tomboy you can call them alex.

This is my name. The last duchess of Russia was Alexandra. Also, it is most commonly found among royals.

This is my little sister's name and she's adorable!

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22 Miranda

Very classy and nice sounding. It's no too used. Miranda is really a great name.

I like the name Miranda 'cause it is my cousin's name and I love her

Its like Miranda sings on youtube

It is cute name

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23 Kayla

My name yay

My name is kayla. I'm so look samrt because of my nmae

Kaylas are sooo cute.They have amazing knowledge.

24 Lacie

I have a friend named lacie but spelled lacy

I'm a bit biased thanks to Pandora Hearts, but Lacie is a beautiful name.

Love it! My name is Lacie

I like the name lacie because it is very soft and elegant
I love it.

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25 Anna

I hate Frozen, A stupid girl named Elsa who ran outside of her Kingdom for NO damn Reason! She just wants everyone to feel Bad for Her and For anna To risk her life to Save her! STUPID MOVIE

This is a cute name, and it means Thank you, I think

Lovely! Means, cute and beautiful. I think

Thank you my name.

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26 Isabella

I Am so sorry what happened to your niece because my two brothers passed away. now to the name Isabella: Isabella is one of the cutest name someone has named their child all of the girl names should be Isabella thank you for reading this post bye this was posted by Alexis

Bella in Italian means beautiful and Isabella has Bella in it and also my best friend is Isabella

Heh, From Phineas and Ferb, by the way, I really Hate that girl! She's Too Girly! But nice name thought

That is my dog name

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27 Bella

I adore the name bella. I hate twilight though. However there is a character in my favorite harry potter books called Bellatrix Lestrange and she is queen

I think Bella is one of the cutest baby names I know.

Bella means beautiful in Spanish and French.

My friend is named bella she is so cute and funny
I love this name

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28 Belinda

Ugliest name I've ever heard!

Only for a middle name

What a lovely name!

29 Tiana Tiana Princess Tiana of Maldonia is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog.
30 Danielle

I want to name by daughter Danielle or Chelsea or Lexi or Gemma or Courtney or crystal or Imogen or Isla or Sophie or shayla

This is my name, and I love it.

My name is Danielle I'm 15 I love my name

It's a very cute name

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31 Ashlynn

I know someone named Ashlynn and she is upper annoying and mean

My name is ashley but some people call me this for my nick name

My middle name is Ashlyn! But it's spelled with only one N. I love this name so much it's a great twist on the name Ashley!

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32 Maddie

Maddie is my best friends name. It is adorable name. I LOVE IT!

This name is pretty!

Beautiful name always dreamed of being called maddy

My best friend's name! She is the best! - lovefrombadlands

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33 Destiny

This is my name.. It's beautiful

My name love it

I love this name it's so sweet

Cute name

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34 Tiffany

I wish I had this name. - RiverClanRocks

But I thought you did, but ut was just spelled differently according to your profile. - Anonymousxcxc

35 Angelica

Angie or Angel would be a cute nickname

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36 Grace
37 Eleanore

I wish it was my name!

This is my best friends name with an e at the end. She's so cool and I love her name!

38 Madison

Madison, Madison, Madison. Such a good name, only thing is its TOO used, don't be upset or offenced or mad. I got named Madison, I am Madison also, not very unique but never gets old. I like the name I guess, not anyones choice of what your named. Your parents name you, but that's okay. don't make a big deal out of your name, unless you REALLY want to. I'm just gonna maybe tell people to call me somethin' else, id suggest Roya cause its cute but just a little, too much of a deal with my name. Ill try to figure it out, cause personally I get a little upset for no good reason when ALL THE TIME I hear "Madison, come here! " And it's a different Madison... Always. Movie, camp, school, mall, show, T. V, when I was younger, right now, names of tall and short, pretty and ugly, glossy and greasy, smart and dumb, annoying and quiet as such. I need to be called SOMETHING ELSE, I always envy when I hear such cool and unique names other kids have like Jazzy, Kaity, Maggie, Sala, Luna, Riley, ...more

I am 9 years of age and my name is Madison my best friend's name is Madison too we are in the same class together I get call Madeline and she gets called Madison


My name is Madison!

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39 Anabelle

Anabelle is a horror movie names. I would not pick that name. It will remind me of the movie. My choice is no. If you name this child anabelle. SLEEP with ONE EYE OPEN. She may become the next cereal killer. GOOD LUCK :( From: Pepsi and Unicorn.

HEY! I'm Really Scared of Horror Movies! I wouldn't Want this Name! If my child Watches it, SHE will worry and Cry about her name and Blame ME! Just because of the name ANABELLE!

It is my name but I like it better when it is spelled ANNABELLE. It means GRACEFUL BEUTY. My twin sister AUDREY should be on this list. Her name means NOBLE STRENGTH. ANNABELLE is a French name.

It would be so cool to name a kid after a possessed doll

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40 Natalie

Name that would suit a perfect girl. I would name my character this. It suits her. She has this black hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. She was also kind of a bad girl. ♡

Love it

My name

I have 5 Natalies in my grade and they are awesome!
Though when I say 'Hi Natalie! 'All five Natalies look around! It makes me laugh

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