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101 Megan

Megan is my best friends name and it is so cute to name your kid that

My sister is called Megan and I love her to bits so yeah

Megan is an awesome girl

It's my name

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102 Bethany

So cute and uncommon! You can call her Betsy or Betty for short!

Such a cute and beautiful name

103 Blossom
104 Ivy

so cute

105 Dakota

I love this name so much

Love this name for girl or boy

Friend I vote on this

It's simply precious, not the first
Name you:'d think of for a baby, but
Any older than that, (even toddler)
It's nice! :() 😏

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106 Renee

It's my name and I think its adorable

I would name my baby girl that

That is Gwen stefani's middle name

So cutw

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107 Jessica

I love this name so I called my dog jess

The best name ever

This is my name and I love it! It's really cute

Jessica is a pretty name like its got jessy as its nickname but I know this girl named jessica n to be honest she is a bitch but well ig her name is niceeπŸ™„

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108 Sophia

I am named Sophia. I HATE it when people call me Sophia. IT IS NOT MY NAME! But Sophia is a BEAUTIFUL name and needs #1. And I'm not just saying that because I am named Sophia. It will always be a pretty name even if I was not named it!

This is my girlfriend's name! I love her so much! Makes me smile just thinking of this name!

I am named Sophia. It is a beautiful name. Even if Sophia wasn't my name, I'd still love the name!

That's my name, but I think it is a very beautiful name. Gave thought to naming my daughter the same name! 😊

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109 Karla

Love this name

110 Candy

Hello. I wouldn't choose Candy as a name. Why? Because it will make me always want to eat CANDY! So Hi don't name it that, You may eat your own child. XDD Good luck trying not to eat her. From: Pepsi and Unicorn

A other one doing with glitter force

I always loved the name candy

Candi candie different ways u can spell it

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111 McKenna

Its such a beautiful name. I think I like it because there's this beautiful girl I know named McKenna

I named my dog this name but here's a sad part we had to give her away because we were a lot going on for her and I just like the name

So cute! My middle name

McKenna is a beautiful name for a girl

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112 Ashley

This is my name and its very very popular... Love my name.

Love this name because it's my name every year I go to a new grade I always have a best friend named ashley

This was actually a guys name... And my best friends name is this and yes he is a guy

My name and it's a lot better than harsh, overused 'Ashley'

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113 Mia

Beautifully feminine and timeless!

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114 Bindy

I love this name. It's so addictive to say with love

I love this name it's unique and
A rarer name than most! We need more Bindys

115 Janaya

It sounds like:, who names they're child Janaya when you see it
Spelt, but it sounds so pretty when you SAY it!

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116 Carly

Sorry my cousin posted the soccer player one but I am a darn good good one but she is a better defender and I also love the name because it's mine

It means "small and feminine" or "small champion". Also it's my name

It's my cosions name and she is awesome not to brag but she is a great soccer player same with me but I'm a better defender

117 Karina

My bffs name is karina and I am number 92 on the list. we are best friends

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118 Juliana

Love this name! It sounds so gentle and beautiful. if you say it slowly with an accent it sounds amazing

Sorry but the only reason I don't like the name juliana is because there's a girl in my class named juliana and you don't like her

This is my best friends name


119 Stephanie

My third grade tacks name was Stephanie so cute love the name

I have a friend named Stephanie

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120 Fern

I love this name so cute my two year old sister called fern

Not to be mean at all but that name sounds like it would be a PLANT! Or even a boy name like searsly who would name there own kid a living thing FERN! There are so many other nice names out there but this one is not oe of them GOOD LUCK PUTTING YOUR KID INTO SCHOOL she may get bullied...a lot! FROM:UNICORN AND PEPSI:(

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