Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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161 Mya

I have a friend named mya

162 Jenny/Genny
163 Amelia

Beautiful name. My daughters name. In europe its in top 5 for many years

I will name my baby girl Amelia so pretty and sweet

My names Amelia But I normally get called Millie

My cousin is called Amelia. I don't know why it's 137th.

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164 Alannah

Great name. I really love it. This girl at my school is called Alannah but I think it is spelt differently E.G. alana. Nickname could be 'Al' or 'ana'

Its not a name I hear very often and its cute and different

My friend's name is Alana and I love this name! It's so cute!

Alannah of avail org

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165 Parsly

I know it sounds weird, but it has a funny little ring to it, ya know?

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166 Sienna

My daughters names... Suits her!

167 Michelle

Love this name! Strong but sexy at the same time

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168 Harper V 3 Comments
169 Charming

I love that name my first baby girl will be named this

Beautiful name for a baby girl

170 Kaitlyn

This is the second spelling of my name. (Caitlin, Kaitlyn + Katelynn)

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171 Courtney

I have a friend called Courtney and Caitlin and they're next together! Weird...

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172 Nikita
173 Nikky
174 Eva

I love this name, it's my name and I wouldn't have wanted another one!

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175 Yana

My nickname :) cutie

176 Shanaynay

When I was little me and my friend's all had these rubber toys from the dollar store that we would play with called shanaynay, I am definitely not naming my daughter that

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177 Rose

This is my aunts name and my middle name. - funnyuser

I love this name because its mine!

178 Stella

I LOVE this name, it means 'little star', isn't that adorable? It is also never common in such areas, so its grate to use if you're looking for a gorgeous name that's not too common. Plus it's my name!

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179 Alishia

It's my name, I don't mind it but it has numerous pronunciations and I can never find it on a key chain without having it special made.

Lol Alishia is a beautifull name but my name is Elesya but people call me Alisha :3

180 Cambree

I love thIs name when I first saw it I was like I need to choose between a hole bunch of other names!

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