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141 Cally-Jay

I love this name was going to call it my baby if I had a girl but had a boy and called him aston-jay

142 Polly

For a cute little dolly-looking kid

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143 Leha
144 Phoebe

I think Phoebe is a great name, despite the fact that loads of people spell it "Pheobe". I love the fact that it sounds totes different from how it looks. I adore this name!

My Teacher's Name

This is my name. :) I'm glad to have Phoebe as a name. It just sounds right to describe me.

145 Madeline

I Love Madeline Because when ever I get mad my friends call me Mad Pants and its Funny and Rude though and also my name is Adeline and I love it when its Madeline

My name is Madeline and I think it is SUPER adorable, people call me dee and Maddy and I love the cuteness and inocence of the name.

146 Sophie

My name is Sophie, and when I was small people asked me "What's you name? " I said "Sophey" in that cute voice.

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147 Millicent

So cute... it's my favourite name and it has a nice nickname (Millie)

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148 Leighlynn

I have a friend named leighlynn and shes really mean

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149 Abbie

Wonderful name spelt heaps cute as well just love it

150 Ashleigh

I think Ashleigh is a lovely name one of the cutest names I've heard plus I'm having a baby soon, don't know what it is going to be but if it is a girl I might call it Ashleigh.

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151 Ashlyn

My name is Ashlyn and the population of this name is growing! Love it

152 Kylie

I love this name a lot its remind me to a boy named kyle we were best friend!

153 Victoria

It's a great name and it's elegant, reminds me of Europe. Truly one of my favorite names.

My name thanks for putting this name on here I used to hate it!

Sometimes it tells me I can do anything I love it

154 Tullip
155 Addison

My baby cousin is called Addison and she is the most adorable baby ever

My baby cousin's name is Addison too!

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156 Carina

That's my name and I'm so wonderful and I think it is a beautiful name.

I love my awesome name my mamma named me that.

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157 Cheryl

Ah that's my name... Like what is it doing down at the bottom of the list, it should be in the top ten you know... haha laugh out loud-by cheryl herself

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158 Jordyn

I love this name for a boy or girl

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159 Violet

I love this name! I wish I could be called that

Classy, cute and just plain adorable!

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160 Emmie

Emmie is a perfect name for a cute little girl.

My best friends name is Emmie. I love her... She has been like a sister to me! I hope she sees this and loves everything ido for her!

I adore this name! It's so pretty and has such a pleasent tone to it.
I know a little girl and her name is Emmie Sue. It's SO cute and I just love the name!

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