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441 Pansage

He's a cute little green monkey I mean who can't resist the cuteness of him? 1

442 Panpour

He looks like pansage but still is very cute. I am surprised that he isn't on here yet

443 Popplio Popplio Popplio is a water type starter Pokemon who made his debut in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It was based on a sea lion and circus clown. It evolves into Brionne and then into Primarina.

Popplio is a cute little sea lion that sneezes bubbles. Not many things cuter than that, nun said

WHY so much hate

I love Popplio but my opinion Litten is a slight bit cuter.

Popplio is sooo cute! why all the hate?

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444 Slaking Slaking
445 Sewaddle Sewaddle

I think Sewaddle is cuter than Caterpie and Weedle - Cubea

Sewaddle is so cute.. I love sewaddle's cute face!

Sewaddle is a cute lil caterpillar baby!


446 Machamp Machamp

Definitely not cute but strong

No way is this cute. I call this the creepy clown pokemon.

I wouldn't say cute but pretty strong.


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447 Ninetails

Sweetest and most protective thing EVER. Gotta love the Alolan form

I know a bff who loves this pokemon! its one of my favorites as well,but it's a little underrated...Oh well!

448 Xatu Xatu
449 Ledian Ledian
450 Koffing Koffing
451 Metapod Metapod
452 Kakuna
453 Spearow
454 Fearow Fearow
455 Sandslash Sandslash

Favorite Pokemon. - WarriorCatsHater

456 Vileplume Vileplume

Vileplume is so cute just look at it this list is so not true - 1507563

457 Mankey
458 Dodrio Dodrio
459 Shellder
460 Krabby
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