Top Ten Cutest Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names

The Top Ten Cutest Old-Fashioned Baby Girl Names

1 Alice

If I have a daughter, I'll name her Alice or Brynlee

2 Hazel
3 Violet

Love this name if I could pick a name this would be it

Oooo pritty second favorite name or maybe 3rd or 4th I don't know anyway I love it

4 June
5 Sadie
6 Clara
7 Mabel
8 Louise
9 Daisy

Love this name - WinchesterGirl26

10 Eleanor

The Contenders

11 Maggie
12 Charlotte

Definitely becoming popular again in 2018

13 Rose
14 Minnie
15 Charli
16 Dina

Someone told me about this. and I swear her kid looks adorable. Name your kid this and they will turn out beautiful. Just like Charli ^. Charli is the cutest girl you will see. shes sassy AND outgoing. and bold. definitaly a good name. vote for it!

17 Mary
18 Lauren

Cool my name is lauren

19 Odry
20 Mavis
21 Emilie
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