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341 Dewott Dewott

This thing is an otter. It's adorable WHY THE HECK IS IT AT #410?! ITS MY MASCOT!

342 Muk Muk

Muk makes my pants slimy.

Who put this on the list it is the most ugly pokemon

A natural, unlike porygon, which was machine made. It is just adorable how it rots plants by going on them, but plants are ugly. And it holds up a hand, asking for support. How adorable!

But I think it is cute it is so funny

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343 Mewtwo Mewtwo Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.

He is a awesome pokemon, check out The origion of Mewtwo, SO CUTE - DeamonMyutsu

You people have a problem.

Its mean its suppose to be ugliest

Mewtwo should be no. 1 on beautiful pokemon list

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344 Purugly Purugly

Why in the world does a pretty cat evolve into an ugly one?

I see we are running out of ideas for cute pokemon...

Purugly is so cute I can't stand it! What is she doing all the way down here?!?! Come on, peeps! Vote!

So cute I love purugly

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345 Lopunny Lopunny

This Pokemon is superb cute! She is one of my top listed Pokemon. Shes so beautiful that every girl wants. I better like this than buneary. I can see a picture of a woman in this Pokemon. So cute for me! I know for you too. This Pokemon deserves at the top of this chart!

You know it like a fashion girl with big ears.

Why is Lopunny over here in #125? It is obviously a good Pokemon. Well, in my eyes.

So cute

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346 Wooper

Wooper is so cute, with his adorable smile and cheerful attitude. He's definitely #1 on my list! -

its cute because it doesn't have any hands

Wooper should be way way lower on this list like in the top ten

Wooper looks dissapointed.

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347 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon

Just look at that face. Its got fur that looks like fangs!

348 Swinub

Swinub is the cutest thing in the world

Cute very cute hug it HUG IT NOW

I can't believe swinub is 191. You people have no souls

RIP Pork 2015-2015

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349 Munna

Munna is very cute... With its flowery pink body... Tiny red eyes... 'swoon! ' it's so nice and perfect! I love it!

350 Axew Axew

Axew is so cute. Axew and Iris make a great team. Axew is just ADORABLE!

Don't you agree Axew's dumbness is so cute? His face, tail, even tusks are all adored! So please dragon type lovers vote NOW!

Axew has a big mouth and he is a tiny dragon with adorable tusk-like nubs. He is so sweet on the anime and he is a strong contender. I was sad when mine evolved into a fraxure. What a stubby little cutie.

Seriously? Why is Axew so low!

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351 Jynx Jynx

Jynx is ugly why would anyone put it on this list I mean come on people you should know better

No! You should know better! Don't just judge by looks! You piece of crap why did you reply anyway

Someone said don't judge by looks, did he even read the title? This list is only about looks and Jynx is UGLY (weak as well)

All I see is Nicki Minaj every time I look at Jynx


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352 Sunkern


353 Palpitoad Palpitoad
354 Shroomish Shroomish

Oh my gosh. This little dude is so cute! Couldn't you imagine that little grumpy guy plopped on a couch watching T.V. , or something else really cute? Shroomish is the cutiepie of the generations to come. You can't fight it. Just give up now.

I agree! It has the most adorable body ever, and the anime just shows how adorable it can be when it smiles (episode 6 season 6 I think? ) and the only reason most people wouldn't agree would be because of its face, but other than that it's ADORABLE

What? Why is it the last? Shroomish is adorable! And his evolution is even cuter!

355 Bidoof Bidoof

Bidoof is the cutest little thing! I don't see anything ugly about it :/

I hate the fact that he can't be used for much but he is adorable! He is also kinda good because of his evolution Bibaral.

Bidoof Is Just Amazing

Bidoof is suppose to be on the top20s

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356 Burmy
357 Aipom Aipom

Aipom people... AIPOM WAS MY FIRST POKEMON CARD I GOT :D he is the pokemon!


He's just so cute... :3

Aipom is the cutest thing I have ever seen. How is it possible to dislike him. I mean like who doesn't like monkey Pokémon.


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358 Genesect Genesect

Why is this piece of crap on this list?

How is it a piece of crap? It's a legendary. Regigigas is the worst because of its slow start. Then again, Genesect IS bug type...



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359 Rhyperior Rhyperior

He is adorable!

360 Garbodor Garbodor

Is.. is that a worm in his hand or something?

I would not want to cuddle with it

His ears kinda look like dirty cookie dough with giant pieces of pop rocks

*Proceeds to regurgitate at the sight of Garbodor* - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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