Cutest Normal Type Pokemon

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21 Munchlax Munchlax

Super adorable and is the less evolved form of snorelax and is cute

22 Ditto Ditto
23 Lillipup Lillipup

Lilipup is SUPERcute! I wondering why she isn't first yet?

One of the top five cutest Pokemon ever!

Why Is Lillipup not top 5!? It is like un beleavebly cute!


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24 Spinda Spinda
25 Purugly Purugly

Why is this ugly fat cat on this list. Eww it's pure ugly - Magikarpgirl


26 Minccino Minccino

People vote for my little cutie! It's my favorite pokemon of all time I can never resist it's cute little face and it's super cute when it uses tickle and attract! A! I CAN'T STAND IT ANY LONGER IT'S TOO CUTEEE! And why is Cinccino higher than this I think it's cute as Minccino but I kinda think Minmin's a little cuter like, AW!

Absolutely unbelievable.
Ciccino or whatever it's called is on the list.
Yet I had to Minccino.
Result: YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! NUTS! And as my friend says, CUCKOONUTS!

27 Smeargle
28 Happiny Happiny

The cutest Pokemon EVER!

29 Clefairy Clefairy

Unbelievable this adorable cutie pie is not up here I can not believe this I think she's cuter then at least porygon 2

30 Vulplix

No one put this Pokemon on the list surprising come on its at least as cute as eevee

31 Zoura V 1 Comment
32 Pachirisu Pachirisu
33 Starly Starly

Adorable little flying/normal type!

34 Doduo Doduo

I'd be sad to let it evolve. If I get one, I'm naming it "Heads."

35 Lopunny Lopunny
36 Audino Audino
37 Helioptile
38 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon

So cute! With the eyes and the cute way it's fur is patterned and spiked is so adorable! :}

39 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon

Annoying when I wonder trade. I hate this awkward pokemon - Magikarpgirl

So sweet and adorable!

40 Dialga Dialga V 1 Comment
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