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1 Vinsmoke Sanji x Charlotte Pudding Vinsmoke Sanji x Charlotte Pudding

I find this couple super cute! For me it's better than SanjixNami! And I don't understand why Nami fans brings up the fact that Sanji loves Nami, I got the impression they are hardcore luna supporters. So shouldn't they support this couple? It's as though they hate it when any female at all is chosen over Nami, not matter the context...

Lol of course Most of the luna shippers support this ship, some might be trolls but most of them love this ship and even without their support this ship has its charm and I agree it is much better than SaNa - Shadowforce162

Without a doubt the cutest couple, two kindred spirits pulled away for now but when they meet again there love will bloom

Sanji loves Pudding and Pudding loves Sanji.
They're the cutest and more realistic than SaNa.

They are my favorite right now - MissGaby

2 Luffy x Nami Luffy x Nami

These two have so many moments. Best couple ever.

This ship is WAY better than Luffy x Boa. Besides It would make more sense if Luffy went with Nami because they are closer in age. There are a lot more reasons why I ship Luffy x Nami as well. Luffy x Nami all the way!

My favorite couple.They have so many moments together plus I hate Hancock

There are so many hints about this couple

3 Monkey D. Luffy x Boa Hancock Monkey D. Luffy x Boa Hancock

Luffy officially rejected Hancock because she is old and stinks like dirty socks.

Very unique couple

No. She is too old and cruel. She hates all men.

Cute couple

4 Trafalgar Law x Nico Robin Trafalgar Law x Nico Robin

Law hates robin, she is ugly as rat

Cute couple

Law and Robin have so much in common. I think they would be a good couple

They kinda have same personality. I think they would be a good couple

5 Roronoa Zoro x Vinsmoke Sanji Roronoa Zoro x Vinsmoke Sanji

More like the hottest couple - smill

They care about each other so much, even if they don't show it

Love them so much

"Cute" isn't quite the right word lmao
But they're the best

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6 Usopp x Kaya Usopp x Kaya
7 Tony Tony Chopper x Milky Tony Tony Chopper x Milky

Haha cute but she looks and acts way older. - madrigaelle

Kinda cute but I don't see myself shipping animals.

Super cute!

8 Capone Bege x Charlotte Chiffon Capone Bege x Charlotte Chiffon
9 Vinsmoke Sanji x Violet Vinsmoke Sanji x Violet

I personally really love this ship Viola is the first person to genually like Sanji. Plus she got to see just how perverted he is inside his head from her devil fruit and she still likes him and when there eyes connected for the first time it was like love at first sight so yes I want these two together.

Cute couple

It was so cute. Back then it was one of the most popular ships, but now it's got overshadowed by SanPu

It was cute, but I think we can forget about it now.

10 Roronoa Zoro x Nico Robin Roronoa Zoro x Nico Robin

Zoro hates robin. Besides, Robin is old and ugly. Zoro deserves the best girl and this is Tashigi.

Zoro cares about her and always protects her, even when she doesn't need it. And they look so hot together. Why are Nami fans attacking this ship? Aren't they hard-core LuNa shippers? I guess they just hate it when any female character besides Nami gets shipped with boys

It's easier for Zoro to declare his eternal love to Sanji, at least it will be a couple that makes sense.

I cannot imagine a couple worse than this. They interact so little that in a while they will forget each other's existence.
At least, are you aware that this couple will never happen? Do you get the right clues?
It would seem that reality frightens you.


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11 Sabo x Koala Sabo x Koala

It's cute, but now I see them as childhood friends only. - madrigaelle

12 Franky x Nico Robin Franky x Nico Robin

Nami fans stop being jealous of Robin and spreading fake news

Robin is going to taste that super D I C K :>

Franky hates Robin and always looks unpleasant when Robin is around him. Do you know why? Because Robin stinks.

13 Sanji x Nami Sanji x Nami

Sunken ship!

14 Nefertari Vivi x Kohza Nefertari Vivi x Kohza

I ship them

15 Shanks x Makino Shanks x Makino

Is it canon? - madrigaelle

16 Monkey D. Luffy x Margaret Monkey D. Luffy x Margaret

In case if someone forgot, Margaret is the blonde girl in Amazon Lily who saved Luffy - smill

17 Roronoa Zoro x Tashigi Roronoa Zoro x Tashigi

A match made in heaven!

18 Mihawk x Perona Mihawk x Perona
19 Monkey D. Luffy x Trafalgar Law

My second favorite yaoi ship after ZoSan

20 Sanji x Cosette Sanji x Cosette

Another girl who has fallen in love with Sanji. Ever since the New World Sanji is doing good with girls. Mermaids, Viola, Cosette and of course Pudding

21 Arlong x Nami
22 Charlotte Pudding x Charlotte Linlin
23 Big Mom x Robin
24 Trafalgar Law x Nami

I don't know why people are shipping this two. They're so unmatched

The best of the best. Nami is better than robin

The worst couple. Why it's even in this list?

The best One Piece couple! They're perfect together

25 Luffy x Vivi
26 Sanji x Vivi
27 Rayleigh x Shakky
28 Zoro x Nami

Zoro hates Nami and calls her witch. How can people ship them?

I'm sorry but this pairing is so stupid and unlikely it shouldn't even be on this list at all.

They're like brother and sister

Zoro said that Nami is annoying. I will never understand why people ship this two

29 Nico Robin x Spandam

Can you be a little more mature? - smill

They're so alike. Both incredibly annoying and weak. Also Robin is a pervert and Spandam loves to beat her

30 Vinsmoke Sanji x Vinsmoke Judge
31 Vinsmoke Sanji x Vinsmoke Reiju
32 Vinsmoke Sanji x Emporio Ivankov
33 Nico Robin x Trebol

They're both disgusting. But Robin is even worse.

LuffyxNami, Usopp x Kaya, ZoroxTashigi, SanjixIvankov, MomongaxHancock, RobinxTrebol. Perfect.

34 Buggy x Nami

They're so alike. Both incredibly annoying and weak. Also obsessed with money. They would work so well. Ship!

Any guy wants to be with Nami. But Nami will be with Luffy, Zoro will be with Tashigi, Robin will die from AIDS.

35 Absalom x Nami

They're cute together. Absalom said he likes weak girls, so Nami is perfect for him

36 Nami x Charlotte Pudding
37 Nico Robin x Akainu
38 Wapol x Nami
39 Foxy x Nami
40 Choo x Nami
41 Momonosuke x Nami
42 Momonosuke x Robin
43 Robin x Marshall D. Teach
44 Robin x Bobbin
45 Jango x Nami
46 Cabaji x Nami
47 Genzo x Nami
48 Blackbeard x Nami
49 Robin x San-Juan Wolf
50 Usopp x Robin

I see Nami fans have already stole a comment from others. And it doesn't even make sense lmao. We all know Usopp is the best guy Nami can get. But even Usopp will reject Nami. Between Kaya and Nami of course Kaya is a better girl

Just no. Robin is a whоre who has slept with every guy.

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