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101 Cleffa Cleffa

This thing is just so precious and it's evolutions are just as powerful as any other cute Pokemon! It's a beautiful baby! Rides on shooting stars even!

I just love how cute cleffa's Sprite in diamond! So kawaii!

He's pink, that's kawaii

So cute and adorable :3

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102 Minccino Minccino

Minccino is by far the cutest Pokemon I have ever seen. I have 3 Minccino plush toys and I can't help but say "D'aw" every time I see them. Chinchillas are adorable and I love this Pokemon so much. All of my friends agree with me and they all say that it is the cutest thing they have ever seen as well. I don't understand how Muk is number 25 on this list and Minccino is only 83. It should be so much higher, it is insane that people would not talk about how CUTE this Pokemon is. Hope you guys agree with me, best Pokemon ever!

Minccino is so the cutest Pokemon. With a brush tail and how they do somuch for a clean item there so cute. Deservse to be the number one out of all there other Pokemon. You can't resist.

Minccino is sexy and cute! And it cleans up for you! It has attract and tickle as it's main attacks, I love em!

Minccino is the cutest Pokémon ever! How can you not love them, they are sooo furry to.

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103 Tepig Tepig

Oh come on! Tepig is so cute can't you see? Listen to its happy voice and soul-filling eyes! Always so cheerful, tepig should bump vulpix out of its spot and to the moon!

Oshawott and tepig are so happy

Aw! Tepig is cute because he loves to smile and he looks so adorable! Come on, why don't you show him any love?

He wags his tail when he is happy cutest thing alive kill oshawott and litten

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104 Smoochum Smoochum

Just look at it! It's small, pink and has blonde hair and cute eyes. You can't say it's not cute

How does such a cute thing evolve into...(0-0)

No smoochum evolves into jynx

Ugly no matter what don't vote for this ugly thing and don't get me started on its evolution!

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105 Arcanine Arcanine

Arcanine are so cute it has the most awesome mane
And it looks like a tiger and tigers are very cute

And very powerful too

It is just so cute!

106 Snorunt Snorunt

Snorunt is the cutest ice-type in hoenn and in the world

Snorunt is the cutest ice pokemon in the world and the cutest in the hoenn reigon. Like ash"s snorunt always playing around and makes snowmen out of everyone

He looks like a hut

I will never forget the Nightmare that was the snowpoint gym!

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107 Floette

Why is it in89 should be top ten

Why do YOU think AZ loved this thing so much?

Flabebe and floette and florges, match cute

108 Rockruff Rockruff

Rockruff is so cute!

He should be first!

He's adorable!

He's so CUTE!

109 Cutiefly Cutiefly

The most cute and fluffy Poke-Bug of all time. Cutiefly deserves the Top 20 position at least. Reminds me of the fairies in Legend of Zelda. - Palmeiras

It even has cutie in its name so don't go killin bugs

You can never have this cute bug in your dreams if you don't know what is Pokemon

Wait for the evos

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110 Ralts Ralts

"Ralts are cute! Them and their cute little hats and their evolved forms are powerful! Enough said"

Aw makes the cutest sound

Ralts is so cute I wish you could hug Pokemon in the Pokemon Amie. If I had a Ralts in real life he would be a boy I'd name him Randy and hug him and make him cupcakes because they look like Pokepuffs. I would never let him evolve either. Look up a pic of Ralts that thing is so cute.

Why on earth is stupid smoochum above this?! It is adorable cause it looks dizzy!

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111 Starly Starly

You know, a lot of Pokemon on this list aren't even cute and will never be cute. Face it guys, your groudon isn't a charming little angel. And yet here, at number 269, there's an adorable little, lonely bird, sad and rejected, who never gets a chance in anything. Starlies grow up to be the beastly staraptor, but no one really appreciates the weaker stage, do they? I've seen practically every other bird Pokemon that can be considered cute in this list above starly... For me it's in the top ten. I actually scrolled through the whole thing just to reach this little birdie and attempt to vote it higher. Come on guys, give the underdogs a chance for once.

Come on guys, it's so chubby!

Please vote for this bird

Starly was my first catch in all the games, it will always be important to me. <3 I want to give it a hug.

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112 Bellossom Bellossom

Bellossom is an incredibly adorable Pokemon that also happens to be pretty strong! On top of that, it's hard to find a high-quality Grass type that isn't a starter.

Bellossom is so cute! She/He wears a little dress and dances around in it! Gen 2 forever!

Bellossom is so cute! She/He wears a little dress and dances around! Gen 2 forever!

I love her cute little hula girl theme and her adorable happy expression, especially when you feed her treats in the amie.

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113 Rowlet Rowlet

Those cute big eyes that Fluffy round body enough said

Rowlet is the cutest. If you hate him I will kill you with me gun

Cute.. I want to have a Rowlet as starter! - Cubea

It's adorable

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114 Misdreavus Misdreavus

Misdreavus is without a doubt my favorite Pokemon. I love its flowing ghostly hair and its pretty turquoise form. She is terrifyingly adorable! It's kinda hard not to enjoy this scary-good Pokemon!

Why is this way at the bottom?!? I am furious! I always catch one as soon as possible and it's also got great moves!

Misdreavus is just about the cutest ghost Pokemon you can get! And it evolves into a pretty powerful Pokemon I may add.


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115 Spheal Spheal

I chose Spheal, because... A. Mudkip isn't on this list, be. You can make the little puffy seal do a crap-load of stuff, C. It's adorable. I love Speal. Spheal is one of my favorites.

Spheal is so cute and sphere-like. It's Adorable and round. It has the cutest face and cute little flippers. Spheal is one of my favourite Pokémon because of that.

What? Why isn't spheal number one? Has no one looked into its eyes? Has no one heard it say spheal as it looks at you or watched it cry in Pokemon colliseum or smile in black and white? Seriously. Spheal looks like it was designed for the throne! Vote spheal!

It's like begging for food

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116 Weedle Weedle

Weedle is cuteness plus!

Weedle is my favorite #1

So cute! Why is he down here?

It makes Eevee look like Muk in terms of cuteness
Weedle > Arceus

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117 Snorlax Snorlax

! Snorlax is the cutest little (correction (big)) pokemon ever! I mean like who doesn't want a big hug!

I just put this on here! But I'll say it again, he's so fat and adorable! It has the smile on its face, and it makes me wanna nap on it

My mom thinks that Snorlax is really cute because he snores but snoring is not cute - AngusMacdonaldMii

It is the cutest pokemon and mew should be on second and snowrlax should be on first

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118 Slowpoke Slowpoke

I think Slowpoke is the cutest Pokemon! He's all dopey and cute.

I think Slowpoke is one of the cutest Pokemon! I just want to keep it as a pet X3

119 Petilil

Its little bulb head makes it irresistible.

It's so cute!

Peri lol is very cute and playful

120 Wynaut Wynaut

Why is wynaut all the way down here.-. Its cuter that 90% of the pokemon before it

Look at its face! It's so totally cute! Like what's any cuter than Wynaut, so go on Why Not vote for wynaut!

Why Wynaut is not in top 10? Why Not?

Get this little guy to Number 1. Now. - NikBrusk

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