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1 Vinsmoke Sanji x Charlotte Pudding

I find this couple super cute! For me it's better than SanjixNami! And I don't understand why Nami fans brings up the fact that Sanji loves Nami, I got the impression they are hardcore luna supporters. So shouldn't they support this couple? It's as though they hate it when any female at all is chosen over Nami, not matter the context...

Lol of course Most of the luna shippers support this ship, some might be trolls but most of them love this ship and even without their support this ship has its charm and I agree it is much better than SaNa

Sanji loves Pudding and Pudding loves Sanji.
They're the cutest and more realistic than SaNa.

They are my favorite right now

Without a doubt the cutest couple, two kindred spirits pulled away for now but when they meet again there love will bloom

2 Luffy x Nami

These two have so many moments. Best couple ever.

This ship is WAY better than Luffy x Boa. Besides It would make more sense if Luffy went with Nami because they are closer in age. There are a lot more reasons why I ship Luffy x Nami as well. Luffy x Nami all the way!

My favorite couple. They have so many moments together plus I hate Hancock

So unrealistic

3 Monkey D. Luffy x Boa Hancock

At least Boa Hancock doesn't kneel down in front of Luffy, stab the mark in her back stupidly and moan in tears "Save me". She is strong, beautiful and independent. She is our true Queen, not that sick prostitute.

Luffy is asexual, I don't think he would marry anyone. But knowing Hancock she won't leave Luffy alone

Look how Luna shippers are making fake statements, they're so bothered because we all know Hancock is the one for Luffy

Very unique couple

4 Trafalgar Law x Nico Robin

Law and Robin have so much in common. I think they would be a good couple

I agree. While I'm more a Zoro x Robin person, Law x Robin is my second favorite pairing.

They kinda have same personality. I think they would be a good couple

They are so alike and would make a good couple. They both had a heartbreaking childhood and both are so chill and calm.

Traffy likes Robin because she's sweet and kind. Nami fans making fake statements...again

5 Roronoa Zoro x Vinsmoke Sanji

More like the hottest couple

They care about each other so much, even if they don't show it

Love them so much

"Cute" isn't quite the right word lmao
But they're the best

6 Usopp x Kaya

Well I don't think it will ever work out.

I love this! Very likely to happen.

7 Tony Tony Chopper x Milky

Haha cute but she looks and acts way older.

Kinda cute but I don't see myself shipping animals.

Super cute!

8 Capone Bege x Charlotte Chiffon
9 Vinsmoke Sanji x Violet

I personally really love this ship Viola is the first person to genually like Sanji. Plus she got to see just how perverted he is inside his head from her devil fruit and she still likes him and when there eyes connected for the first time it was like love at first sight so yes I want these two together.

It was so cute. Back then it was one of the most popular ships, but now it's got overshadowed by SanPu

It was cute, but I think we can forget about it now.

A really cute ship

10 Zoro x Nami

I never saw anyone who ship them. It's zoro & robin that people normally ship even if I'm not a fan personally (franky/robin for the win) Most of the time zoro can't stand nami there's no way it would work.

They're like brother and sister

They look like a brother and sister. I didn't know people used to ship this two

Zoro constantly cares and protects Nami, but they will not be a couple. I imagine Zoro more with Tashigi and Nami with Luffy.

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11 Sabo x Koala

They know each other pretty well and share many cute moments.

It's honestly a really cute ship, and I can totally see Koala having a crush on Sabo, but to be honest, I think Sabo's a little too dense for a relationship.

It's cute, but now I see them as childhood friends only.

12 Franky x Nico Robin

They're perfect!

Robin is going to taste that super D I C K :>

13 Roronoa Zoro x Nico Robin

I don't even support this pairing and Robin is not even one of my favorite characters, but I'm SICK of all the anti-Robin comments ALL OVER TOP TENS. Whoever is behind all those comments (one person I bet), you can like Nami if you want, you can keep commenting for her or voting for her everday like you've clearly been doing BUT you don't have to bash the other girls or other ships just because you're jealous. Get a grip!

These two are so cute together! I feel sorry for those people who can't understand why they would make such a good couple.

Zoro cares about her and always protects her, even when she doesn't need it. And they look so hot together. Why are Nami fans attacking this ship? Aren't they hard-core LuNa shippers? I guess they just hate it when any female character besides Nami gets shipped with boys

Zoro loves Robin, because she's so gorgeous and adorable. But then again who doesn't love Robin

Back to reality: Zoro DOESN'T love Robin. And, as has already been stated, there will NEVER be love affairs between the Straw Hat crew.

14 Nefertari Vivi x Kohza

I love this ship. Very healthy.

I ship them

15 Sanji x Nami

I'd rather see him with pudding personally. They are a better match.

Sunken ship!

16 Shanks x Makino

I hope Shanks is the father of that child.

Is it canon?

17 Monkey D. Luffy x Margaret

In case if someone forgot, Margaret is the blonde girl in Amazon Lily who saved Luffy

18 Mihawk x Perona

Why not?

19 Monkey D. Luffy x Trafalgar Law

My second favorite yaoi ship after ZoSan

20 Roronoa Zoro x Tashigi

A match made in heaven!


21 Sanji x Cosette

Another girl who has fallen in love with Sanji. Ever since the New World Sanji is doing good with girls. Mermaids, Viola, Cosette and of course Pudding

22 Arlong x Nami
23 Trebol x Nami

They're perfect together

They will be together. Both disgusting.

24 Rayleigh x Shakky
25 Luffy x Vivi
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