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121 Abbie

Wonderful name spelt heaps cute as well just love it

122 Kara

Every Kara I know is smart and beautiful!

I love it! And I should know because it's my name! We need more Karas in the world

Kara is a cute name cause most thing can go with it and it is my cusins is just cute

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123 Jane

Simple, elegant when you call her and have a good means "The most beautiful grace from GOD"

If I have a daughter, I'll name her Jane

I think Mary Jane is a beautiful name

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124 Aislyn

It's very different, you don't hear this name and I like that.

125 Brynlee
126 Angela

Angela is my aunt name and I think it's so cute to name your kid that

My name is Angela and this is a beautiful name.

My ants name is that sorry aunts

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127 Sadie

I just love this name Sadie and I should know because I'm only 9 years old turning 10

Sadie is just a cute name. My aunt's friend's baby is named Sadie and my aunt's other friend named her 1st daughter Sadie.

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128 Alice


I am so glad I was girl, because my mom would have named me Arthur for a boy... Named after Alice Cooper...

I love this name! It's so cute. It sounds cheery and bright. Its an amazing name for a girl!

I love this name and I can't belove that it is 116 vote for this name it is so cute and it is my name vote please

I love this name. So beautiful

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129 Laura

That's the actress name Laura marano

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130 Esther

Esther or Ester? They are both pretty!

This name deserves be in the contenders at least!

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131 Hazel

I love that name. -LOL

It is an amazing name,I wish my name was Hazel



132 Maya

I wish my name was Maya its like a popular girl name I know so many people named Maya!

So cute! I have a daughter named maya and I like the nickname may may

My name is on here, yay! - mayamanga

My name is Maya. When we tried to teach my brother my name, he called me Mimi. Other nicknames I have are My My, mama, and Maya the monkey (long storie

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133 Kyra V 1 Comment
134 Shayla

Its such a pretty name. You could call her Shay, if you named a girl this name!

Love it like I mentioned on danielle

One of my friends name is Shay her real name might be Shayla...

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135 Brooklyn

My best friend is named Brooklyn she I always there for me I will never let her go and her nickname is brook and brook if you see this call me and we can go out to the movies if you like.

I love the name Brooklyn if I ever had a baby girl I would definitely name Brooklyn

My name is spelled Brooklynne and I just think this name is so unique and I just love when people say my name

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136 Cornelia

I love the name like the American girl movie samantha her aunts names that so cool

I think of this as a cool, old fashioned name, like Olivia, or Emma, etc. - gentlearts

! This is my moms name! It's so rare! But I think it's pretty.

137 Izumi

The name Izumi is actually a very cute name - mayamanga

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138 Aliya
139 Jaidyn
140 Jordyn

I love this name for a boy or girl

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