Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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481 Melanie V 1 Comment
482 Eleanor
483 Ann V 1 Comment
484 Carolina
485 Perl
486 Rebekah

The best name in the world

487 Alyse

This is my oldest daughters name and still my all-time favorite. It is pronounced Aleece but I think the way I spelled it is prettier spelled Alyse

488 Amelie
489 Sade Sade Helen Folasade Adu, known professionally as Sade Adu or simply Sade, is an English singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and record producer.
490 Ria
491 Annelieke

This is the most pretty name because it's mine

492 Brandy Brandy V 1 Comment
493 Valentina

Such a cute name for a baby girl! Or a lady!

494 Jessica Lilly

My sis has tat name

495 Hyla

I think it's pretty cool and different. Not boring and common

496 Bindi

That darling Bindi Irwin is such a sweet girl, that I bet the name will take off.
If you don't know, a bindi is the red dot on the forehead that Indian women wear. - gentlearts

497 East
498 Dorsa V 1 Comment
499 Joya
500 Jayda

This name is really cute and pretty and more people need to have this name. I don't see why people have stupid names like Bonquisha or La-a and don't even have my two-syllable 5-letter name. Consider naming one of your children this. - JHLover321

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