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Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


I love Eevee. They will always be my favorite pokemon.
Eevee is part dog, cat, fox, and rabbit which I like them all. Baby foxs were born near my house just a little away
I also have a dog two cats and I love rabbits and I love eevee the naive pokemon. I just love the cute little guy
And if you love eevee to you should watch pokemon season 1 the eevee brothers you would just love it or at least I do. And many should agree about this pokemon yellow gives pikachu as the starter but what about poor little eevee shouldn't they have made a pokemon Brown and have eevee as the starter now I know their is a pokemon brown hack but no eevee starter just the kanto starters I mean that's crazy right! Like even minecraft pixelmon mod has eevee and the kanto starters as the choices for you starting pokemon. Well I bet lots of you are very exsited for the new eevee evolution sylveon who is the new type fairy type and for people that don't know what sylveon is it is a new eevee evolution ...more

Come on, though the fact that you can turn this cute little furry into an elegant ice and psychic type, cool electric and grass type, pretty fire type, enchanting dark type, and awesome water type is AWESOME, this cutie surely bypasses the cuteness of Togepi by 1, 000, and leaves legendary Mew (Although highly ranked on my HAVE TO HAVE LIST! ) in the dust. I named my baby girl Eevee "Evelyn", because the nickname for that name is 'Evee'! I was so upset when my first little baby Eevee (The one named Evelyn) started to evolve into an Espeon, though I desperately needed one, I stopped the evolution! My pampered Evee has every single ribbon available in Pokemon Platinum. And she's still my level 57 pampered baby that one every contest and is the highlight of my gameplay. I'd sooner release my level 100 Empoleon than release my little baby. Why? Because it's my precious baby! If that isn't love, I don't know what is!

Eevee is seriously adorable. I mean, it seems to be specifically designed TO BE ADORABLE. I mean, just LOOK AT IT! And plus, it's awesome... It can evolve into so many different types with so many different advantages between them... This little guy deserves to be number one! It's just so cute and cuddly and soft and furry and it just looks like the type of Pokemon you want as your best friend and companion. Just... Look at it. LOOK AT IT! I cannot describe how plainly ADORABLE THIS POKEMON IS

Eevee, is the reason I am obsessed with pokemon. Thank you eevee for always being the cutest! The only thing I HATE about eevee, is it has only a 12.5 chance of being female! What the heck were pokemon thinking when they came up with that! Ah, at least I have you my virtual female eevees!

Eevee is just ' adorable. And plus, it's evolutions are beast. I mean, Jolteon is spiky! But seriously, Eevee is obviously the cutest because of the fact that it has that little fluffy spot on it's neck! Definitely the cutest.

Eevee is by far the cutest Pokemon! Who can compete with those adorable little eyes? And that cute little noise that it makes me giggle every time! Plus, it's really fluffy, adding even more cuteness!

Eevee's SO CUTE I LOVE you EEVEE I mean skitty should be its twin along with Buneary Pachrishu and Lillipup but EEVEE MAKE ME DIE I mean muk lovers WAKE UP AND SMELL THE EEVEE'S Snivy should be its BFF ALL EEVEE HATERS you STINK I melt when I c Eevee also If you hate it IT WILL BE IN ALL OF your WORST NIGHTMARES GOT IT you EVIL CUTENESS HATERS

Eevee is so cute if she were a real girl I would kiss her full on the lips. If you ever get a card that you can trust in battle its Eevee and you know it to just look at her face and tale I just want to hug her to death.

Eevee is made to be 100% cute! This Pokemon was made to be nothing but cute. This is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. I love Eevee! Those who disagree are stupid and have bad eye sight! Long live Eevee!

Eevee is the cutest Pokemon that there is and that there ever will be! It is so fluffy! If you played the games, Eevee looks so cute out in battle beating up other Pokemon!

Eevee is one of the cutest non-legendary Pokemon that I know. To top it off, it's a starter in Pokemon Conquest, the newest Pokemon game as of today! Eevee is known for its many evolutions, which my favorite is Glaceon.

You know what to do with a Eevee you can just hug this cute little Pokemon he is by far my cutest normal type Pokemon ever. Oh and don't mess with this Pokemon it's take down can sure pack a punch

Ever since I was a kid, Eevee had been a favorite. Just look at it. Look at it. It's got fluffy little fur and an amazing little tail. Why it wouldn't be number one, I have no idea. Anyways, I just think the sole purpose of Eevee is two things: being uber cool (it can evolve into, like, eight different forms, if you include Slyveon) and for being uber cute to the max.

I think eevee is so cute and I am always obsessed with eevee. I have almost all the eevee evolutions. I am missing one more. I don't have a favorite eevee evolution because I love all the eevee evolution. I couldn't rate Pokemon because they are all so amazing and I think that people should know that rating Pokemon is the one thing that is not nice if you love all Pokemon. Which is who I exactly am.

Eevee is definitely cute! Every time I saw Eevee my heart melts down. It is the cutest pokemon ever! I want to take a baby Eevee on our home and punch it's belly because of it's cuteness to the highest level! I can also kill it accidentally because of my punches! - pokeaddict08

Definitely the cutest Pokemon there is. A friend of mine wanted to have one in her game so bad. I traded one to her and after that, she fell in love with me all of a sudden. Thank you Eevee! Your cuteness is a miracle worker no doubt about it. - aeromaxx777

Eevee is just so adorable. Its... Its.. Its perfect.. If Pokemon was real I would keep it to myself and take care of it with the warmth of my heart. If you look at it, you will wanna take it home.

I'm really glad Eevee is in the lead of the cutest Pokemon. She has the trademark fluffy mane and tail, and simple beauty in the shades of cream and a light brown. Eevee has two, bright eyes with tiny eyebrows in a cocky slant. She has the sweetest call and nicest personality. And, if you get tired of Eevee (how), you can evolve it into an equally cute cat-like evolution. Thank you, whoever voted Eevee into first place!


I think eevee must be the cutest. She has the talent of evolving into 7 different evolutions making it really cute. It has a adorable fur collar which looks adorable

Eevee... Is so super mega cute! Its tail is so fuzzy and those little innocent eyes! I don't UNDERSTAND HOW ANYONE couldn't love IT! Eevee is so worthy, I can barely explain it!

I think eevee is SUPER cute! My brother says the shiny eevee is ugly but I think it's cute. My favorite eevee of all time is probably the one in the books! The one Red owns and the Eevee was an experiment and it can turn into any eevee evolution anytime. I have Pokemon platinum and my brother used to have an eevee but it evolved into glaceon so I caught one at Trophy Garden

.. Well eevee is one of the cutest..
.. He's bro's and sis's are also cute...
.. That's why I voted eevee..
.. He's so fluffy, adorable and CUTE! ..
.. EEVEE.. Your totally the number 1..
... Cutie, cutie, cutie..

Cutest thing ever I love eevee so much!
What would pokemon be without eevee!
Eevee is my favorite pokemon ever!
It also has so many awesome evolutions!
The first time I saw eevee I almost screamed because it was so cute

No one can take him away from eevee lovers which is awesome! Eevee going long and strong!

Eevee is the most adorable little Pokemon! If I had an Eevee I would be so happy! I wish Pokemon was in real life because I would keep Eevee as a pet! I love that little fur ball!