Cutest Names for a Horse

If your friend or even a member of your family have a new foal and have no idea what to call her/him, this page is just for you. Anybody can us this. You are guaranteed to like this.

The Top Ten

1 Fern

I love it as it is my name but I would love this name if I was a horse

2 Connie

This name is so cute

3 Alice

More like a humans name but still cute

4 Lottie
5 Molly

My name is cute

6 Amber

No don't vote for me

7 Rosie

I love it vote of it people

8 Cloud

Awesome name

9 Ruby

Cool name of a horse

10 Buttercup

The Contenders

11 Thumbelina

I know aa adorable pony called this

12 Faith
13 Blackjack

This name is great

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