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281 Leavanny

Leavanny! Most adorable and such a cute face! But who knows, a great power is behind this charming face!

282 Taillow

Taillow is a brave Pokemon, but it gave up if it's hungry!

283 Sunkern V 1 Comment
284 Vanillite

! How can no one add vanillite except me?

Duh it's vanillite. I mean it's a living ice cream cone

If I have a vanillite in real life, I'll make an icy room for my vanillite. I love vanillite so cute!

Cutest Pokemon looks like ice cream

V 6 Comments
285 Quagsire

... Just look at his face. Come on. Hands down one of my favorite Pokemon because it's adorable and not to mention powerful at the same time. Double win!

Just look at his face. Looks so clueless. His face just remindes me of the word derp. he's my favorit opener. Like I don't get why he isn't up there TT. TT

286 Shroomish Shroomish

Oh my gosh. This little dude is so cute! Couldn't you imagine that little grumpy guy plopped on a couch watching T.V. , or something else really cute? Shroomish is the cutiepie of the generations to come. You can't fight it. Just give up now.

I agree! It has the most adorable body ever, and the anime just shows how adorable it can be when it smiles (episode 6 season 6 I think? ) and the only reason most people wouldn't agree would be because of its face, but other than that it's ADORABLE

What? Why is it the last? Shroomish is adorable! And his evolution is even cuter!

287 Hydreigon Hydreigon

Just look at it all shaking with joy on Pokemon amie, it's a fluffy dragon that only seems bad from far away it is so cute I even named mine Snow Ball!

Hydreigon is one of my favorite Pokemon mine is a girl and she's so cute!

So lovely when is all excited and joyfull, I even named my fluffy girl dragon SnowBall, its only fearfull until you get to pet her! =D

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288 Servine

How even this Pokemon is number 272? Should be at least in the top 50

I am not even going to justify my response by fanboying over this Pokemon. Take a good look at her.

289 Goldeen
290 Keldeo Keldeo

Keldeo is te cutest thing ever whenever I have it go to battle I just wanna cuddle it.

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291 Liepard

How is liepard so low! it's so SUPER CUTE! Who doesn't like this underrated fantasy leopard? It's one of my favorites!

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292 Rhyperior V 1 Comment
293 Trapinch

I'm sorry? Trapinch isn't cute? OH MY GOSH, WHY ISN'T TRAPINCH ON HERE ALREADY!? It is the cutest!

294 Politoed V 2 Comments
295 Scolipede V 1 Comment
296 Empoleon Empoleon

Why am I the only one who thinks empoleon is super cute?!?! He rocks!

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297 Nidorina V 1 Comment
298 Altaria

I put this on this list because I just think it's so fluffy and adorable! Too bad I can't have one in real life. I could probably spy on people from the clouds. Laugh out loud

Altaria's way cuter than several Pokemon! Why should it be in the 200s?

Why is Altaria so low! It is so fluffy and the mega evolution looks so cool! - rochelle56564

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299 Feebas V 1 Comment
300 Bonsly

Who cannot love this little guy! He's just way to adorable to not be higher in the list!

He's the cutest thing I ever seen. CLICK VOTE RIGHT NOW!


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