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61 Alyssa

This is my name and I think it is really really pretty I feel like this name should be in the top!

This is a rare Welsh name and so pretty! If I ever have a daughter, I'm calling her Alyssa Lyra.

This name should be in at least in the top 20! Its such a beautiful name!

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62 Gabriela

It's such a nice name because it's common but beautiful

That is my bffs name!

63 Sydney

Some people say it is not cute and I agree but I think it is adorable!

Sydney is a darling name, it's just gorgeous! My BFF name is Sydney, and she is so nice and honest. I don't know why someone said it was a bad name when I looked up worst girl names. Whoever that was, geez you don't have to b so negative!

Very cute name and it's different

This is how we pronounce my best friends name only it's spelt Sidonie

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64 Olivia

I have a chinese friend and her name is Olivia. Her chinese name meant trusted angel. - iiiiiiiiii

This is a gorgeous name. Classic and beatiful

I know a Olivia and all the boys chase after her

I love that name

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65 Kimberly

Beautiful Name Love It

That's my name its so cute and kim is such a cute little nickname!

Yes it beat my worst name megan, I'm kim

Kimberly! Gee, so many cute girl's names! Zoe Tessa and Kimberly
Oh, and Faith are my favourites!

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66 Samara

This is the name of the very creepy child from horror movie, The Ring. So I'll pass on this one.

This is the name of a really good soccer player that is 10

SAMARA it's my name Samara Susan Khaire I love it it's so unique and rare now it's becoming more popular but I'm glad to say I was one of the first Samaras

Oh, wow! Sounds so strong!

67 Cassidy

I know someone named this. She's pretty and is good at making people laugh and dancing. - funnyuser

I have a bud named Cassidy!

Cute name that the nickname Cassie works for!

68 Bubbles

So cool! Bubbles sounds super Scifi and like a sweet girl. Her nicknames would be Bella and Bee. Never teased every self respecting boy would date! Love it!


69 Viktoria

I really like that that name and I really like the show victorious so yeah

My name's Victoria and I think it's a wonderful name

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70 Autumn

My name is autumn and it's a beautiful name I love it when I have a a baby I'm Naming it autumn

Season names are underrated. I love this

I love Season names!

71 Rhea

Love the name rhea. I have the bestfriend ever, couldn't ask for nicest person. Such a nice name. She Always receives compliments about her name

Love this name but spelled Rhia

Love it spelled Rhia

72 Faye Mariz

This name is so cool! Love it!

73 Summer

My Friend's name is summer, she twisted her ankle last week because she flipped on a bouncy castle but I absolutely love the name!

Hey, if you have that negative an opinion shut up. It's a great name and you might offend someone

My friend's Name is Summer too by the way! I met her in summer school!

Twins named Summer and Autinnum? Or
Twriplets named Summer
Autnum and May? (Cause may is in summer)

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74 Jennifer

I love that name so much that I wish that it was my name

I adore jennifer but hate jenny.

I love this cause it's simple and cute plus it's my name

Her twin could be named Jessica!

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75 Arabella

This name is so adorable and cute without being annoying

This is one of my cousins names it is so cute her nickname is arrow

The Arctic Monkeys wrote a song called Arabella and I've loved the name ever since!

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76 Sabrina

This is a cute name...

My best friends name is Sabrina and she is the best friends that I have

My cousin had twins called Sabrina and Adrienne


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77 Cadence

I love this name. - Pegasister12

78 Tanisha

Exotic. Love it

79 Amylynn

A cool name for little girls. I like the name because of an Abc video. When I have my baby I want to name it AMYLYNN!

80 Ava

It is one of my bff's names and I've always loved the name. It's very unique and nice sounding at the same time.

This is like the best name. It is also my best friends name

I don't know why but I just love this name. Short and sweet

I live this name it's my name

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