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361 Emboar Emboar

He's a cute big tough Pokemon vote add new comments inst he strong

362 Pignite Pignite V 2 Comments
363 Zubat Zubat
364 Feraligatr Feraligatr V 1 Comment
365 Reuniclus V 2 Comments
366 Sceptile Sceptile

DUUUH! It's Sceptile! We all Wuv him and He wuvs us! He's The big guy that always is Looking after you! Always there for you! Well... I hope that you realise he luvs u! (I regret killing my reputation by writing in that way.) But still SCEPTILE RULES!

V 1 Comment
367 Wartortle Wartortle

Why does nobody like wartortle?!

Wartortle is the cuetest water Pokemon, althogh he is agresive.

368 Slugma Slugma

Slugma is an adorable fire type!

Slugma is only cute on some cards. The cute cards are relly cute!

369 Chesnaught Chesnaught

It's a cool Pokemon I don't know if it's cute.

370 Machoke Machoke
371 Blitzle

Can't you see the cute eyes on this thing?! I Mena she's a little weak but still does it really matter?

372 Pansage

He's a cute little green monkey I mean who can't resist the cuteness of him? 1

373 Panpour

He looks like pansage but still is very cute. I am surprised that he isn't on here yet

374 Swanna

Swanna may not be cute but sure is beautiful. They also have good damage and health.

375 Kricketot

It has such a cute appearance, like it is wearing a tuxedo.

I love his design and he is so cute. I hate kricketune though.

376 Slaking Slaking
377 Machop Machop

Machop is the Cutest fighting-type of all - JimmyTheContender

Not all that cute, but it's cute but not so much as like Riolu and Pancham.


378 Stantler Stantler

Come on, guys! What's cuter than a baby Stantler? - Ant-Fan

379 Xatu Xatu
380 Ledian Ledian
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